55 Inch Q65C QLED HDR 4K Smart TV (2023) – Quantum HDR QLED TV With Alexa, Dual LED Technology, Crystal 4K Processor, Object Tracking Sound, Built In Gaming TV Hub, Slim Profile…


  • Stunning 4K QLED Visuals With Dual LED & Quantum HDR – Powered by Quantum Dot, our QLED 4K TV delivers over a billion colour shades for a vibrant image. Dual LED provides bold contrast with true to life colour and Quantum HDR improves brightness.
  • Immersive Audio That Suits Your Space – With Adaptive Sound and Object Tracking Sound, our Samsung QLED TV offers cinema style audio that adapts to what you are watching & puts you in the action. Add a Samsung Soundbar for harmonious Q-Symphony too.
  • Console Free Gaming & Smart TV Streaming Built In – More than just a television, our Samsung QLED TV has a built in Gaming TV Hub for console free gaming, just connect a controller! With Samsung TV Hub, access BBC iplayer, Netflix, Prime Video & many more.
  • Easy To Connect, Control & Communicate – Our Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV comes with Alexa and other voice apps built in as well as multi-view, and video call apps for easy communication. Also, connect your way with Bluetooth, WiFi and HDMI ports.
  • Always Remember To Check The Label – Does your box say Q60C on it? Not to worry, the Q65C Smart 4K TV belongs the Q60C class of TVs as an advanced model! They use the same style of box, but the Q65C is a different TV. Check the Amazon Label.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Mozhgan

    Great picture, sound bars must be connected to hdmi 1 to function, I started with 3 and worked back lol, on the whole very pleased
    However , take it off eco and the electricity meter goes into overdrive

  2. 08

    by Tootyone

    The picture quality was below my expectations. I bought it on Black Friday at more than a 40% discount, which was half the original price. However, after Black Friday, the original price is close to my purchase price, not as high as the price mentioned during Black Friday, on which the discount had been applied.

  3. 08

    by Peng-Leong Kwan

    I bought this primarily to use as a PC monitor on my very large desk. Two years ago, my old Samsung monitor died, but, as I was then having vision issues with cataracts, I bought a cheap TCL 43″ 4K tv as a stop-gap. Now that my eyesight has been restored, the time was right to get a proper replacement … or so I thought. The new Samsung arrived promptly, and was quickly set up without any difficulty. It immediately showed its quality with stunning colours and definition, displaying my desktop slideshow photos with a clarity and vibrancy which made the images seem almost three-dimensional. However, I had to admit that the improvement over the TCL it was replacing was actually only minimal. Make no mistake, this Samsung has superbe picture quality, but it serves to demonstrate less its own superiority than the outstanding quality of the TCL at half the price (albeit with inferior sound quality). Next, it was time to test it out as a TV, which admittedly is its proper function. Over to Netflix … hmmm, just about everything has been filmed in dark, washed-out colours, so no opportunity for the Samsung to show off its brilliant colours. Amazon Prime Video, same thing. Over to terrestrial TV … no 4K broadcast, so again no opportunity for the Samsung to show off its qualities. Have I just wasted a lot of money on an expensive TV that has very little opportunity to display its capabilities? I wonder, but you will have to decide for yourself whether its worth the while.

    As smart TVs get smarter and smarter, you get more and more features and functions, which may or may not be a good thing. More features and functions means more moves necessary to perform simple functions. For instance, to get subtitles on my old TV, all I needed to do was to click on the subtitles button on the remote. With this Samsung, clicking on the subtitles button calls up an Accessibility menu, on which I have to scroll right down to the subtitles options and make my selection. That’s progress for you.

  4. 08

    by Simon Hill

    Sound quality great, size is great for us.
    Nice tv.

  5. 08

    by David Millar

    The piture quality of this TV is tremendous. Absolutely crystal clear. The sound is also fantastic.

  6. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Excellent quality.
    Arrow Xl who delivered were spot on

  7. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Simple to install and lovely picture.

  8. 08

    by Tootyone

    Samsung is my goto.. always.. and this one doesn’t disappoint.. great sound..brill picture.. easy set up on phone.. perfect.

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55 Inch Q65C QLED HDR 4K Smart TV (2023) - Quantum HDR QLED TV With Alexa, Dual LED Technology, Crystal 4K Processor, Object Tracking Sound, Built In Gaming TV Hub, Slim Profile...


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