Srhythm NC75 Pro Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth 5.3,Over-Ear Headset with Build-in Microphone,Hi-Fi,40 Hours Playtime for all Bluetooth Devices (Crystal Purple)


  • World-Leading Digital Active Noise Cancelling (ANC): Advanced noise cancellation silences up to 92% of low-frequency background noise: aircraft, subways, cars, crowds, etc. Flip the switch and hear your music soar, providing up to 30 dB of noise cancellation. Will not block out conversations, and not recommended in quiet environments
  • 40 Hours Playtime & Fast Charge: Plays up to 40+ hours of music thanks to ultra-high 750 mAh battery capacity. When out of charge, you can still listen to music using the included audio cable. Just 5 minutes of charging gives you an amazing 2+ hours of full sound. 1-2 hours charge to full power. Exclusive Srhythm over-voltage protection technology, ensures the safe charging, time after time
  • World-Class Comfortable & Portable: Soft memory-protein earpads for durability and long-lasting comfort, with precise sewing for extra sound isolation. 100° swivelling earcups, stainless steel slider and padded headband for a perfect fit. Includes convenient case for travel or carry. Air pressure balance technology reduces pressure of ANC
  • Provides High-Res Audio in Silence: Features a dual 40 mm HD high-resolution audio driver, along with 360° omnidirectional noise-cancelling ANC technology, a high-response diaphragm, lightweight voice coil. Delivers peerless sound with no interruptions
  • Noise-reducing Microphone with V5.3 Bluetooth: Enjoy a stable, low-latency connections for lossless audio transmission. Dual HD 40-mm large-aperture drivers provide deep bass, clear vocals and high-fidelity stereo sound. Feel the intensity of your music, then swap to an incoming call with Siri support
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Smashing Crockery

    I bought these after I was forced to return a faulty pair of Lindy BNX60 headphones which cost me £90 compared to £54.99 for these(actually £49.99 with a voucher code in my case)

    I have left a separate review for those. I will be referring to them throughout this review for comparison purposes before drawing a conclusion about which is best.


    – Similar to BNX60s, they substantially eliminate background noise(e.g. train engine, car hum). Equally very impressed with this on both. These significantly reduced the noise from a loud vacuum cleaner so I could focus on a podcast while doing the Hoovering. I would normally have struggled to hear over the whirring and humming unless I turned the podcast volume up to damaging levels. No need with these. This is where these ANC headphones really come into their own

    – Similar to the BNX60s, they don’t eliminate sudden unpredictable noises or nearby conversations. But also similar to the BNX60s, they do significantly take edge off most of those noises and make them sound more dull/distant. So I was equally impressed with these for that. And it’s hard to say which does it better. With both of them though, this improves the lower the voices involved. Higher voices still noticeably get through, albeit slightly dulled.

    – Very comfortable to wear – not too tight like the BNX60s

    – Less of an aeroplane pressure when you switch the ANC on than with the BNX60s

    – They fit a larger head than the BNX60s. The ears extend past the point I need them at and this helps when wearing them around my neck as otherwise they would pinch my neck a bit(like the BNX60s did!).

    – Similarly to the BNX60s, when the ANC is activated the treble increases and bass drops. BUT this happens much less intrusively with these Srhythm headphones than with the BNX60s. So a good all round ANC sound quality I think.

    – Similar swivelling earphones to the BNX60s – this is a PRO for storage and maybe wearability too, but again, I worry it poses a potential weak point where they might break.

    – No big glaring LEDs like the BNX60s had. The lights on this are more subtle


    – Similar button confirguation to the BNX60s, and likewise I think they could use more buttons instead of overloading certain buttons with functionality. A big downside to these for me is that the buttons for increasing/decreasing volume on the headset, double up as track changers. BUT to change tracks, you have to hold them down for a substantial amount of time. This means that if Napalm Death suddenly comes on unexpectedly in the middle of the quiet library and you want to get rid of it ASAP, you cannot but have to wait until the sustained press of the button actually registers.. And maybe this is only 2 seconds or less but it feels like forever in that scenario. They shouldve done this the other way around or had a separate volume control. The BNX60s win on this one with a dedicated daisy wheel volume control.

    – There seems to be an occasional flaw in the ANC – like a pulsating as if the digital transform it’s applying over the original sound is slightly out of phase so you get peaks and troughs in the resulting waveform where they shouldn’t be. I didn’t experience anything like that with the BNX60s. But I have to say it’s only occasional

    – I’ve had a few pairing problems with these which I didn’t have with the BNX60s. All resolved in the end but still, I’d rather not have them at all.

    – I’m concerned the earphone covers are so soft they will end up getting damaged relatively early in the life of these headphones. Maybe I’m wrong about that but they feel like a possible weak spot on these.

    – This is petty but I feel a bit like a 3 year old with a big “L” and “R” label on each earphone for all to see.

    – I found the pairing range disappointing when using with a laptop in a kitchen to watch a movie. Beyond 6 feet away they started to freeze and stutter. Now I did not test this with the BNX60s so cannot compare.

    – Similar to the above, I noticed a few lags between people talking in the movie and the sound I was getting on the headphones. Alas, I did not test this on the BNX60s so I cannot compare. But it spoiled the watching experience for sure.

    General Notes:

    There are a lot of swings and roundabouts in play here, and I find it really hard to say with any confidence which performs better at the primary function of active noise cancelling.
    So that leaves all the other stuff.

    For starters the ANC on the BNX60s has a very noticeable tinny sound with the bass ramped down and the treble accentuated. The same happens with this but to a lesser degree and for me, it results in a better overall listening experience.

