SUPERUS Facial Interface for Oculus/Meta Quest 2 Accessories (Upgraded Version), with 2 PCS Face Cover Foam Pad Replacements, Anti-Light Nose Pad (L/S), Lens Protector, Glasses…


  • Complete 7-In-1 Set for Oculus Quest 2 – The SUPERUS VR face cushion replacement set allows you to enjoy extended gaming sessions and intense workouts with your VR headset. Each set gives you a facial interface bracket, two face cushion replacements (8/12mm), two anti-leakage nose pads (S/L), a silicone glasses spacer, and a EVA lens protector.
  • Upgraded Facial Interface Bracket – The upgraded design of the face interface is compatible with the Oculus/Meta Quest 2 original spacer, offers glasses wearers an option to add distance between glasses and the lenses. The passive air vents on the facial interface bracket improve air circulation and reduce fogging. The ergonomic design not only fits perfectly on your face and helps relieve pressure.
  • Two Face Pad Replacements (8/12mm) – Our face cover is made of PU leather and sponge foam, it can keep your VR headset clean and avoid being soaked by sweat. To clean, simply use a cloth or wipes to remove sweat and grime and you will have a fresh and hygienic headset again in no time. Make your extended VR gaming more hygienic and share happiness with family or friends.
  • Ultimate VR Immersion – Our detachable and optional silicone nose guards (S/L) help block light at the nose, you won’t need to worry about light leakage anymore. It also keeps your exhaled air out of the VR lenses, and keep steam from rising and fogging up your vision, which allows you to have the ultimate VR immersion.
  • Enhanced Lens Protection – Our unique silicone lens protector creates a protective space between your glasses and the lenses to prevent your glasses from scratching the VR lenses. The high-density EVA lens cover protects your VR device glasses from dust, scratches, and smudges, keeping your vision clear for a long time.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by derek richardson

    In terms of comfort for the headset I would give it a 4 since it is not the most comfy I have used. However, for the price range it is definitely the best Oculus facial interface on the market. If you want something more comfy you will be looking at spending nearly double the price, which for most people is not worth it. The headset absorbs sweat really well and keeps the head very well cooled.
    Overall = 4.8/5
    Brilliant Product

  2. 08

    by Sammy pot

    I brought this due to having to wear glasses and it’s made the whole VR experience so much easier! The eye bridge slots straight onto the lenses with ease and enables me not to worry about scratching the lenses. The face guard is great after sweating, normally quite a lot surprisingly lol, as can just wipe down. Great purchase for the price would highly recommend!

  3. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    I mostly use the Quest for exercise, and as such the original foam facial piece was getting a little… um… pongy, and I share it with my girlfriend. Not only was this easy to install, but also much more comfortable and and doesn’t absorb sweat.

    A perfect buy if you plan to play some of the more active games on the quest, a must buy, great price too!

  4. 08

    by “larrymarr”

    Excellent piece of kit, so far i’ve only used the Facial Interface bracket along with the 12mm foam (preferred it over the thinner 8mm one), nose pad & EVA lens protector. The later in particular works well and prevents any dust / scratches from getting on the lens. No doubt the glasses spacer will come in useful if any friends or family with glasses have a go at the Meta Quest 2. The only thing that isn’t great is the nose pad, it doesn’t really seem to do anything as light still comes in.

  5. 08

    by Chelsie

    Bought this as a replacement. Was not disappointed. Brilliant fit. Comes with extras too. Really good quality also!! Would absolutely buy again if our other vr breaks!

  6. 08

    by Nicola

    Brilliant service and product. Fantastic quality ,much better than the original that comes with the headset and will definitely be buying from them again

  7. 08

    by Adey

    Well no additional clearance than the supplied spacer with supplied with the VR headset so not sure why i bought this now.

  8. 08

    by Jason Taylor

    The nose guard doesn’t block any light (the main reason I bought this). The interface actually makes the problem worse because light leaks through the sides of it. It pops out much more easily than the original too, so I suppose it’s just poorly designed and doesn’t fit the Quest 2 properly. It’s possible I got a faulty unit.

    It might do for some, but I won’t be using this. I’ll just stick with the original interface.

    Edit: great customer service. After this review they got in touch and offered a replacement. I didn’t want one so they have refunded me. Can’t really fault that at all.

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SUPERUS Facial Interface for Oculus/Meta Quest 2 Accessories (Upgraded Version), with 2 PCS Face Cover Foam Pad Replacements, Anti-Light Nose Pad (L/S), Lens Protector, Glasses...