BenQ TK850 True 4K Home Entertainment Projector with HDR-Pro For Movies & Sports, 3000 Lumens, 98% Rec.709


  • SPLENDID IMAGE QUALITY VIA 4K UHD RESOLUTION: True 8.3 million pixels deliver amazing 4K UHD image quality with striking clarity and crisply defined details
  • PROJECTOR-OPTIMIZED HDR-PRO(HDR10/HLG): HDR-PRO supercharged by Dynamic Iris with exclusive enhanced tone mapping and HDR brightness
  • VIVID COLORS IN ANY AMBIENT LIGHTING: Perfectly balanced high visual brightness (>3000lm) and vivid colours (98% Rec.709) for well-lit environments
  • IMMERSIVE SPORTS EXPERIENCE: Dedicated Sport modes with CinemaMaster Audio+2 make you feel like being in the stadium/arena during the game
  • EASY UPDRAGE OF BENQ 4K 1080P PROJECTORS: 1.3X big zoom and lens shift increase installation flexibility for BenQ 4K 1080p projectors
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Paul E.

    It’s just the price of these items these days
    Although the projector really is outstanding the quality unreal 100% cinema quality my and my fam loved the exp n plenty more to come .

  2. 05

    by Dave

    Quite hard to minimise the colour fringing around white on black text but if you nail the focus it’s good enough that you can’t see it from far away. The focus wheel is stiff and hard to adjust accurately but at least it stays in place once set.
    I’m getting a 120” picture at just over 4m.
    Picture is great, OS and remote feel cheap.
    If you use the eco lamp modes there’s an annoying bloom when a scene switches from dark to light where you can see the lamp ramp up – it doesn’t seem to be present in “normal” lamp mode so I guess I’ll be always using that.
    One time I did see a vertical split down the middle where the colour quality was different on the left and the right, but I think it was the cable at fault, I changed it and the problem went away.
    My main criticism would be it has very few sound out options – only a stereo 3.5mm jack – really you need HDMI ARC these days and this doesn’t have it so you’ll have to go optical out of your source if you want surround sound.
    At the price I paid, I feel the value was about right.

  3. 05

    by Oober Dan Kenobi

    4K BenQ Projector Review

    I got this 4K BenQ TK800M projector 3 weeks ago to finally replace our old 1080p projector which I er, dropped while drunk at the end of a party. Never mind, good excuse for an upgrade, booze be blessed!

    It’s not cheap, but cheap for a 4K projector. It’s actually a frame shifting thing, where it very quickly shifts a 1080p image around faster than your eyes can see, to create a true 4K image despite not having a native 4K DLP panel.

    ANYWAY enough of that. It’s super clear and super bright for 4K HDR videos. The fan has different sounds depending on the mode. When HDR is on it whines a bit so for me it’s not worth using HDR. 4K non-HDR is an acceptable (28dB?) wide spectrum noise which isn’t offensive. Maybe it will make you feel like you have a beach front property with a soft constant ocean sound nearby.

    The best mode for me is ‘Silence’ mode. In this you can’t hear the fan at all, it’s really only just audible when you’re right next to it. The image goes a bit dimmer but is still bright enough. The main downside to Silence mode is that it reduces the definition back down to 1080p (Full HD). Tbh the difference between HD and 4K is only obvious from 3 inches away from the image anyway and for me, the total silence is more of an improvement to the experience than 4K with a louder fan. Although the fan isn’t THAT loud or unpleasant at 4K so there’s not much in it.

    Hmm… silent, 4K, silent, 4K? Hard to decide. But it’s a nice problem to have.

    It’s the best combination of clarity, brightness, low fan noise and price I’ve ever had. Plus it’s a medium size – not too big like some, and the metallic blue front and curves look nice whereas most projectors look a bit ugly.

    Also, it works with 3D if you have a Blu Ray player or PS3 or PS4 with some 3D films.

    And thus, buy it now you fools. If you have a sceptical partner controlling the budget – explain how much more big and uncluttered the room will look without an ugly TV sitting there. Everything looks so much better on a projector compared to a TV. You owe it to yourself. Do it!

  4. 05

    by Martin

    Purchased this to setup a cinema room and it does an amazing job. Great picture quality and serviceable speakers which make for a decent movie experience, though would be improved with a proper sound system connected. I’ve also used it for gaming and 3D movies and have been blown away by both. Fan can make a bit of noise on extended use though I’ve never found it distracting and tend to sit close to where the projector is placed. Would recommend for anyone considering a projector – my only complaint is that I need a bigger room to get the full screen size!

