Sony WF-C500 True Wireless Headphones (Up to 20 Hours Battery Life with Charging Case – Compatible with Voice Assistant, Built-in Microphone for Phone Calls, Bluetooth) Black

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  • Compact size to fit safely and snugly in ear
  • Delivers detailed and quality sound
  • Comes in wireless charging case
  • Can also create or tailor music of choice
  • One press connects instantly to smartphone’s voice assistant
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3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer




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8 x 5 x 5 cm, 87 Grams

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25 Sept. 2021



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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by H. C.

    I was given a pair of these 2 years ago as a present and love them so much that I bought a pair for someone else’s birthday. PLEASE BEAR IN MIND: these photos are after 2 years of daily use so they look a little battered! Obviously they arrived pristine 🙂

    For reference, I use these twice daily: one 1-3 hour use with a single bud, and one 1hr use with both buds), and once or twice a month for 4-5 hours with both buds. They have definitely risen to the challenge.

    1. SOUND. I’m not a music buff so don’t know how the sound quality of these would compare to more expensive or professional products, but I’ve found they produce well-balanced music at a high quality (i.e. no tinny sounds, decent bass) and no voice distortion in spoken word. I mainly use them for audiobooks and they’ve been excellent. If I’m in a noisy environment (I’m talking cooking with the extractor hood on, or the footie on TV husband-based commentary thereof, not a full-blown concert or anything) they do a great job of blocking out the room noise and delivering my own noise straight to my ear without having to have the volume deafeningly high. They’re not really noise-“cancelling”, but they negate enough of the unwanted noise for it to not be a distraction, and work well for my own purposes.

    2. DURABILITY. As I say, I’ve had mine for 2 years and they have been put through the ringer; 90% of their use is outdoors on dog walks. I live near the beach so they have been dropped in the sand and dirt, sat loose (i.e. out of their case) in sandy pockets, generally been battered about and abused and they’re still working perfectly. The flexible in-ear parts can be easily removed for cleaning, if needed.
    The recesses in the case can be a bit fiddle to clean (though I’m not sure you’d normally ned to as I’m sure most people will treat theirs far better than me!) but a cotton bud and a quick blow and they’re perfect. The case itself is nice and sturdy and, even though I have the white version it still looks in good nick, especially considering the amount of dirt it’s been dragged through.

    3. BATTERY. When you first take them out of the case, a voice tells you “battery fully charged” / “battery, about X%”. I use mine for on average 2 hours but up to 5hrs at one time before popping back in the case and I’ve never had a low battery warning (I’m assuming there would be one in-ear if they got low). Very occasionally I’ll get a “battery about 70%” warning in which case when I get home I pop the case on charge and forget about it, but battery just hasn’t been an issue for me and I’ve never heard lower than that. I can’t tell you how quickly they charge because I’ve never had to time it but the case is always fully charged after around an hour I’d guess.
    The ‘case as a charging unit’ is a fantastic design feature and really useful when on the go. The metal charging connectors have never once failed, despite all the dust and dirt they’ve been dragged through. The magnetic areas mean they snap back into the case perfectly every time, and they’re definitely secure in there, even with the case open. They also snap together if they’re loose, which is useful if you’ve dumped them both in your pocket!

    4. COMFORT. As they are relatively large, I’m surprised at how well they fit & sit in the ear. The only time I notice them wiggling loose is if I’m gardening and spending a lot of time jiggling about with my head lowered. And even then, a quick press and they’re back in place. With normal, upright behaviour they stay in place for hours. They are comfortable enough that you forget they’re there.

    5. CONTROLS. I tend to just use the right one (I’m a woman walking alone so only have a single earbud in) which has the pause/play/skip chapter/answer call control. It’s a big old button (so very easy to use/no chance of missing it), works quickly, and when you restart it will usually rewind a second or two so you’re not missing anything. A long press skips forward to the next chapter/song. If you’re listening to something and a call comes through, it knows to pause your music/book and automatically resume once you’ve hung up, so no faffing about digging out your phone again. Left earbud is volume control (single press: volume up / long press: volume down) and, again, is responsive and doesn’t race through the volume levels too quickly, so you’re able to adjust easily.

