VR Golf Club Handle Accessory for Oculus Quest 2/Meta Quest Pro – Aluminum Case and Shaft with Real Golf Grip – Quest 2 Golf Club Attachment Compatible with Left and Right…


  • GIVES YOU THE “AT THE COURSE” FEELING: With YEZRO VR golf club handle, you can really work on your grip and swing. The 27cm(10.5inch) real golf rubber grip has room for both hands and is a realistic weight when the controller is attached. Weight is approximately 322g(0.7lb) with the controller inserted.(NOTE: Quest 2 Controller not included)
  • MADE OF HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM: Built to be tough. Unlike some 3D printing materials or ABS plastic on the market, our golf adapter made of high quality aluminum, which will protect your Oculus Quest controller very well.
  • THE CONTROLLER FIRMLY FIXED & NO JIGGLE: YEZRO golf club adapter system prevents the touch controllers from being thrown out while playing games. (No need for velcro!) Rotate lock system to ensure that the controller is firmly fixed without jiggle. The interior is made of eco-friendly premium silicone , which will not scratch the surface of the controller even if you shaken vigorously.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE: Lock the controller by whirl the screw thread button clockwise.Unlock the controller by whirl the screw thread button counterclockwise. Tips: Ensure that the original wrist strap passes through the reserved hole and wrap it around the handle which is an added layer of security. ensure you don’t lose controllers while playing.
  • GRIP HOLDER: Features a rubber band for holding the grip button down, so that you can use the aiming guidance in game, like Golf+. YEZRO takes responsibility for each product’s quality to our customers. Buy with peace of mind, a lifetime warranty for a hassle-free return or refund. Any pre-sale and after-sale issues, feel free to contact us.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Jon

    Does not hold onto the controllers at all one knock and it slips out then proceeds to go flying, smashing the controller, i have lost two controllers, do not get this product, get one with a strap that secures it over the top.

  2. 08

    by Loubeelou

    Easy to set up. No issues. Played my best round on Golf+ ever. Makes the game feel even more realistic.

  3. 08

    by oloblob

    The way that this grips the controller relies on friction alone, which is fine when the battery cover stays attached but once you use it enough times the battery cover will gradually slip off until it goes flying across the room, which brings us to the next problem which is that this handle has no backup strap or attachment method (the lanyard requires that the battery cover is attached properly in order to work). You might think that I’m not tightening the holder enough, which is potentially the issue but there is only so much grip on the aluminium before I can’t do anything more, there is no handle or spanner to give you that extra bit of required torque, which also means that if you want to use your controller for literally anything else, then you have to use all the strength available to you to get this handle to release your controller (probably just easier to wait for the battery cover to come off). Overall I’d avoid this product whilst it has a lovely premium feel and nice weight to it, that flashy exterior covers up for a functionally inadequate product, which is also rather premium.

  4. 08

    by Matt

    best oculus club iv had

  5. 08

    by Loubeelou

    I have to be honest and say up to this point, we haven’t been able to try this golf accessory out on the Oculus due to an account problem with my son’s set. He has desperately wanted to test it out but we could not. So all I can go off is our initial opinion on the product, so I apologise for that.

    So the golf handle is really quite lightweight, which I guess it needs to be, but the grip on the handle is excellent. I can’t imagine it’d be too easy to let go of. It is 27cm long, so not that long really, however, bear in mind you have to attach your controller to the end of it so that adds length.

    The controller fits easily into the end of it by threading through the oculus safety strap and tightening up a collar to secure it.
    I asked my son to stand in the middle of the room, close his eyes and take a swing as though he was playing golf. He did and I tell you what, you will need a fairly large space if this is how the game needs you to play! I know it is lightweight, but I’d hate to think if anyone was walking by right at that crucial moment lol. My son had to stand right in the middle of the room in an open space as too far back and he’d send items flying! I guess this is common sense, and maybe when you are actually playing the game your swing doesn’t have to be true to life, but in any case, just be aware space may be required.

    I apologise again that my review cannot be based upon actual gameplay, but from what I have seen, this handle looks like it will enhance any golf game tenfold, and we cannot wait until our issues are resolved so we can test this out to its full potential. Until then I would give this a strong 4/5 and will update if there is anything different in the future,

  6. 08

    by Mik Kelly

    I have received this Vr golf club handle for Oculus quest 2 to review on behalf of Amazon. It arrived promptly and well packaged.
    Let’s start with the positives. The handle is well made in itself and feels well built. It does make you golf game feel a lot more realistic.
    However there are just too many negatives for me. It is expensive, and when you couple that with the fact that after only a few shots, your controller can come flying out of it, it also makes it very dangerous. Its such a shame as I really wanted to like this.

  7. 08

    by A J Patton

    Little expensive but better than the cheaper ones..
    Feels like your holding a club

  8. 08

    by paul

    There are reviews that say this does not really hold the controller for games that use full swings, and that might be true and I can’t speak to that.

    But as a putting attachment for a game like Walkabout mini golf, it’s ideal. It does feel a bit light, so I’ll probably end up grabbing the weight pack to go with it, which does make the entire package kinda pricey. Still, without the weight pack, it’s still much better than not having it, once you get used to having to bring up the controller in order to teleport etc *which does become natural after a while).

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VR Golf Club Handle Accessory for Oculus Quest 2/Meta Quest Pro - Aluminum Case and Shaft with Real Golf Grip - Quest 2 Golf Club Attachment Compatible with Left and Right...