Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2 (2nd Gen, 2023) – Hand Tracking Accessory for PC, Mac, AR/VR Headsets & VTubers


  • Lets you interact directly with digital content in XR and on your PC or Mac just using your bare hands.
  • The second generation of Ultraleap’s iconic hand tracking camera. Sub-millimeter accurate, 3D hand tracking with extremely low latency. Greater field of view, lower power, all in a smaller package.
  • Quick setup: download the Ultraleap software, plug the device into your USB port, and you’re ready to go.
  • Download free apps for desktop and extended reality (XR) on the Ultraleap website.
  • Touchless control of your PC or Mac just using your hands
  • Scroll, click, play and pause your media, skip to the next slide, without a mouse or touching your screen.
  • The ultimate 3D input device: Enables natural interaction with content and controls on 3D displays, holograms or projections.
  • Ideal for gaming and interactive entertainment, both at home and in location-based experiences for arcades and amusement parks.
  • VTubing: The most accurate hand tracking device for VTubing. Compatible with leading VTubing software incl Luppet and VSeeFace.
  • Music creation and performance: A versatile input device for 3D MIDI control and 3D audio mixing. Compatible with GECO 2.0 and Glover software.
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Jess

    Took me less than 5 minutes to get the system up and running, which is a nice change.

    Once I got it going the hand tracking was amazing. I had the original Leap Motion camera and it was already good, but this is excellent. Works really well in mixed lighting and never misses a hand shape. Well, maybe not never but you really need to try to catch it out. Most importantly for me, it has zero lag.

  2. 03

    by David

    There’s a reason you can’t find much about it online, nobody uses it because it’s awful.

  3. 03

    by Andrew

    The device itself is very nicely made, sturdy and seems to work excellently in the tracking/setup software supplied… but, unfortunately, that’s as far as it goes. Support outside of that is hugely lacking even at this version 2 point in its development life.

    Yes, you can use it in a handful of VR related apps but unless you are a streamer then I found very limited support for it.

    I wanted to use it in Flight Simulator 2020 – it sort of works with the provided Open XR support but is woefully lacking in usability with it just about managing to impersonate a VR controller for pointing. Yes, that’s partly down to MS and Flight Simulator itself not supporting it well enough but, at the least, I had hoped I could use it as a mouse replacement to highlight and control knobs and switches in the virtual cockpit but can’t even do that.

    I was most disappointed that even the supplied software from the developers doesn’t even have basic OS support. The supplied ‘Pointer’ widget that is meant to simulate mouse control doesn’t have any customisation at all, you run it or you don’t. You can’t define any limits, areas, movement ‘space’ customisation or anything. No support for gestures or anything other than a click – I had hope for the bear basic of being able to imitate touch control on my monitor with perhaps some gestures linked to macros etc. – nothing. Ironically the laser pointer widget seems to provide more accurate and natural control on the screen than the mouse control.

    It’s a very nice device with a lot of potential that is, sadly, still lacking. I’d love to try it again when it has some basic OS support but, at this moment, sadly I couldn’t justify it.

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Ultraleap Leap Motion Controller 2 (2nd Gen, 2023) – Hand Tracking Accessory for PC, Mac, AR/VR Headsets & VTubers


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