    6. OTHER POINTS. Bluetooth setup was quick and easy (both on phone and laptop), and it connects quickly (another voice in your ear tells you “bluetooth connected/disconnected”). Charging is quick and simple: orange light on the earbuds when charging / orange light on the case and earbuds when plugged in to a cable. When first removed from the case the buds flash blue twice to show they’re on and working, then some more blue flashes to show bluetooth connection status. There are various other flashing/colour combinations to indicate different things which are listed in the paperwork if you’re interested. There’s also some 3D sound system you can download (I never explored this) so I’d imagine you can tweak the levels if you want to. The case design is lovely; it’s smooth and rounded and feels pleasant in-hand.

    IN SUMMARY: these are excellent. As I said, I’m no professional sound person, but if you want something that gives you solid sound quality, and will stand up to everyday use and abuse I would *highly* recommend these. They’re a good price for a quality little product and they’re definitely built to last.

  2. 03

    by H. C.

    I use headphones a huge amount and have probably gone through 30 pairs in my life , including multiple Bluetooth pairs. i have had either great quality wired ones , which are great for audio , but bulky and not compatible with more modern phones.
    allot of the Bluetooth headphones i have used, have been good but not great , with over ear headphones, being noticeably heavier than their wired counterparts , and the earbuds, usually having both poorer sound quality , battery life and fit over the years .

    The Sony has really impressed , especially with the price i got it for , has surpassed headphones at five times the price.
    They have impressive sound isolation , due to the deign and fit , which leaves no real need for noise cancelling,
    Speaking of the fit , is is again impressive as i have worn them for several house with little or no discomfort , but can become loos when either eating or through intense exercise (it has been fine on normal running or jogging)
    Sound quality is impressive , and can be tailored though the app to optimise for whatever your use is , from movies to music and more , there are custom profiles .
    There are features like personalising to your ears , but does require being connected with several music services , which all seem to be pay per month so i opted out .
    Battery life has been excellent , i would say i average 15-7 hours, but might be due to louder volumes , more use of buttons to pause and change volume , but much more impressive than previous headphones

    finally connectivity has been pretty easy , with the pixel six, and my acer laptop was as simple as turning on my Bluetooth, with other devices might be a challenge, but just hold the button on the earbud for several seconds and should be fine . there will always be latency with Bluetooth , but i would say so far has been unnoticeable , even for extended periods such as films , or tv series
    i have to experience with games so cannot comment .

    Battery life
    audio quality

    can be tricky for intense exercise
    some features can require using a paid audio service (but none of the essential features)
    there is a slight latency which might be inconvenient, but never affected me

  3. 03

    by Amazon Customer

    I am by no means a headphones expert, so please take this review with a grain of salt, but here goes…

    Nice clean sound. Comfy to wear. Battery is fantastic. Headphones feel sturdy and well built. Set up is nice and easy. Connection never failed. Colour of these is very eye catching.

    Case feels a little bit flimsy (especially the shield part that clicks open). Sound isn’t amazing, yes tweaking the equaliser and levels via the Sony app helps, but the sound isn’t a bassy or as deep as I’d hoped it would be. Controls are very very sensitive, if you’re buying these to wear to fall asleep with, and you lie on your side.. don’t… the pressure on the headphones will cause the volume to change and/or the track to change – I’ve also found it very difficult to put these into my ears / take them out without hitting the buttons.

    Would I recommend these? Yes.
    Are they worth the money? Yes.
    Would I recommend these to someone who wants utterly fantastic headphones? No.


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Sony WF-C500 True Wireless Headphones (Up to 20 Hours Battery Life with Charging Case - Compatible with Voice Assistant, Built-in Microphone for Phone Calls, Bluetooth) Black

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