  5. 05

    by Paul E.

    The excellent picture quality and brightness cannot be denied. But (BenQ), you already knew that, right? That’s why you only let people rate based on those… However, the advertising makes much of the native Aptoid apps and wireless capabilities of the projector which were, for me, the most important because of my setup requirements; I was reluctant to cable everywhere in one tiny room with inconvenient layout, though have ended up having to anyway. As with other models, BenQ also big up the on-board speakers which are just low power basic speakers not really worth having if you care anything about sound quality; but I knew that before I bought it, so the aforementioned failures are my greatest gripes.

    Firstly wireless connectivity; my projector seems to have shipped with prototype or experimental wireless features. It’s the only explanation I can think of… Based on everything being in one small room and all other devices getting full wi-fi signal and reliable, usable Bluetooth audio streaming, pretty much all those wireless capabilities on the projector did not work – or were not usable anyway. Audio distorts, cuts out, and fast-forwards like a mobile phone in bad signal (don’t patronize me about range, obstructions etc, I tried everything…). Video via the wireless dongle provided pixelates, freezes, jumps and drops the streaming connection altogether and dumps you back out to the main menu (remember, one small room and the Wi-Fi router is in it…). No amount of repositioning or reboots made any difference to any of it.

    Next the on-board Android / Aptoid apps. Again, must have been some sort of proof-of-concept they were working on with my machine (actually more likely, they’ve just moved everything to Android TV and aren’t bothering to support or test Aptoid anymore). The projector comes with Aptoid installed. You can *sometimes* get a YouTube video to play by navigating to it (torturously) in the on-board Firefox browser. That launches the YouTube app and streams the video. However the YouTube app won’t start if accessed directly. It briefly flashes up a white screen then dumps you back to the home screen with a message saying ‘Unfortunately YouTube has stopped’. You have to be quick to catch that. I tried re-installing YouTube via the Aptoid store but still no dice.

    The Netflix app says it’s not compatible with the device and launches a help page in Firefox browser (seemingly the only app that actually works). That *does* provide you with a link to get an APK which it claims should work but let’s digress briefly to the Wi-Fi connectivity issue seemingly built into the device (or perhaps the wireless dongle that ships with it). When trying to download the APK, even though you can navigate to it and even away from it to another page, often fails due to ‘no internet’ (even though there *is* internet). The Wi-Fi dongle seems to be plagued with constant disconnects (possibly also why the streaming doesn’t work but then what’s the Bluetooth’s excuse?). I learned this by going into the network settings and watching my Wi-Fi router appear, connect, disappear, re-appear, re-connect about three times in a few minutes. I wondered if it was an issue with my router and did the same on a few other devices but nope, the projector dongle is definitely the problem.

    But returning to the Netflix app: When I finally got the allegedly device-compatible APK to download, the installation failed with the message ‘installation failed’ (that’s how I worked out what had happened, you see…). I couldn’t find any other information on it.

    I also installed Amazon prime via Aptoid and that too failed to work although its complaint is something like ‘NO_RENERERS_FOUND’ (I’m not going to bother looking it up again…). Don’t worry, I tried really hard to work it out. I Googled the message and everything… I’m just not going to bore you with the details.

    I promptly got in touch with BenQ support to ask why their £1,000+ device didn’t work as advertised (only in respect of the software, though, I had long succumbed to the aforementioned dreaded arduous cabling for the rest). They responded by advising me (and I promise you this is an accurate summary) to try to:

    1. Find and install other versions of apps, maybe using APK files from alternative sources or maybe in the Aptoid app store (I’m not kidding!)
    2. Clear the cache and restart the device

    Their advice was not specific to individual apps and not clear about how clearing the cache might be achieved. Anyway, unafraid of technology, I figured out the cache-clearing and as for the restarts, well…

    So I asked BenQ for specifics. For these apps, which APKs? Where can I find them? What if their installations fail? Details, people! DETAILS!

    To date, I have received no response from BenQ and I have put in to Amazon to return the device and ordered one that, according to other reviews, seems to actually work.

    PS: BenQ, not ok just offering the fields ‘picture quality’, ‘value for money’ and ‘brightness’ for the ratings. If you’re going to advertise features, have the decency to include them in your ratings breakdown or better yet, maybe ship stuff which actually works…

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BenQ TK850 True 4K Home Entertainment Projector with HDR-Pro For Movies & Sports, 3000 Lumens, 98% Rec.709


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