XGIMI Elfin Mini Projector Ultra Compact 1080P Portable, 4K Input Supported 600 ISO Lumens, Harman Kardon Speaker, Auto Focus ISA Technology Android TV 10.0, Wireless Casting…


  • Sleek & Minimalist Design: No more lugging around a bulky projector. Elfin is only 5 cm (1.9 inches) high and weighs 0.9 kg (1.98 lbs), making it lightweight, compact, and easy to slip into your backpack.
  • 600 ISO Lumens & 1080p Resolution: Regardless of the content, Elfin delivers a bright, crystal-clear visual experience for a projector its size, all displayed on a Full HD, 200″ screen with incredible HDR10 color depth.
  • 6W Harman Kardon Speakers: Premium 6W Harman Kardon speakers paired with DTS and DOLBY compatibility deliver crisp and clear audio.
  • ISA Technology: Our Intelligent Screen Adaption technology features automatic focusing, screen adjustment, and obstacle avoidance for a fast and easy setup.
  • Android TV 10.0: Access 5000+ apps, including Disney +, HBO Max, Prime Video, Peacock, and more, with the integrated Android TV 10.0.
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by JC

    Note this review was based on a purchase price of £440 at the time (Early October)…
    First impressions are that this is a small compact box, which looks really nice, more than happy to have this left out more or less permanently amongst the furniture without it spoiling the look of the room.
    I have mid grey walls, and must say that although the picture it brighter on a projector screen, it’s actually perfectly usable just projecting against a blank bit of wall, even with some ambient light.
    However, having tried it on a projector screen, point south on a sunny day, forget it! – But to be fair that’s going to be the case for most things except perhaps the best laser projectors out there.

    What I did love about this though, was the auto focus and auto keystone correction. Basically, if you point it at a wall, it will automatically adjust the image size to avoid obstacles (eg sloping roof), auto level the picture and also auto correct the verticals so that the picture is relatively rectangular.

    In terms of image quality, it’s 1080p and I must say having watched some of content, it’s really good. Indeed it can take 4k input and it simply downsamples it to 1080p, and I must say the level of detail is really good.

    The software is Android TV 10.0 which is essentially just the android OS, which is really good I must say. The only thing is that some of the apps do not seem to be compatible. Hopefully this will get fix up in time. Seeing as my original intention was to run a FireTV stick off it, this turns out to be no big deal, and I’m happy with the apps I can run off it natively.

    – Very nice compact form factor
    – Amazing 800 andi lumen brightness and 1080p picture quality for the form factor (and price)
    – auto focus and keystone, including auto picture levelling and distortion correction
    – Android TV 10.0, has numerous apps, reducing need for further input/devices if the app you use is supported.
    – Fan noise is pretty reasonably quiet for a projector
    – Screw thread (and compact and light enough) for tripod mounting
    – Good connectivity with HDMI input, and output for external speakers

    – even with Android TV 10, Not all android apps work. So no iPlayer or Channel4 for example.
    – No built-in battery, so has to always be mains powered
    – Despite high ANSI lumen output, still no good in bright daylight (but nor is anything else in this ballpark)

    Overall, at around £440 price tag at time of purchase and review, this truly is a great device for the money. As from above, I can say it’s not perfect, but at the price tag for a small form factor projector, the faults are forgiveable. I’m very happy with this purchase, and I’m more than happy to sing it’s praises and at this point, feel no regret of not having splashed out an extra £600-1000 on a brighter/higher resolution projector.

  2. 03

    by JC

    The ratings I gave are for quality vs price paid…which was £559 in my case. I’m not adding photos, in my experience all the paid for or heavily incentivised reviews have lots of photos, but give you no useful information beyond what the manufacturers say….

    I almost purchased an Epson projector with a LAN port…glad I didn’t! I worried it wouldn’t get great WiFi signal in the loft conversion when the router is on the ground floor. Absolutely no problem at all, no buffering. Set up was incredibly easy, I didn’t even bother reading the manual, although there are a few useful bits of information in there. Specifically the remote has a little switch on the bottom for auto and manual focus which you wouldn’t know is there, toggle it, and it autofocusses again. Handy if it drifts a tad as it warms up.

