VVFLED Speaker Banana Plugs, 4PCS Premium 24K Gold Plated 4mm Banana Plugs for Speaker Wire HiFi Connection for Amplifiers, Speakers, Audio, A/V Receivers, Amplifiers, Stereo…


  • Gift Package Speaker Wire Connector – Package come with 4pcs ( 2 pair) 4mm banana plugs (2 Red+ 2 Black) . Each banana plug have self-crimping teeth to secure and lock the speaker cable in place. Perfect for replacing your old banana plugs for better sound performance. Red and black professional housing finish for polarity identification. Maximum wire size 10 AWG.
  • Enhanced Audio Connectivity: These high-quality 24K gold-plated 4mm banana plugs ensure optimal signal transmission, making them perfect speaker wire connectors for enhanced audio performance in home theaters, music studios, and sound systems. Nice as a gift for Audiophile with delicate gift package.
  • Easy and Secure Installation: With QuickLock Dual-Screw type connectors, these 24K gold-plated banana plugs for speaker wire allow for effortless and secure setup, ensuring a reliable connection every time, whether you’re setting up a professional DJ booth, a conference room, or a home entertainment system.
  • Wide Compatibility: Designed specifically for speakers, these banana plugs are compatible with various speaker models, making them versatile speaker connectors for different setups, including bookshelf speakers, floor-standing speakers, and surround sound systems, home theaters. Amplifier, Sockets etc..
  • Durable and Reliable: Crafted with premium materials, these speaker cable banana plugs provide long-lasting durability and stability, serving as reliable speaker connectors for your audio needs in live performances, recording studios, and outdoor events.
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Zippy

    The big benefit of Banana plugs is how they make it easier to connect everything up to your amplifier.
    The ease of connecting to your hifi comes at good price of a little bit of setup; in that regard the Ucinnovate banana plugs are very easy to connect to your cables; the outer casing unscrews revealing the gold plated plug itself. Two smaller screws then hold the wire in place; once they are tightened back up you can screw the outer case back on. These are no solder connections which means you can use them over and over; I am using about 4mm diameter speaker cable at the moment and this fit good

  2. 03

    by Jack

    These banana plugs are designed to screw onto loudspeaker cables, enabling you to attach cables to speakers with standard, 4mm posts.

    The plugs are fairly standard fare – nicely made, with two securing screws holding the cable to the plug core. The outer casing can be fitted after the cable is assembled, which is a useful touch if you usually forget to slide the boots and covers over cables before you assemble them.

    The outer cases are also nicely made, and anodised clearly in black and red. This makes it really easy to see which plug is which in the dark, spider-infested wasteland that is the back of most Hi-Fi cabinets. Or is that just me?? No – it’s not. The sort of Hi-Fi enthusiasts that have their systems laid out for all to see, in their pristine glory, will be spending £50 each or more on special, Hadanite plugs infused with unicorn’s tears.

    More fool them. These work just as well for most applications, and only cost £9 for two pairs. That’s both ends of one cable, or one end of two cables. If you need to do two complete cables, you need two sets.

    I’ve used a lot of these things lately, wiring up a home recording studio and also adding four bass shakers to a driving simulator rig. Of the many plugs I’ve used, these are by far the nicest.

    They are also the most ridiculously over-packed. They come in a plastic presentation box, with a sleeve and a polishing cloth. They are one of the very few items I’ve reviewed in the last few years that deserves an unboxing video, albeit an ironic one. During my military career I received several medals, none of which were presented as nicely as this £8.99 pack of plugs.

    I can’t imagine this product being a treasured gift, so the box is really just single-use plastic waste, for which I’ve dropped a star. If you think that’s harsh, I’ve been reviewing products for around two years as part of the Vine, and I’ve noticed that almost all of them use card packaging. Single-use plastic packaging is actually pretty rare on Amazon, so it’s worth mentioning when I see it.

  3. 03

    by Jack

    I have had a couple of these plugs before that do not fit over the sheaf on my 2.5mm speaker cable, this set of four I can happily report do fit over the sheaf and secures well onto the cable. You will need a small screwdriver for the small grub screws but other than that they are really easy to secure. Look great and ideal for AVRs where you have a plethora of cables that can be a nightmare to unhook without banana plugs.

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VVFLED Speaker Banana Plugs, 4PCS Premium 24K Gold Plated 4mm Banana Plugs for Speaker Wire HiFi Connection for Amplifiers, Speakers, Audio, A/V Receivers, Amplifiers, Stereo...