Thomson HED4407 TV headphones, over-ear, long cable, 6.3 mm adapter, black


  • Wired headphones with volume control: Especially suitable as TV headphones thanks to the volume control directly on the one-sided cable
  • Extra long cable: 8 m cable length, ideal for connecting to the television or hi-fi equipment, one-sided cable routing avoids cable clutter, including a separate 6.35 mm adapter for connecting to the hi-fi system
  • Sonorous stereo sound: closed over-ear design with 40 mm speaker diameter, reliable signal thanks to interference-free cable connection and excellent sound with gold-plated jack plug
  • High wearing comfort: Comfortable ear pads and padded headband for a comfortable fit even when enjoying movies or music for a long time
  • 1x TV HiFi headphones HED4407, 1x 6.35 mm audio adapter, 1x user manual
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by A. Roy

    I decided to buy these simply because of the long cable length, being very tired of having extension cables either disconnecting in use, or getting just enough out of place to affect sound quality. In fact, these headphones actually have a better sound quality than the soundbar I have connected to the TV! The 8M cable length is ample for bedroom or living room use – unless you live in a barn – and the gold plated plugs give a stable and firm connection, with no sound distortion at all. As I have a lot of sleepless nights due to pain, I tend to use headphones for hours at a time, and the padded earpieces make these very comfortable for extended use. In addition, unlike most over-ear headphones I’ve tried, these are actually small enough to comfortably fit my small-ish head, although with good enough adjustability to fit my partner’s oversized pumpkin-head as well 😉 And the extra hi-fi plug is handy for when I just want to listen to music or an audiobook via the bedroom hi-fi. The in-line volume control is also useful, saving the effort of trying to find the TV remote when it’s become hidden in the duvet. All in all, a good quality set of headphones, especially when listening to dialogue (they seem to make it more distinct when background music comes in), with enough cable length to satisfy most needs. Highly recommended.

  2. 08

    by Paul

    They are quite comfy to wear. Good long cord.

  3. 08

    by Mark

    These headphones are good quality but at an affordable price…. Thanks

  4. 08

    by Edana

    Very comfy for me but I have a small head. Sound quality better than laptop speakers, but most headphones are! Fantastic long lead if you want to listen to TV over the other side of the room or something – I’ve left it all loosely bundled up ATM with a hair elastic round it to keep it tidy. I like the in-line volume control especially useful.

  5. 08


    They are cheap and cheerful. I bought them purely for playing my electric guitar so I don’t upset the neighbours. They seem loud enough. The guitar sounds better distorted/overdriven through the headphones as when the guitar is played cleanly it sounds pretty sterile but passable.
    I’ve not listened to music through the headphones as yet but I’m sure they’d be absolutely fine.
    If I get a year out of these headphones that’d be OK.
    Decent bargain.

  6. 08

    by Maria A. Edwards

    Headphones arrived quickly and for the price are a good value. Only first day of using and hoping they will not be like the other headphones we have purchased where after a few months they stop working as a result of shoddy wiring. The padding around the ear coverings is thick and works well to cancel out any ambient noise. If they last at least 1 year, we will be very happy with purchase, however you can only leave one review on a purchase via Amazon.

  7. 08

    by Helen Alliston

    This product is on a great deal cos they are broken. Had to send mine back cos they only had volume in one earpiece.

  8. 08

    by Odge

    I initially wanted to return them as I couldn’t find a headphone socket on my tv , after finding it I cancelled the return , I wanted them to reach from tv to where I laid in bed an watch tv without disturbing my neighbour. Started of hit an miss they would pick up background sound but not the speech , tweaked the wire by the Jack an it worked as I expected them too , however they became more miss than hit as time went on and no matter how much I tweak the lead there’s only background sound coming through ? Is it the head phones is it the tv socket ? Fair price , pity they stopped working

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Thomson HED4407 TV headphones, over-ear, long cable, 6.3 mm adapter, black