Syntech Link Cable 5m, Virtual Reality Headset Compatible with Meta/Oculus Quest 3/Quest2/Pro Accessories Pico4/Pro and PC/Steam VR, Long USB 3.0 to USB C Cable, High-Speed PC…

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  • Compatible with Quest 3/Quest2/Pro/Pico4 Accessories: Syntech link cable connects your VR devices to a gaming PC so that you can play all Rift apps and Steam VR games, providing perfect PC VR experience. The color and design of the cable match perfectly with the Quest3/Quest2 headset.
  • Super Cost-effective: Syntech Link Cable combining the two advantages of length and excellent connection performance will make you feel good value for money. As a reminder, the charging current will decrease as the cable length increases, so we do not recommend using this cable to charge your Quest3/Quest2/Pro/Pico4. Additionally, to enhance your VR experience, we do not recommend using this cable when the headset is at a low battery level.
  • Excellent Link Performance: This cable supports USB 3.0 transmission speed. Stable and fast data synchronization working with sustained and reliable current brings you a smooth VR gaming experience. The attached velcro strap fixes the cable and Quest3/Quest2/Pro/Pico4 to prevent disconnection during movement. Note: When connecting to your computer, please insert this USB 3.0 cable into the USB A 3.1/ USB A 3.0 port.
  • Flexible and Comfortable: This 16 ft long cable gives you maximum freedom of movement without being restricted while immersed in the VR world. At the same time, considering the users’ experience, the regular USB C port is especially changed to L Shaped design to enhance customers’ comfort.
  • Quality Assurance and Customer Service: This link cable can bend freely without breaking by using durable materials, having good flexibility, stretch resistance, and abrasion resistance. We provide a USER GUIDE tutorial to help you smoothly enable cable link and provide solutions for some of the problems you may encounter while using wired link. In addition, Syntech provides an 18-month Warranty for hassle-free return or refund and Friendly Customer Service Support for this link cable.
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Armands Vitols

    I purchased this for meta quest 2 and 3 headset.
    On opening the package the quality of the cable/sheath and connector’s look and feel of good build quality , although I must admit when I purchased the meta quest 2 I purchased an official shorter data cable which I have since lost , but I seem to remember official cable was much thicker than this one, so not sure if this will effect the longevity of the cable.

    When I got the Meta Quest 2 I tried to use cable tethering to allow me to play PCVR/Steam games, but after several weeks of trying to get it to work properly I simply gave up.

    Since then after upgrading my home PC to something considerably above the minimum specification’s recommended by Meta I thought I would give it a whirl again, hence the purchase of this cable.

    As mentioned above the quality of the cable seemed good , unrolled from its original packaging it seemed likely to be well made enough not to kink or twist.
    Has a 90 degree connector which fits the quest nicely and connected to the PC via the front USB socket with no problems .. PC then detected the headset very quickly and setup in meta quest app and steam VR with no issues.

    I can’t see anything on the cable usb connector that shows it being a USB 3 connector/cable in fact the usb insert is black denoting this is a USB 2 cable.

    I checked the cable box supplied and it only mentions it’s suitable for a USB3 socket and not that it’s a USB 3 cable

    In saying that the cable works absolutely fine with the headset and works well with Steam VR.
    But if you are going to purchase this cable you NEED to assume it’s a USB2 cable and not a 3 as advertised.

    When I get a few minutes I’ll do a speed test on the cable and add the results here .

  2. 05

    by Mark Sharples

    It’s doing it’s job perfectly fine, with fast connectivity. The cable is long so you can move freely and stand away from your PC.

  3. 05

    by Mark Sharples

    I was hoping this would actually charge the quest 2 while playing but it extends the playtime instead, basically Yes it charges as you play but the output is still greater than the input of power so you will eventually drain low however you can get more time than the standard 1-2 hours wireless!

    I was able to play some intense demanding games and played roughly 3 hours maybe a little more before the headset hits 57%, this included downloading some too! I got the shorter cable and it is enough but forgetting im tethered as the cable is not heavy unlike some others I kinda unplugged myself from the USB wall charger a few times when I walked over a little for a drink and it still works!

    I use it mostly for PCVR linking and use the small silly cable to charge when im away but I tested this cable and let it charge the headset over a few nights and it fully charges the headset properly without overheating.

    -Cheaper than official and it freely “bends” so breaks are reduced and able to loosely wrap the cable to fit into the quest box after use without risk of breaking it. (loosely wrap all wires never tight)
    -Get lifetime if you register on their website (I need to do this still)
    – Neatly connects firmly into the headset without sticking out with a velcro tab to connect the able to the headset strap to keep cable behind you and in place.
    -matches the headset in colour so it looks like the actual cable.
    -Charges the headset when not in use
    -extends the battery when in use.

    Con: at a stretch
    -Does not fully charge the headset in use but I am going to assume this is the nature of the headset and amount of power a USB can transfer to charge it and send over information.

  4. 05

    by Armands Vitols

    Very good Quality cable. At least it feels so. Quite thick and very flexible. It’s rubbery cover shell feels premium. What is most important, at last I got my Quest 3 headset to work on USB 3 instead of USB 2. I mean, I have Original Meta’s (Type C to Type C) cable and very good fast USB 3.1 (Type C to Type A) cable, but for some reason my PC just refuses to see a USB 3 connection for Quest 3 Headset. Everything else working on them cables as supposed to. Trying this Syntech one – oh yes, Quest 3 is on USB 3.0 straight away. So I can recommend it very much to everyone with such problem.
    Here is only 2 things to consider. I got to try 3m cable, but if you are buying it for VR headset, I would recommend 5m instead of 3m. Even if you have a small playroom as me here. It is ok for me here, but for some cable management it won’t be enough.
    And other thing which I’d say is more important… If You hope that Cable connect will give you an extra play time, this cable is not for You. PC USB Type A gives a very weak power output. Not sure how it is is working with other Headsets, but My Quest 3 discharges as usual and what is even surprising for me, it is not charging at all even when is switched off. It is showing that headset is charging, but after 4 hours of charging headset was on 72% power – the same number as it was when I was leaving it to charge 4 hours ago. So I have ordered another Syntech cable now. 5m long and with separate charging socket to get charge from it’s original charger. Will see how it will go.
    Anything other than that is just perfect. Very good and fast link cable.

  5. 05

    by Riley

    I purchased this cable after my oculus link one had broken, at first it didn’t show up as a USB 3.0 connection but once plugged directly into mother board this issue was fixed.

    The display it out puts is amazing with no latency delay, never has wiggled out nor have i ran out of cable (5m) feels sturdy but i have seen thicker cables out there for this price range, also on original oculus charging port is vertical to you cant cable manage this, where as oculus two charging port is horizontal so this works just fine, either way doesn’t bother me.

    One thing to note is this cable will not charge your oculus whilst playing although it will die much slower than normal, isn’t the end of the world in my case but most display cables will be the same.

    overall impressed with quality and worth it when you need it, as airlink is great but currently doesnt beat connection through a cable in my opinion, Recommend

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Syntech Link Cable 5m, Virtual Reality Headset Compatible with Meta/Oculus Quest 3/Quest2/Pro Accessories Pico4/Pro and PC/Steam VR, Long USB 3.0 to USB C Cable, High-Speed PC...

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