TomTom Car Sat Nav Start 52, 5 Inch with EU Maps, Speed Cam Alert Trial, Integrated Reversible Mount, Black


  • Included components: TomTom START. Reversible Integrated Mount. Car Charger and USB Cable. Documentation.
  • TomTom EU map updates: Download free map updates with the latest road changes.
  • 3 Months Speed Cameras: Advance warnings on your TomTom START sat nav notify you when you’re approaching a speed camera.
  • Advanced Lane Guidance: Your TomTom START sat nav clearly highlights the correct driving lane when needed.
  • Free software updates: Connect to your computer regularly for free software updates, including new features and improvements.
  • Resistive touchscreen for maximum durability: Your TomTom Start GPS Sat Nav brings you your itinerary via resistive screen display technology for quickness, clarity, and dependability.
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Jackie F

    We are very pleased with this sat nav. Our old TomTom which we’d had for many years finally stopped working and we chose this as a replacement. The screen size is smaller than our old one, but it doesn’t really seem to have made much difference. It’s clear, easy to use and has a speed camera warning. The little gadget that fixes the TomTom to the windscreen is brilliant. It’s easy to fix with a turning mechanism and stays in place (unlike our old one which simply stuck on the windscreen and often fell off!) It’s easy to set your journey and chose alternative routes according to whether you prefer motorways etc. or a quieter, more scenic route. You can then easily save your frequent routes for quick access in the future. Packed with features, this is a great buy at a reasonable price.

  2. 06

    by W. Caesar

    Arrived promptly and I am happy with it. Excellent condition and works very well.

  3. 06

    by Fergus A Paterson

    I have had at least 4 Tom Tom GPS receivers for various vehicles including motorcycles. I found this unit all but impossible to program
    We previously had a car with an in-built Sat-Nav but have since bought an older model which meant we had to buy a “stand alone” Tom Tom without a remote. The touch screen is anything but a touch screen. It does not matter whether it is by fingers or a special soft tipped pen it persistently objects to being instructed. The only way we can use it, without throwing it across the car, is to pre-programme before we leave the house, having allowed at least 30 mins to get it set up. Even clicking on MENU can take a good 5 mins.
    When finally it does go into action it is not as user friendly as the in car model. I have not yet found a way to just insert City destination, i.e. centre, without a specific road, train station, airport or camp site! I haven’t even found choice of toll or no toll roads.
    All in all very unhappy.

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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Not as bad as I first thought but not recommended
    Bypete_mateon 1 December 2017
    Style: 5 Inch with Western Europe Lifetime M
    Updating the software for the first time is time consuming and the system tells you its updated but continues to show what appear to be the same updates available to select and update (again). Eventually the updates stopped being offered and I concluded that the processs had completed. But it felt clunky and flaky for this day and age. The display is dated in appearance not sharp and does not seem to give the necessary detail as you approach complex road layouts.
    Slooooooooow as a snail
    This is the worst Sat Nav I have ever owned. The menu system is so slow it’s like going back to the days of the ‘World Wide Wait’ in 1995. The screen is ridiculously unresponsive with either your finger or a stylus. How on earth did Tom Tom consider this thing to be ready for sale? It’s hopeless.For some strange reason the direction arrow keeps reverting to ‘upside down’ so looks like you’re travelling backwards! (DOWN the screen instead of UP) I correct it, then on the next route it’s reverted again.It also keeps reverting to a horrible ‘pink’ background. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Unforgivably, there isn’t even a quick release to remove it from the sucker attachment. You have to remove the whole thing from the windscreen when you leave the car. My 5 year old Garmin walks all over this device. The ONLY reason I bought it is because as a car ambulance Driver, I need to be able to record fixed routes. But I will be returning it. It’s unusable.

  4. 06

    by EJM

    We bought this as our previous one needed map updates and this was a bit bigger. It’s just for the UK and works well. It did try to take us up an unsuitable road, but they all do that! The touchscreen is sticky and not as good as our Garmin Camper we have for our motorhome, but it’s a budget Satnav so all good.

  5. 06

    by Blackers

    Good, easy to use

  6. 06

    by Stephen

    I returned to the UK from twenty six years abroad, a couple of years ago, and I never drove here until now so, as a new driver who needs to navigate to places where I’ve never been, some sort of GPS device is essential. Well, the Maps app on my mobile phone is annoying, if only because it ignores the route that I key into it, and defaults to the one it deems best, via toll roads. So I did a lot of research online to find the right TomTom or Garmin doodad. My ex-driving instructor recommended this particular TomTom, and I’m here to tell you that it is a godsend.

    No matter where I’m going, it gets me there. It doesn’t change routes on me, and doesn’t lead me into a field or the wrong way on a one-way street. I can set my preferences, such as No toll roads, or Always take the shortest route, and it obeys them. It does occasionally pick an illogical route and I find myself driving along tiny country roads, and just when I am about to stop somewhere so I can fiddle with the TomTom, I discover that it really has led me in the right direction. Still, I’m now at the point where I trust it to get me there, no matter how odd the route.

    It isn’t up-to-date on new roads, despite the fact that I plug it into my PC about once a week, so it can update. My street is a couple of years old, now, and the TomTom still doesn’t know it’s there. I had to tell it that I live around the corner.
    Telling the TomTom where to go to can be a pain in the neck. If my destination is a landmark, like a church or shopping centre, I usually need only give it the name of the place, and it’s happy, but if I want someone’s residence, it needs their postcode first (so when you ask your chum for his address, include that). Then it will suggest the name of the town, and even the street, and I need only tell it which house number to take me to.
    However, it may take MINUTES to input this information, which is infuriating when I’m in a hurry and need to leave right the heck now. This is why it’s a good idea to input the address when the TomTom is connected to my PC, before I even put my shoes on to leave. Doing it the night before is a good idea. Then, when I get into the car, plug the TomTom into the USB port and it lights up, it has magically remembered the destination(s) that I gave it the night before.
    If I’m out, somewhere, and ask it to take me to a specific address, it may decide to recognise it or not, but either way it will take far too long to even go to the relevant screen, never mind accept the information. This is a real pain in the neck when I’m parked at the side of the road or in a car park and I need to set off this minute, and not when the naffing device pulls its finger out of its ear.
    I just have to try different ways of inputting the address, if it feigns ignorance. It’s rather like your girlfriend when she has a little attitude on her: “I’ll tell you, but only if you ask me properly.” The difference is that you can’t throw your girlfriend against a wall.
    So you can see why it’s better to navigate around its screens when you’re relaxed at home, rather than when you’re out, and need to be at a meeting across town in ten minutes, and the arse-brained device is sitting blithely on your dashboard, filing its nails and saying, “What’s the magic word, you apoplectic git?”

    I’ve painted a bleak picture here, but really, I wouldn’t be without this TomTom now. It always gets me where I need to go, _and_ will quickly re-route me if I missed a turning or had to take a detour. After a while, you learn its little idiosyncrasies, and can work around them and get to your destination. You just have to have patience. If it wasn’t for the fact that it has so much… character… I’d have given it five stars.

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TomTom Car Sat Nav Start 52, 5 Inch with EU Maps, Speed Cam Alert Trial, Integrated Reversible Mount, Black


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