TomTom Sat Nav Dashboard Mount for All TomTom Sat Nav Models (e.g Start,Via,GO Basic, Classic, Essential, Premium, Discover, Rider, GO Professional, Expert, GO Camper – check…

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  • Avoid on-the-road hassle: Enjoy a safer, more convenient drive with the TomTom Dashboard Mount – preventing your sat nav from coming loose even on bumpy roads
  • Designed for large flat surface dashboards: Simply place your TomTom Dashboard Mount with weighted beads and non-slip bottom; no adhesion required; for extra safety use the adhesive safety anchor
  • Easy affixing: Thanks to your sat nav mount’s integrated suction cup, affixing your sat nav on the TomTom Sat Nav Dashboard Mount is quick and effortless
  • No need for cleaning sprays or cloths: TomTom Sat Nav Dashboard Mount leaves no suction cup marks on the windscreen or glue residues on your dashboard
  • Easily stored out-of-sight: Keep your TomTom Sat Nav Dashboard Mount safe and secure when it’s not in use
  • Original TomTom manufactured accessory compatible with: all TomTom 4.3, 5, 6 and 7″ Sat Navs (e.g. Start, Via, GO, GO Basic,Classic,Essential,Premium, Discover, Rider,GO Professional,Expert,GO Camper)
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Suze

    I was sick of trying to stick the suction cap of my satnav to the windscreen. Its very awkward to position it right and it leaves ring marks on the windscreen.

    This has a stiff beanbag base that sits on the flat dashboard. It has a little hook that fixes with adhesive onto the dash but the base itself does not stick down. It doesn’t need to because the weight of it keeps it in position.
    You just wet your suction cup from the satnav and press it onto the centre of this gadget. It stays in position and keeps the satnav steady and it stays where you’ve put it.
    Mine is a TomTom Start 60 and it fits this fine. Very pleased.

  2. 05

    by Johan

    This item is a heavy weight base covered in fabric and with a rubberised base. There’s a centre section which is made of high-gloss, hard plastic. The best fixing is obtained if you lick (or lick your finger and wipe) the rigid plastic surface and the suction cup on your sat nav so they’re both wet, then start with the suction cup on your sat nav set to “unlocked”, bring the two items together and turn the suction cup to “locked”.

    Provides am excellent fixing strength in my opinion and you can even be quite rough with the angle adjustment of your sat nav and it still stays stuck. I’m using it with a 5″ sat nav but I’d say the fixing strength will more than cope with 6″ and 7″ sat navs too.

    My car has has a flat dash board section next to the instrument cluster, so this item sits there perfectly flat. It doesn’t move about thanks to its weight and the rubberised underside.

    Another plus point is that if you’re not sticking the sat nav to your screen then you’re not obscuring your view of the road (the police can and do stop and prosecute you if you have the item stuck to your windscreen in such a way that you’ve created a blind spot). I.e. it prevents accidents.

    In addition, you’re not leaving suction-cup marks on your windscreen (or the plastic screen in front of your instrument binnacle, which I’ve seem some people use to fix the sat nav) so no-one knows you’ve got a sat nav (potentially left in the glove box) if they come sniffing round your car when you’re away from it.

    The only downside I’d say is that eventually, the rubberised base starts to show significant marks and small chips in the rubberised coating as if it is starting to perish, but honestly I can say it takes several years for this to be significant and it never gets to the point where it becomes a problem or the product isn’t useable.

    I’d say if your dashboard has a large rolled top, or the rake angle of your windscreen is very shallow, then this may not be the right item for you as it’ll end up just being balanced/perched and may not be as stable as it can be, particularly if your windscreen angle is shallow and you can’t push the item far back towards the windscreen so it stays put and doesn’t fall forward. I think most people will be able to make use of this product though. I have seen this base used in new (2017+) cars with rolled/soft moulded dash boards and it still seems to fit well enough.

    My favourite fixing method, so I’m giving it 5 stars for everything as it does everything really well with no drawbacks.

  3. 05

    by Andrew McCann

    As I use the larger screen Tom Tom Sat Navs (previously an XXL 5 inch and now a Start 60 6 inch model), I had explored different means of attaching the devices, but with varying levels of success. The windscreen sticking method depended very much on the atmospheric conditions of the vehicle and as a consequence was not always reliable. The air vent attachment alternative could be fiddly and tended to limit the placement of the sat nav.

    Having read reviews of the Dashboard Mount (both positive and negative), the general impression seemed to be that its success is largely dependent upon the appropriateness of a vehicle’s dashboard.

    Bearing this in mind, I found that it suits my recent model Kia Sportage perfectly, so I would therefore recommend it to anyone with a similar vehicle. The sheer bulk of the mount ( the term “beanbag” is somewhat misleading) holds it in place, without any requirement to utilize the hook and there is some versatility in terms of where to position the sat nav (on this particular vehicle anyway).

    To facilitate the speedy setting up of the sat nav, I chose to purchase a small camera case rather than one that is designed specifically for the Tom Tom Start 60. This has enabled me to store the sat nav permanently attached to the mount.

    In conclusion, this is a great sat nav mount, which I would especially recommend for users of the larger sat navs, but only if it suits the dashboard of your particular vehicle.

  4. 05

    by Raven

    Provides a stable platform for large or small units, large surface area to attach suction mounts to, has plenty of weight and friction to resist all but violent driving movements, can slide a little when taking large roundabouts quickly but never fallen off the dashboard yet. The friction surface on the underside will hold the bag on the downslope at the front of my dashboard which has a matt finish and a leather grain effect.
    I say not perfect because my old beanbag was the Garmin version with 4 flexible wings which required a DIY modification to the mounting surface to take the Tomtom and therefore fiddly to set up but that done the Garmin bag is rock solid and will stay put at some really challenging dashboard angles. This comes about because the Garmin beanbag is fairly free to conform to the curvature of the dashboard whereas the base of the Tomtom is quite rigid and therefore has less surface area in contact with a curved surface. All in all the Tomtom is better than cheaper versions I have tried but you would need to put the supplied self adhesive hook in place on a steeply sloping dashboard, this is worth tolerating in my opinion to avoid the tell tale rings on the windscreen.

  5. 05

    by Mena Abdalla

    Really strong enough not to slide during driving

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TomTom Sat Nav Dashboard Mount for All TomTom Sat Nav Models (e.g Start,Via,GO Basic, Classic, Essential, Premium, Discover, Rider, GO Professional, Expert, GO Camper - check...

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