SUPERUS Facial Interface & Face Cover Pad for Oculus Quest 2, Sweat-Proof PU Foam Cushion – VR Accessories for Meta Quest 2, Compatible with Oculus Quest 2 Original Spacer


  • 【Designed for Oculus Quest 2】Our VR face cover replacement set is designed to improve hygiene, immersion, and comfort. It’s effective at reducing pressure and making longer VR sessions more enjoyable. The upgraded design of the face interface is compatible with the Oculus Quest 2 original spacer.
  • 【Enhanced VR Immersion】For optimal comfort, the facial interface bracket has passive air vents to improve air circulation and reduce fogging. Effective at reducing pressure and red marks on the face, allowing you to have the ultimate VR immersion.
  • 【Improved Hygiene】Our face cover is made of PU leather and sponge foam to keep your VR headset clean and not soaked by sweat. The face cushion makes your extended VR gaming more hygienic and share your happiness with family or friends.
  • 【Better VR Field of View】The ergonomic design of the face pad perfectly fits different face shapes, puts you closer to the display, and offers a wider field of view and a tighter fitting, making long VR sessions much more comfortable.
  • 【Easier Upkeep】The facial interface frame is easy to install, snap in and go. Cleaning the accessories is easy, simply use a cloth or wipes to remove sweat and grime and you will have a fresh and hygienic headset again in no time.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by C. Clarke

    Have been using this face cover pad for a couple of weeks now on some of the more challenging games including boxing/fitness games like thrill of the fight. This improved version is much more comfortable on the face and nose allowing free breathing a problem that I have had with other covers. The nose area is not restrictive and it still manages to let very little light in. I can even use the silicon covers which fit neatly over the top if needs be.

    It clips on and fits very easy, not that I have removed it, and a very snug fit when you are wearing it, not come off once. Nice clean design and fit as you can see from picture and a couple of thoughtful air vents to stop lenses misting up when your working out (so far so good) Also very light so no impact on weight of Oculus. Definitely recommended.

  2. 08

    by chim

    The product to replace original. Excellent quality, fit for purpose. Fits perfectly and provides sturdy but comfortable viewing with lack of fatigue.

  3. 08

    by Helen P

    This interface system is so much better than the stock one that it convinced me to keep my Quest 2 instead of returning it.

    My (used, A-Grade) Quest 2 came with the official interface with a silicone cover. I found it to be uncomfortable and strangely sticky, and combined with the awful stock headband I really didn’t enjoy my early experience with VR.

    Although my headset looked like new, I still wanted to change the facial interface and this one seemed to be the best value while I researched better ones. Having used it, I’ll be staying with it until it eventually wears out – I really like it and it’s a huge improvement.

    I got the version with the removable nose guard, as I have a big nose and read that the full-frame version might pinch. I made the right choice, and it doesn’t pinch or restrict my breathing at all. Even with the Elite strap cranked so tight that the headset is rammed against my forehead and cheekbones, there is no pressure on my nose whatsoever.

    It’s worth noting that the nose guard needs to be trimmed to fit the user. This makes sense as everyone’s face is different. If you use it the way it arrives, it obscures the lenses and the weight of the headset sits on my nose. I just trimmed away the excess rubber and extended the slot down the middle of the guard until I got a really nice fit to my nose, and it’s been perfect ever since. This is a lot easier if you take the interface off the headset, and hold it up to your face in a mirror to check where it needs trimming. It took about five minutes to get it perfect for me.

    The interface itself fits directly onto the Quest 2 in exactly the same way as the official one. It’s also compatible with the official spacer, which is an important feature for me as I have mild astigmatism and intend to fit corrective lenses to my Quest 2. Without any corrective lenses I get better results without the spacer.

    The interface has a removeable pad, held on with a very effective hook-and-loop system. The pad is a very soft and compliant ‘pleather’. It’s not quite as deep or firm as I’d like, especially if you are using the stock strap. I’ve tried the Elite strap, and that’s better, but the weight of the headset is still mostly on the interface seal. I have a ‘halo’-type strap on order, and I’ll see how this seal performs when it’s not taking all the weight of the headset before I make any further descisions.

    To be fair, the seal is trying to mitigate a fundamental flaw in the design of the headset, so it’s not an entirely fair criticism. I’d still like the seal pad to be deeper and more plush, and it would be nice if we could buy replacements separately.

    The seal is extremely effective at blocking unwanted light. I get nothing at all from the top, and around the nose it’s hugely better than the standard interface. With the nose guard correctly fitted, it’s very effective and very comfortable.

    When I placed the order I felt that the interface was a bit expensive, even though it was one of the cheapest options. It seems ALL replacement interfaces are expensive. Now I’ve used it for a few days, I’m totally convinced it was worth it – my headset is much more comfortable to use.

  4. 08

    by Janusz Knight

    The face plate is fine, the part that goes around your nose is very tight and basically prevented me from breathing from my nose, so i had to cut it, resulting in some light leaking in from my room. The materials are a bit better than the stock ones, but still feel very cheat and sweaty. The install is easy but feels a bit flimsy, would not really recommend for £15, with the extra required DIY to make it work

  5. 08

    by Zippy

    Nice but can make you hot . Very soft no more lines on your face

  6. 08

    by Overkill

    This is way more comfortable than the original thats supplied. I really like it. However, I’m forever accidentally popping it off. The fit is good, but just not quite as good as the original. If it wasn’t for that I’d give it 5 start. For the price though its still worth it. Just a minor annoyance.

  7. 08

    by Jenny Breeze

    Easily the best replacement for the stock interface. If you’re like me and the silicone cover that comes with the stock doesn’t really work and the base materials are itchy. This is the perfect choice. It adds extra layers of comfort and steadiness at a pretty cheap price. It definitely won’t fit all faces but it’s definitely the best replacement out there

  8. 08

    by C. Clarke

    My Son’s Oculus Quest 2 face cover plastic insert broke, so I needed a replacement. I saw this one and as it looked padded in comparison to the original one I bought it. It is really easy to fit and simply clips into the headset. It comes as one piece, so there is no fiddling about trying to put the cover on as it is attached. My Son loves it, and says it is much more comfortable than the original.

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SUPERUS Facial Interface & Face Cover Pad for Oculus Quest 2, Sweat-Proof PU Foam Cushion - VR Accessories for Meta Quest 2, Compatible with Oculus Quest 2 Original Spacer