    1. Set up, simple easy and the 4 way automatic keystoning and focussing works like a charm, edge detection of my projection area works well.
    2. Picture quality is quite astounding considering its small size, colour rendition is excellent, using standard default settings (which I recommend). The image is nice and bright in a darkened, or close to darkened room. One review states you could use it in a living room in daylight…this is not true, you would barely see it and have a substandard experience. You could use it in a room with a 40-60W equivalent table lamp to one side though.
    3. I am projecting a 100 inch image on a painted white wall…works superbly
    4. Fan noise is minimal to non-existent and I have the projector 2 feet from my head
    5. Blue tooth doesn’t have much lag on my devices, but it also depends on what services you are using (Netflix having less lag than prime video). The projector itself has no way natively to lag the sound to the image. I am sensitive to this type of lag, and it’s mostly fine. I use a soundbar on the floor below the wall I project onto. My BT headphones work really well with it.
    6. Internal speakers are OK, but I’d recommend a nice soundbar or something (wired connect if you can)

    Android TV works excellently on this box and Netflix can be loaded and runs perfectly, I used something called DesktopManager and don’t update Netflix. I am very, very sensitive to video judder and frame rate mismatches. Something I was quite worried about. Fortunately it’s non existent and the projector natively adapts correctly to the frame rate of the source material. Whether this extends to HDMI or not, I have no idea, as I don’t need to use HDMI for anything. All the Apps I need are there and others can be added.

    I saw Kodi and thought, great, I’ll use that for my media library on the NAS…Don’t, Kodi on my android boxes never works that well, and it’s the same on this. You will get issues with frame rate mismatches and judder at times (and you have to set it in Kodi). I went to it initially because you can resync the audio on the fly, so absolutely no Bluetooth lag.

    Sunplayer, is preloaded and is excellent. It can have LAN sources added and plays MPEG2, H264 and H265 files much better than Kodi, you can adjust sound sync to eliminate Bluetooth lag… now my go to player for network media….it’s very good.

    All in all, an excellent projector….you won’t be disappointed.

    Additional note: Netflix is loaded using an application called DesktopManager, which has 6 presumably tweaked apps on it. The version of netflix didn’t play well with the remote but a recent update to the DesktopManager version of Netflix or the recent Xgimi firmware update and the control ring now acts as a mouse…brilliant

    Still absolutely loving this projector!

    Update: 20 July 2022, I have used this projector every evening and don’t really use the TV at all. It probably gets 5 hours per night use every day. The only thing I do is use a brush attachment and vacuum the underside ait inlets and the exhaust of the unit (I would recommend every 3 months)…I have a cat and probably fur was blocking the vents as well, this resulted in an 8C drop in running temperatures. Even in hot weather it controls temperature well and the fan doesn’t get noisy. Still loving it.

  3. 03

    by D. G. Corbey

    Exceeded my expectations in every way; it’s a compact neatly designed white box that can be easily moved and stored between uses and is very quick to set up. I have mine a mini tripod stand which allows we to easily align the screen from the top of a cabinet.

    The picture quality is fantastic, I have mine at an offset angle horizontally and the screen auto adjusts to fit the space and looks super crisp from 3m distance. There is a little light bleed when using at offset angles but this doesn’t impact the viewing experience (see photo). Ideally, like all projectors, you would be able to align it square with the screen. I have mine shooting onto a white black out blind and am pleased with the results.

    Smart functionality and app work well and you can screen mirror iPhone devices using the appropriate app.

    The auto alignment and auto focus works a dream although it does tend to lose full crispness occasionally which can be easily fixed by flicking the autofocus button on the base of the remote.

    Only slight gripe is that the onboard sound quality is poor. It’s fine for documentaries but to get any drama out of it you’ll need to use an external speaker. I’m currently hooked up via Bluetooth to an echo studio which sounds great and it also have E-arc hdmi for hooking up to a soundbar.

    It works at low light, so daylight with all curtains closed, but performs best if the room is blacked out. If you want watch with some ambient light this is probably not the projector for you.

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XGIMI Elfin Mini Projector Ultra Compact 1080P Portable, 4K Input Supported 600 ISO Lumens, Harman Kardon Speaker, Auto Focus ISA Technology Android TV 10.0, Wireless Casting...


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