Wharfedale 9.0 Bookshelf Speakers – Premium Audio Quality


  • The original small hi-fi speaker
  • Solid construction
  • Surprisingly powerful
  • Hi-fi connections
  • Speaker legends don’t get much bigger than the Wharfedale Diamond 9.0
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by Simplesimon

    I ordered these to replace my rather ‘over the top’ floor standing speakers for my home office, where I play vinyl to keep me sane during the working day. They really are great little speakers for their size and the price paid.
    I initially purchased some second hand speakers (for the same money) which were faulty so decided to look for something new to avoid a repeat issue. I should have just purchases these in the first place. Perfect size as they are small and discreet, but have an impressive room filling, rich sound. No, they wont shake the house with bass, but they are more than adequate and sound great.

  2. 07

    by PG

    Like the speakers, a lot, connected to a Denon amp I mainly use this in my study with a small 32″ TV, and the sound is so much better than the TV speakers. The speaker size is fine for the shelf on my computer desk as I did not have room for a tv speaker bar and being on the desk I get stereo separation.

    Plugged into the Denon I can also play CDs and radio through the speakers and as they are used in a small room they cope with no distortion. They have been run in for well over 24 hours of use over a few weeks and sound better for that. Overall well built (if you like black) and for the sound output in smaller sized rooms, these are perfect, for me.

  3. 07

    by Amazon Customer

    I simply cannot fault these speakers. I’d previously owned a pair of Edifier 1700BTs but don’t remember them being so good, and now having compared these I can attest the difference is night and day. These 9s have beautiful mids and crystal clear highs and are heavenly, the sound envelopes you and you don’t miss out on any of the details and nuances which is EXACTLY what I’d hoped when listening to music. I do have these paired with a Wharfedale SW150 subwoofer, which contributes to a beautiful, warm ass but the standalone bass on the 9s is fine (though I’m not an audiophile). I have these connected to a Fosi BT30D 2.1 Channel Amplifier (incidentally, also a stunning bit of kit).

    (These are all connected to my fairly new-build PC, with the amp connected to the motherboard’s single green 3.5mm audio jack with a RCA-to-3.5mm Y-Splitter lead. I’m waiting on some speaker isolation pads to complete the setup, that’s all.)

    Total outlay (these Diamond 9s, SW150 Subwoofer, Fosi Amp, RCA+banana leads and forthcoming pads) was £337.90, which I feel is *VERY* fair for good-quality robust sound, which should last for many, many years. It’s astonishing to me that these Diamond 9s are priced as low as they are, they are a straight-up steal (but I do feel the other components are equally important due to their high quality).

    Now considering migrating my home theatre system from a Logitech to a Wharfedale system based on both the sub and 9s that I’m currently using here, they’re that impressive. Overall, very grateful to have found a sweet, simple, graceful, but powerful setup. (Now listening to ‘Jump’ by Van Halen, perfect 😍

  4. 07

    by Bruce59

    I first had a pair of these 35 years ago to replace broken midi system speakers. They started me off in the world of hi-fi separates & upgrades. I’ve bought the latest version to partner a Denon micro as a second system. They really are cracking little speakers for a bargain price. The midrange is crisp & clear. The bass isn’t deep but it is tight & taught. The base doesn’t detract from the listening experience. They are small & compact & surprisingly musical for their size. Front facing bass port means they aren’t fussy about positioning close to a rear wall, on a shelf or even wall mounted as they have fittings for brackets. Together with binding posts for speaker cables. Ideal to upgrade speakers to a budget micro system, satellite speakers, a second system in a bedroom or a students bedroom.

  5. 07

    by J E Wiles

    good small speakers for the price

  6. 07

    by Woola

    Exactly what I’d expect from Wharfedale – clear, powerful, compact at a brilliant price – they look good too!!

  7. 07

    by Amazon Customer

    These speakers sound absolutely fantastic and are unbeatable for the price..

    I’m using these Diamonds as a desktop solution for my PC and they are mainly used for listening to Tidal/Deezer/Spotify/Radio and of course Youtube and gaming.

    Connected to a Fosi tube Power amp and Dragonfly USB DAC. I used good quality (but not expensive) cables and speaker wire to ensure a clean transmission free from interference.

    I noticed straight away after setup that when placed directly on a desk, they sounded boomy and unbalaced with most of the bass getting transfered to my wooden desk… not good..

    To sort this out I used 4 large blobs of Blu Tack and stood the speakers on Granite place mats (ghetto I know!) This simple change transformed the sound, stopped the rumble and brought out all the detail these little speakers are capable of. If not a pack of the foam isolation pads sold here on Amazon would also work very well with the advantage of a slight tilt towards your ears.

    They go plenty loud without distorting and while they are not a bassy speaker the low end is definately there and is very tight and deep poviding you have set them up correctly. Voices and dialogue sound crisp and clear making them suitable for TV use etc

    No complaints from me and as long as you take the time to set them up properly and with a good quality source I have no doubt they will provide detailed, warm high quality audio for many years to come.

    Please be aware if you just buy them and plonk them onto a bookshelf or table without any isolation they will no doubt sound terrible. If however you take some care these are the biggest speaker bargain available on Amazon IMO!

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Wharfedale 9.0 Bookshelf Speakers - Premium Audio Quality