VYTRONIX RBC02 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, 800w High Power Motor, Compact and Lightweight Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner, High Filtration Dust Bag, Removes Dust, Dirt and Allergens


  • GET THE JOB DONE: Some people live for cleaning. We don’t. That’s why we created the RBC02 vacuum cleaner – to make your housework (and life) easier. It’s lightweight yet powerful – ideal for picking up even the most invisible dust and dirt particles. 2-in-1 crevice tool/dusting brush & upholstery tool included
  • EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Under sofas and tables or at the top of curtains and blinds, no area is hard to reach thanks to the 4m power cord and 1.5m hose. The easy-to-use on/off foot pedal and 2 litre dust bag with easy removal system makes emptying the vacuum cleaner hassle-free
  • BAGGED FILTRATION: The high-filtration disposable dust bag acts as a filter to separate and eliminate unwanted particles from the airflow so they’re not re-circulated around the home. Perfect for alleviating asthma, hayfever and pet allergies
  • COMPACT & AGILE: This Vytronix vacuum cleaner is as efficient as it is mobile. At just 4.5kg and equipped with an 80cm telescopic tube, you can easily carry it wherever you clean, whether it’s room to room or up and down the stairs. It’s also easy to store. Product dimensions are 33 x 26 x 21cm
  • POWERFULLY SIMPLE: We like to keep it simple. How? By creating home appliances that get the job done, brilliantly. No frills, no gimmicks and no features you’ll never use. We can’t do your housework for you, but we can certainly make it easier
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Additional information



Model Number



‎Red & Black

Product Dimensions

‎21 x 33 x 26 cm, 4.5 Kilograms


‎2 litres

Volume Capacity

‎2 litres

Power Wattage

‎800 watts

Noise Level

‎68 dB

Special Features

‎800W, Lightweight, Bagged, Compact, Powerful

Item Weight

‎4.5 kg

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1464 Reviews For This Product

  1. 01

    by Carol

    This little hoover is very light to pick up and pull around. Little bit noisy, but very powerful.

  2. 01

    by ann Northern Ireland

    Brilliant wee article have had lots of different vacuum some smellled 🙁 some was plastic attachment and broke this one is a great wee size not smelly as has a smaller bag great suction and great price definitely buy again

  3. 01

    by Abdullaah

    Great and powerful. Last longer than the expensive bag less hoover.

  4. 01


    This Vacuum cleaner is fantastic. It’s very small , but cleans very well and a great price.

  5. 01

    by Amanda

    A great little vacuum cleaner for the price! Works really well. Great suction, useful tools, good filtration, very light weight and easy to use. What more could you want? It’s not a big gadget so if you have a big house full of kids you may want something bigger but for the average house it is perfectly fine. I have a dog and picks up all the dog hair on the carpet etc. Honestly don’t know why people fall for the TV adds and pay ridiculous prices when you can get this.

  6. 01

    by siobhan mannion

    This hoover is a waste of money the head keeps falling off the flex Is way too short too. Can not use it because it falls apart when you start to hoover. Don’t not buy !!!!!

  7. 01

    by Karen

    I bought because my cordless does not suck up in the corners as I have birds who are messy, this has really good suction, cord length is good and it’s not heavy so easy to carry around, cones with a spare bag. It’s not as easy as an upright but it’s a good work out for your arms but it’s an effective little hoover

  8. 01

    by Amazon Shopper

    Presumed getting bags would be easy, didnt think before buying….ran out of both bags and stuck?? Why on earth would a company sell an item but not inc the bags on a separate listing??

    Problem is this is sooooo small and the bag is tiny it fills up quickly, i have a 9 room house and do a daily clean whicj includes pet hair and general kitchen stuff like cereal spilt on floor by kids etc…bag doesnt last long, its just slightly bigger than size of the palm of my hand

    Tbh a bad buy, suction is mediocre, not enough grip on base to pick up pet hair properly…and itll end up costing you a fortune in bags as the siz eis too small. less than a kids large fire engine toy in length where it collects dirt. why bags are tiny…

    personally false economy, will go back to bagless cylinder as stops extra cost in bags and so much bigger waste collection space…for an extra 20 quid you can get a proper hoover whirlwind bagless which has better suction and bigger storage and no extra bag costs – this was the previous hoover i had which broke….had good use out of it before it broke, saw this and decided to try it, bad idea…dont waste your money folks…suction is poor and cable is very short….but for me biggest issue was poor storage size for waste…the average family with kids wont find this suitable…nor if you have pets, maybe a single person on their own will be ok with it…but like i say for an extra 20 quid a hoover or vax is better


    Since writing this I
    Have a friend who also bought this who got a better recommendation
    For an extra £25 she bought John Lewis one brand hoover which she says is amazing at £60
    It’s bagged. So if you like a bagged model this has much more suction and better quality build. Plus longer guarantee and you can buy bags easier

    She did update me that she found bags that fit this model now. But as she’s using the new John Lewis model. She isn’t really using this one now.

    But if it helps people il report back about the bags as you can’t buy any on here or from the manufacturer

    The bags she found that fit are from Wilko. A pack of 5 for £4 and they say Wilkos own brand hoover bags for Electrolux hoover model . They fit this hoover.

    Hope that helps a lot people who can’t get bags. £4 isn’t a bad price although still the compartment is so small you’ll go through so many bags i still don’t think this is economical in long run. Cheaper buying a bag less or one with larger storage tank for dust

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VYTRONIX RBC02 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, 800w High Power Motor, Compact and Lightweight Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner, High Filtration Dust Bag, Removes Dust, Dirt and Allergens