Zybervr Battery Pack Neck-Hanging for Meta Quest 3, 10000mAh 20W Fast Charge Battery Pack for Oculus Quest 3/Quest 2 Accesories,Less Head Pressure, Extend VR Play Time, Black


  • Extend VR Enjoyment: Prolong your VR adventures with ease. This 10000mAh battery pack boosts your Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 playtime to over 3 hours, ensuring uninterrupted fun
  • Ergonomic Neck-Hanging Design: Designed for comfort and practicality, this neck-hanging charger doesn’t add weight to your VR headset. Ensuring hours of comfortable, less head pressure gaming
  • Tailored Comfort: One-size-fits-all, ergonomic design with adjustable flexibility to accommodate various neck sizes. The high stability and snug neck-shoulder fit effectively distribute weight without discomfort
  • 20W PD 10000 mAh High-Capacity Power: Quickly recharge your Meta Quest 3 from 0% to 100% within just 1.5 hours. It supports 20W PD fast charging and balances weight with dual 5,000mAh batteries. One battery is detachable, allowing you to have a spare for extended use
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of devices, including VR headsets, smartphones and tablets. PD protocol fast charging ensures your devices are always ready to go
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Yossarian

    I had had neckbands based headphones before, so when I saw this battery pack on Vine, with a shape reminiscent of these, I assumed it would be the same size. So when a rather large box arrived I was a bit shocked, to tell the truth.
    But once you get that rather hefty power-torc (my new name for it), and put it around your neck, you realise it falls quite neatly and will be forgotten after a minute.
    It comes with two USB C cables, one for the charging the pack (from the plug that is at the end of one of the torc terminals) and one to connect to the headset, this one with a curved end.

    Altogether a good idea, it makes VR/AR a bit less awkward (my headset is already heavy, though the battery life sucks, so the traditional clip on extensions really tire your head and neck), so it’s not a bad purchase for people who use their sets quite heavily (I use mine for work, to explore architectural models), and makes it way easier (it has saved me a few tnesion headaches, I’d say)

    In short, not a cheap product but one that’s going to save you quite a lot of pain, so I believe worth it if you use VR intensively

  2. 06

    by Mario Docici

    Although this is predominantly aimed at powering VR headsets, it can be used just as well to charge any USB type C compatible devices.
    It is of 10,000mAh overall, divided into two, to the left and to the right with 5000mAh each.
    Feels very comfortably around the neck with a good balance and although it has a little bit of weight to it, it is not too heavy and feels okay once I got used to it and it will even feel awkward not wearing when I had it on for a while.

    The around the neck shape of the power bank is very innovative and practical especially for the VR headsets as otherwise they would have to be connected to a regular power bank which presumably will be in the pocket with the downside being a cable which will run from your head down to the pocket thus infringing movement.

    I’m happy with this portable battery which is offering a good charging capability and innovative design.

  3. 06

    by Paul

    Works well. Like it. Bit cheaper would be nice.

  4. 06

    by Michal

    Perfectly what I needed, bought it for Quest 3 for two reasons one is that It has enough output power to charge power hungry Q3 while playing games with no issues whatsoever and second I didn’t want to strain my neck with putting extra battery on headband. I had to do year long break from VR because of neck sprain so I’m now a bit more cautious headset with just headband is over half a kilo so why to put extra more while you can put it on your shoulders instead. Neckband is rubbery elastic on the neck and profiled to keep it on you so as long as you don’t feel urge to do backflips in VR you should be content with it 🙂

  5. 06

    by Mario Docici

    This battery pack simply attaches to the USB C charging port on the Quest 3 and rests on your neck. It was easy to charge, as it is a genuine USB C device, though I didn’t achieve the 20w charging speed advertised. It charged about 9.6w. Once attached to the Quest 3, the headset shows as charging – it doesn’t detect is as an extended battery. I found that it charged the headset at about the same rate as the headset battery depleted while watching video. So I ended up with about the same level of headset charge after an hour as I had when I started. The pack seems well made and fits comfortably around the back of my neck. The edges are all rounded and the materials feel high quality.

  6. 06

    by Anthony G

    I think this design is a winner.
    I can’t think of any other type of solution that could work really – any battery pack that is strapped to the headset is going to negatively affect the weight or balance or both.

    So that said, I think the design of this ‘neck-hanging’ battery pack is very good – it has the right amount of flex and is comfortable. Although I was concerned that the short power lead might impead the headset when looking to the extreme right(the cable is on the left) it doesn’t, at all. The cable length is perfect and in practise, when using this battery pack it is virtually undetectable that you have anything on.

    You can remove one battery halfway through a session and start charging it seperatly but in my exeperience it only charges at about 11w (which isn’t as fast as the Quest draws power and so you will won’t be able to acheive ‘constant battery’ no matter how organised you are – it doesn’t claim to able to do that, I only mention for those that wondered.

    I would say this gives you an extra 90 minutes of play time which, for me, is easily enough – I haven’t had a play session over 2 hours for a long time anyway.

    In summary, the design is very good, battery life is adequate.

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Zybervr Battery Pack Neck-Hanging for Meta Quest 3, 10000mAh 20W Fast Charge Battery Pack for Oculus Quest 3/Quest 2 Accesories,Less Head Pressure, Extend VR Play Time, Black