    I mostly prefer the design of these Srhythm headphones over the BNX60s which felt uncomfortably tight and choked me when I put them around my neck.

    So while the buffeting/pairing glitches on the Srhythm headphones are annoying when they happen, still, they are more comfortable to wear, give a better all round balance between ANC and the listening experience, and cost 35 quid less. So I have to say I would go with the Srhythm headphones every time.

    (Update: 07/02/19: returning these after left headphone broke – I wouldn’t even say this is a particular criticism of these headphones – I think all the headphones in this price bracket are about the same build quality to be honest. This being the case, if using them for a commute/work, inevitably, you’re going to be lucky if these things last 6 months without something breaking through wear and tear. For me this calls into question the whole pricing regime of these headphones. Let’s face it, this is now well established technology and the old “development costs” chestnut doesn’t wash. Furthermore they’re mass produced in China, so the outrageous profit margins are completely unjustified. Given the lifespan/cost, I’ve had to go for a cheaper pair this time, and it’s a shame because I really liked these headphones and would’ve happily bought them again, but not for 65 quid. I just cant afford to spend that every few months to keep replacing these things)
    (UPDATE 01/11/19: I bought another pair of these by a different manufacturer. Unsurprisingly they broke in the same place – where the swivelling earphone meets the headband. However, I found a pretty cheap and effective fix: (1) Buy some plastic cable ties ~ at least 15 cm long. (2) take one cable tie and stick it through the loop on the earphone, then through the loop on the headband, (3) Loop the cable tie through itself and pull it as tight as you can reasonably get it. (4) Trim the end off the cable tie so the leasst possible protrudes.
    The downside is all the world can see you’ve done a DIY job on your headphones and the swivel of the earphones is more limited than normal. But I don’t personally give a toss how it looks, and the swivel is still enough to work 100% fine. I now have this fix on both earphones as they’ve both snapped. Works perfectly well. If they break, I’ll just use another cable tie! But been going strong a couple of months at least now. Just thought I’d share in case it saves people a few bucks on these overpriced monstrosities)

  2. 03

    by mopi

    Update, after 3 months of daily use headset developed electrical fault and it became difficult to power on the headset. As this was beyond the 30 day Amazon guarantee period I was happy that the supplier offered to post out a replacement FOC. I give supplier a bonus 🌟 for customer service. I continue to use the original headset and try ensure they never run out of power, easy enough to do as battery life is very good.
    I like these headphones, they are good value and have (mostly) acceptable limitations given their price (£33).
    First the good stuff, they are comfortable to wear and I’ve promoted them to my use while sleeping headset. While sleeping I wear them on my left ear and off my right ear as I tend to sleep on my right side. I have no discomfort when worn like this.
    I recently compared them to Bose QC20s on a 2 hour flight and unsurprisingly the Bose are both more comfortable and do a far better job at noise cancellation, this is unsurprising as the Bose would cost about 7 times the price I paid for these; had I bought the Bose new that is. Interestingly the Bose superiority was most evident during the aircraft ascent phase where there is a higher pitched noise from the engines. During level flight the Bose still performed better but at least it was possible to tell the the 75 Pros were doing something in the noise cancellation domain.
    Audio quality is acceptable to my aging ears. The bass is a bit muddy and the higher notes near inaudible. Pop and voice play fine.
    Battery life (constant use with NC off) is better than 27 hours which I think is impressive
    Range about the house is 7 or 8 paces, so anywhere in the same room should be ok.
    One annoying quirk is that if the headphones are paired to 2 devices e.g. phone and tablet and I move out of range of one of the devices the headphones started to beep at a regular interval. The only way to stop the beep is to power cycle the headphones. Annoying, but at least it’s an easy fix.
    I’ve used the 75s while at the gym and they get pretty moist, I need to wipe them down every 20 minutes or so. I do not use running or rowing machines but I do use an x-trainer. The Bose QC20s are better suited to the gym, wire notwithstanding.
    I have the 75 Pros, a pair of Bose QC20s as I mentioned and a pair of Sony WH-1000mx3s and while the 75s are definitely the cheapest of the three pairs of headphones I still find times most days to use them even if it’s mostly to listen to audio books while I sleep.
    Update: after 6 months of use (70+ hours per week!) these are still looking good and very comfortable.

  3. 03

    by Steve

    I’ve used these most days for the last 4 months and am very impressed with them.

    Sound quality is excellent and I hear sounds which I never would have experienced from my music and podcasts previously, using in-ear headphones or my previous brand of over-ear headphones.

    They are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, though they can get a little warm in the summer heat when moving about.

    The noise cancelling has limitations, but this is similar to most (all?) products with this technology. It wont cancel irregular sounds like voices or TV, but it does a very good job or removing 90% of regular constant frequency sounds like fans, washing machines, car engine noise (as a passenger) and aircraft cabin noise (the calmness it creates on a long flight is very welcome). One minor irritation when using NC when walking it that I can hear my footsteps which can be distracting, so I turn it off.

    The microphone is usable for phone calls and Teams calls etc, but without a boom mic, the sound captured is tinny and low volume.

    Battery life is very long, I’ve not measured it, but it lasts me at least a week. The slight irritation is that the reported battery remaining (on Android) goes from 80% to zero without any gradation in between.

    Bluetooth connectivity has been impeccable, it quickly connects in seconds and has never dropped the link with my Android device.

    Overall a great buy at a great price that easily matches the top brands at 5 or more times the £££.

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Srhythm NC75 Pro Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth 5.3,Over-Ear Headset with Build-in Microphone,Hi-Fi,40 Hours Playtime for all Bluetooth Devices (Crystal Purple)