VR Cover Controller Grips for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Dark Grey)


  • ✅ Designed for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 touch controllers: Fit on the controllers perfectly
  • ✅ Improve grip, reduce slippage: Non-slip material offers a firmer hold on the controllers even when your hands become clammy
  • ✅ Freedom to release the controllers: You can let go for other hand movements and the controllers will stay attached to you
  • ✅ Adjustable straps: Suitable for different hand sizes with 4 adjustment slots
  • ✅ Wipeable: Easy to keep the grips clean and sweat-free. They can be wiped dry with a microfiber cloth or skin friendly wipes.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Shaun J. B.

    As others have said, these are a must. Expensive for what they are but they do come with spare bands, clips and straps so overall it’s not too bad.

  2. 08

    by duncan mackenzie

    What can I say? They’re comfy as hell and really add to the immersion when picking up objects or guns. Easy to slip on and off once they’re in place due to the elastic straps. So sturdy that I’ve stopped using the wrist straps. Highly recommended 👍

  3. 08

    by Mark Wood

    I have gone through so much research and a few different grips and these are by far the best and most comfortable I’ve used.

  4. 08

    by duncan mackenzie

    Fantastic quality. Third variation of grips I’ve bought. Prior to these, the Kiwi Pro grips were by far my favourite, but these are better designed, better made, easier to remove or adjust & infinitely more comfortable & secure. Highly recommend. 🙂

  5. 08

    by Pilgrim0071

    Allows you to convert a Quest 2 or Rift controller into more of a Valve Knuckles style device by keeping it anchored to your hand, even when you aren’t gripping the controller. Found it very good for increasing grip, overall security and comfort beyond the cable-tie attached to the bottom of the controller.

  6. 08

    by AM

    I should’ve bought these from the start! I wasted so much money on cheapo knockoffs and would’ve probably SAVED money had I just bought these to begin with. Soooo much more comfortable. Fit the controllers so much better. Don’t slip around during active gameplay. The price tag looks steep, sure, but in the long run, they’re not expensive at all. These grips are well thought out, designed. Because there are back-up knuckle straps included, they should last a while.

  7. 08

    by Sharon Wright

    Using these makes everything in feel more immersive, I don’t feel like I’m going to drop or throw the controllers.

    A must for anyone!

  8. 08

    by Darren6270

    Wanted grips for my quest 2 controllers, these are great. Feels comfortable when playing, no worries about the controllers flying off anywhere with these grips attached.

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VR Cover Controller Grips for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 (Dark Grey)