Tower T24020 Manual Microwave with 30-Minute Timer and 6 Power Levels, 20L, 800W Black and Rose Gold


  • POWERFUL 800W: offers faster cooking and heating so you can start eating your food in no time at all
  • LARGE CAPACITY: With a huge inner capacity, the 20:liter space can easily fit a standard sized dinner plate, giving you versatility to use larger dishes to cook for the whole family
  • 6 HEAT SETTINGS: a range of heat settings let you cook a wide selection of meals within a matter of minutes
  • 30-MINUTE TIMER: provides enough time to cook your meals with complete precision so they’re perfect and ready to serve
  • DEFROST OPTION: lets you cook your meals straight from frozen, making it ideal for leftovers or an emergency snack
  • GLASS TURNTABLE: a high quality glass turntable ensures your food is cooked thoroughly with delicious results
  • ROSE GOLD COLLECTION: For a contemporary designed kitchen, complete the look with the full Rose Gold range from Tower
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY: comes with standard 1 year warranty and an additional 2 years when registering the product online within 28 days of purchase
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Additional information



Model Number



‎Black and Rose Gold

Product Dimensions

‎34.6 x 45.1 x 25.8 cm, 10.4 Kilograms


‎20 litres

Volume Capacity

‎20 litres

Power Wattage

‎800 watts



Auto Shutoff


Special Features

‎Timer, Defrost, Turntable

Item Weight

‎10.4 kg

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by mike bretherton

    After 4 emails and 2 weeks wait telling Tower that the microwave does not heat anything up and keep getting a reply what is wrong with the microwave and asking for a video this is my reply to them but still they wanted a video showing what was wrong with the microwave.

    Hi thanks for the reply

    Basically it does everything except heat anything.

    All lights, dials and turntables work the door works fine but it just doesn’t heat anything you put through the door and onto the turntable.

    Once I put the heat setting to 100% and select the period of time wanted then open the door put item in and press start. I wait for the bing to say time duration has finished and I open the door which works fine as does the beeping to tell you that the selected time has finished also the numbers work fine counting down.
    Then I check the temperature of the item that has been turning on the turntable that also works fine but item is just as cold as it was when I put it in.
    This is where the problem lies the thing I bought the microwave to do (heat food and drink) doesn’t work.
    Have tried to attach a video but it was too big to send, if you know how I can send you the video let me know and I will send it that way.
    I will describe the video for you

    1. I put my finger in a cup of cold water to show it is cold
    2. I pull open the door with the attached handle that works fine
    3. I put cup onto turntable that works great
    4. I select 100 on power settings, the digital lights work great and so does the dial
    5. I select the time duration using the dial/nob that as I have said works great, the digital lights change to desired time duration. This also works great
    6. I press start and microwave makes a vibrating sound but it’s not the turntable because as I said this works brilliantly
    7. I wait for a while (this is probably why the video is to big to send by email).
    8. The bing saying time duration has finished and item ready to remove from the turntable that has now stopped turning so once the door is opened item can be removed.
    9. Open the door that opens lovely when I pull on the handle
    10. Take cup out put my finger in the water and say just as cold as it was when I put it in.
    11. Video ends.

    I have also attached a photo of the model number of the product and the batch number these should all be on the photo of the sticker I found on the back.

    I have also attached a photo of my invoice from Amazon. Also a photo of the order details showing when I bought the microwave that works great except the bit that heats the item on the turntable, it also has the day I received the microwave that did heat and do all the other things described in this email but now does everything except heat items I put in to heat up.

    Finally I didn’t get the extended warranty as only had it a few weeks and was happy with the 1 year warranty I got when I purchased the microwave that works fantastic as long as you don’t want to heat anything you put in it. Please see attached photo with red ring on it.

    Kind regards
    Mike Bretherton

    P.s love all the other options that came with the microwave like dials, digital lights, turntable that rotates and the door that opens when I pull the handle but could really do with it heating the items I put in it. The kids also love all the other fantastic features that came with the microwave but they are now getting a little fed up with eating cold food for nearly 2 weeks.

  2. 08

    by Linda

    So happy with this microwave. Very easy to use. Design very pretty. It is really lovely. Looks great – I love it. Very nice to use with extra dial options for setting the timer. An excellent microwave. Would highly recommend. So pleased with it…
    Now for the, BUT. But why all the bleeping? I really hate the bleeping. This one bleeps 3 times when cooking / timer stops. Then again as a reminder and so on and on and on and on… I have had a few different makes over the past 20 years and can not remember if they used to bleep. Certainly my last 3 have bleeped. I think more bleeps as the years pass. Oh, my. Can’t understand it. Don’t they think that we can figure this stuff out for ourselves? Please microwave makers – STOP with all the bleeping. It is not necessary at midnight when one is trying to be quiet.

    3 years and 4 months later. Up-date.
    Have just purchased a replacement. The same one. I still really hate all the bleeping, but have learned to live with it. The reason for replacement is because the inside base has rusted – a lot. Looking really horrible. Decided to repair and so purchased some white Microwave spay paint. My practical other half sanded and sprayed yesterday and today plugged it back in. Tripped the electric on each attempt. Quite possible that inner workings got jostled during repair or something to do with paint – don’t know.
    Anyway, decided to buy another the same. I will have to pay more attention this time to wiping out the damp interior and hopefully prevent the rusting. Outside still looking like new. Still love it. Shame broken.

  3. 08

    by Garfield of Wessex

    looks amazing, great value, but setting the timer is very difficult especially for less than a couple of mins, we yearn for a digital readout. Don’t like to get rid of it as it does work, classic case of looks over functionality.

  4. 08

    by Sherrie

    The media could not be loaded.

     There’s nothing bad about this microwave. It’s got a beautiful outside design, easy to use. Looks quite small when you open the door but very suprised that a good size plate fits in perfectly 10”, reheat and cooks food very well. Highly recommended

  5. 08

    by robert bryden

    It is stylish and easy to use . I use it for cooking and warming up food .

  6. 08

    by susan lord

    Looks lovely good make easy to use great value

  7. 08

    by F W

    Really good value for money

  8. 08

    by so far so good, not budged from the wall, does the job i intendedit to do , very pleased

    easy to use, does whats intended

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Tower T24020 Manual Microwave with 30-Minute Timer and 6 Power Levels, 20L, 800W Black and Rose Gold