Sony RX100 III | Advanced Premium Compact Camera (1.0-Type Sensor, 24-70 mm F1.8-2.8 Zeiss Lens and Flip Screen for Vlogging)


  • BREATHTAKING IMAGE QUALITY: The large 1.0-type image sensor has a resolution of 20.1 megapixels,with back-illuminated technology achieve a wide sensitivity range
  • PERFECT FOR VIDEO CREATORS: Image stabilization and Flip Screen for Vlogging
  • CAPTURE DECISIVE MOMENTS: An electronic viewfinder is the choice of many serious photographers since they can hold the camera rock-steady
  • SHARE YOUR CREATION: Easily share on your mobile devices via the Imaging Edge Mobile app (Wi-Fi).
  • IN THE FRAME: Easily frame up your subject when shooting from low or high angles with the tilting touch monitor
  • Focus Range (From the Front of the Lens) is Auto Focus approximately 5 Centimeter to infinity approximately 30 Centimeter to infinity
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1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is discontinued by manufacturer


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1 Jun. 2014



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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Judge Roughneck

    I’ve never been a fan of the big and bulky DLSR, and as a result have a 

    Sony A6000

     with a selection of lenses which covers my “proper” photography needs. As small as the A6000 is however, it’s not pocketable, even with the Pancake lens. I craved for something that could deliver similar quality to a DSLR/A6000 but something that is truly pocketable. The RX100 III meets to requirement perfectly. I have been watching the price, and was all over it when it reached the £550 mark. This may seem alot of money for a point and shoot, but this isn’t a point and shoot in performance terms, it’s a grown up camera (with a fixed lense, admittedly) in a point and shoot body. The picture quality from the camera is simply stunning. You won’t find anything that currently even comes remotely close to it, not in a compact form.

    Build quality is also very impressive, but then it should be at this price. Feature-wise, it’s all here, Wifi, NFC, Built in ND filter, electronic lens cap, all the modes you can possibly ever want, including 2 memories. If you have an A6000/A5100/A7x then the menu system will be instantly familiar to you, all very intuitive. The battery life is very good, the battery can charge “in-camera”, so no lugging around anything other than a MicroUSB lead and somewhere to plug it in (wallwart, USB cigarette socket charger etc).

    One of the really nice features, is the XAVCS video mode, this is very high bitrate, high quality video mode, that is also capable of high framerates. The RX100M3 supports 100FPS (PAL) and 120FPS (NTSC), in other words 4x the regular framerate, the reason you would want to do this, is to slow the video down for “slo-mo” arty video. It’s really important to get the right SD card if you plan on using this feature. It NEEDS to be 64GB or greater, and class 10. Even then, I hear it’s a little hit and miss what works and what doesn’t. I can say for sure that 

    Transcend 64GB Ultimate SDXC

     works, so if you are in any doubt, I would recommend this one.

    Something else of note, I, like many have never been a fan of Sony software (it’s what usually lets down their products), Thankfully you can totally ignore their PlayMemories desktop software, the camera is perfectly usable without it. Better still, I think Sony are recognising this as they have any arrangement with 

    Capture One

     to produce a free Sony specific version of their rather expensive (and 


     beating) workflow software. For Sony owners, this is a free download of the very well featured standard version, with an upgrade to the fully featured Pro version for 20Euros (usually is is over 300 Euros for the version that supports all camera models). This is definitely worth checking out. Many comparisons with Lightroom show that CaptureOne has a far better RAW processor.

    As mentioned, the camera has Wifi, and transferring the displayed image t your phone, is as simple as tapping the NFC logo with the NFC point on your phone (if you have an Android NFC phone, if you don’t, or have an iPhone) then you have setup wifi pairing, but it’s more time consuming), if you tap your phone/tablet during live shooting (rather than playback), then it launches and connects the SmartRemote app on the camera, and PlayMemories on your device. You can control zoom, touch to focus, aperture, shutter, ISO and exposure comp. It worked flawlessly on my Google Nexus 5 (Android 5.1) and my Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 (Android 5.02)

    I was also very impressed with the on-board, automatic ND filter, really opening up the capabilities of some great creative long exposure pictures. I didn’t notice any IQ impact using this feature, so very pleased.

    This is one of the very few products I have ever reviewed where I have struggled to find ANYTHING negative to say about it. if I had to pick a negative, it would be lack of printed manuals (but then that’s environmentally good, so even that’s not really a negative), and I guess the price, but it’s down from the dizzy heights of £700 to the more manageable £550 now.

    This really is a superbly engineered product, that you can take anywhere and it will deliver time and time again.

    If you are wondering if a point and shoot could ever be worth five hundred quid, take a look at the selection of RX100 pictures on FLICKR

    Yes, this camera isn’t cheap, but then the best things in life aren’t cheap.

  2. 02

    by GWChimp

    I often go into dimly lit areas of museums and galleries to photograph artefacts and exhibits and hate using a flash because of the reflections from glass. Also its great to take photos that don’t need a long exposure in such conditions without needing a tripod to steady the camera. Its also easy to get arty with this camera altering depth of field etc etc, and the data saved with each photo does allow you to easily determine what settings you used (or if in auto/semi auto mode, what settings the camera used). Plenty of great functionality (I can either transfer photos over USB – I’m pretty sure the SD card shows up as an external disk when the camera is plugged into a mac, or I can use the program downloaded from the Sony website – or I can use a wifi connection to transfer photos to my Android tablet (again need a free app from Sony, available from the google store)

    I’ve not used or stored the camera in hazardous or challenging environments, or abused it (I put a 3rd party screen protector on it, and carry it in a case when not using it) but it has stood up to use well.

    The M3 does have a different lens to the M2, I think the difference is that the M2 has more zoom range (gets closer to far away objects). If I try and photograph the moon for instance, its a tiny circle on the M3 (and don’t actually have an M2 to compare the results against, but I’m guess it might not be quite as small an image) Truthfully if I want to photograph the moon I probably need to mount it on a telescope, or get an SLR with a big zoom lens.

    Because the lens automatically retracts behind shutters on standby or shut down, I wouldn’t go looking for any after market screw on adapter to extend the lens range (or add a filter, or a mount for a telescope)

    Probably amongst its best features are the reposition-able display, which allows you to compose selfies (rather than take about a hundred of them blind), and for days when you are outside and the sun is shining in a way that would obliterate an image on the screen, an electronic popup viewfinder that can focus the image at infinity (I think) so even people with bad eyesight can use it without glasses (or with glasses probably)

    As a point and shoot camera its very functional and high specification. Excellent images in all the conditions I’ve tried it. Light enough for me to carry around all day, fits in my jacket pocket when I want to carry it there.

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Sony RX100 III | Advanced Premium Compact Camera (1.0-Type Sensor, 24-70 mm F1.8-2.8 Zeiss Lens and Flip Screen for Vlogging)


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