SMSL AO200 MA12070*2 HiFi Amplifier, 150W*150W 2 Channel Power Amplifier, Bluetooth 5.0/USB/RCA/XLR to Speaker/Subwoofer Digital Audio Amplifier, Desktop Home Audio Amplifier…


  • ♫ Powerful 2-Channel Amplification : SMSL AO200 features two MA12070×2 chips, delivering 150W×150W output, providing ample power for driving speakers or a subwoofer.
  • ♫ Versatile Connectivity Options : With USB, Bluetooth 5.0, XLR, and RCA inputs, the AO200 offers multiple ways to connect your audio sources, ensuring compatibility with various devices.
  • ♫ Remote Control Convenience : The included remote control allows for easy volume adjustment and input selection, providing convenient control over your audio experience.
  • ♫ Enhanced Sound Customization : Equipped with SDB EQ settings, the AO200 enables users to fine-tune the sound to their preference, optimizing the listening experience.
  • ♫ Sturdy Build and Sleek Design : The amplifier boasts a solid body, smooth buttons, and a nice display screen, reflecting quality craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.
  • If you experience any difficulties, please get in touch with us through Amazon Email at your earliest convenience so we and the manufacturer team can assist you. Thank you for your understanding.
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‎960 g

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‎18.75 x 4 x 15.4 cm, 960 Grams

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‎230 Volts (AC)

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by J. WISE

    I’m Using these to power a pair of Elac debut 6,2’s and the sub outputs to my BK electronics subwoofer and using a Schitt Modi 3 DAC. I love the crisp details, clean highs and good details and control of bass that this unit delivers and it can produce a nice sound stage as well.
    I was previously using a Rotel RA 1060 ( £600 new 17 years ago) nice sounding ( but lacking much treble and not as detailed as theAO200). This smsl AO200 beats it in some areas,( leaner than the Rotel)
    Give it a week to settle in, it sounded harsh at first and took awhile for the sound to come together. Incredible how amp tech has progressed. After using it for a few weeks I’d say in a lot of ways it improves on the A/B Rotel although I don’t believe it delivers the same power output even though they are claimed to be similar. Its fine for my use. Good value for the price certainly. ( this review has been edited from my overly enthusiastic original review).

  2. 08

    by Simon H

    I pulled the plug on an Amazon open box for just under £170. Upon arrival the unit was clean and looked new. But no bluetooth antenna or cables present except for the power cable. Looked for a replacement antenna couldn’t find an official one here in the UK, that aside there was a lot of white noise, humming when silent, connected it via various methods and to different speakers to no joy. Second day of use the right channel decided to stop working. Not a good experience with this open box option. Put me off this amp so went for a traditional amp. Returned and got a refund same day.

  3. 08

    by Jon

    In the past if I wanted an amp I’d have probably gone for one of the well known hi-fi brands, but became interested in these while doing some reading. I’ll be the first to say – you should probably ignore the 150w x 2 (into 2 ohm) rating. Under more conventional rating methods (8 ohm impedance, 1% THD) – this is a 50 watt per channel amp. This is still ample power for all but the least sensitive speakers or for very large rooms. I’m using it with Monitor Audio Silver 1 bookshelf speakers, and it can go loud enough for anything I’d want with these.

    The amp itself is very small compared to traditional hi-fi gear. It has good quality speaker connections, but they are slightly smaller than average – I’d suggest using quality tight fitting banana plugs rather than using bare wire. It has two main inputs – XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced. Most of my sources are routed through an SMSL C200 DAC which I’ve connected via the balanced (XLR) plugs. This means I have little use for the amps built in Bluetooth and USB inputs, but they are there if you require them. Personally, I’d probably prefer an extra RCA input over the USB one to give a bit more flexibility, but it is what it is. So what do I like and dislike…

    + Overall build quality is pretty good. It’s not that heavy but has a reassuring solidness.
    + Extremely low background noise. All amps I’ve had have some sort of slight hum or hiss you can hear through the speakers close up when they are not playing anything (but powered on). With this one, dead silence..
    + Cool running – very little heat even after playing at high volumes. Suggests this is very efficient compared to older amp types.
    + Internal PSU – no external power brick
    + Balanced input – you probably won’t find this on many amps this side of a grand from the big hifi manufacturers. Combined with a balanced source like a suitable DAC, noise from ground loops etc. should be a thing of the past.
    + Built in EQ, tone controls – very useful
    + Sound is excellent, controls my particular speakers with ease up to levels louder than I could listen to. I can best describe it as neutral sounding, although the EQ options allow you to change the sound somewhat to your liking
    + Soft clipping option – if you push it too hard, this should prevent any nasty effects on your speakers.
    + The display is very cool looking. It’s variable in brightness or can be switched off altogether if preferred.

    – The USB input is an unconventional type A input – a USB-A to USB-A cable is supplied rather than the more common USB-A to USB-B. DAC type is not published anywhere I’ve found.
    – The Bluetooth is adequate, but does not support the newer higher quality codecs – AptX HD, LDAC etc. Just plain old SBC.
    – Remote control is a bit finicky – needs to be pointed directly at the unit, and sometimes takes a few button presses to be registered.
    – No left/right balance controls as far as I can find.

  4. 08

    by Derek Cooper

    I ordered this on the back of a number of good reviews I’d seen and because I wanted to upgrade the SMSL AD18 amplifier I was already using assuming that spending twice as much would get me at least a noticeable improvement in sound. After setting up the AO200, which basically means plugging it in via USB to my PC, I did notice a little more detail, I think, though to my ears the sound was a little leaner, thinner, through my Warfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers at my normal fairly low volume. A little EQ adjustment and I was happier. Then things went wrong for me unfortunately because as an Adobe Lightroom user I found I couldn’t use Lightroom as it kept crashing when importing photos through a USB card reader. I blamed the card reader and bought a new one but the problem was still there. I then blamed Lightroom which I removed and reinstalled to no effect. I blamed my Windows 11 installation and reinstalled windows but as soon as I opened Lightroom to download some images, while listening to a bit of music, Lightroom crashed again. I’d run out of things to blame, so started to unplug everything attached by USB and as soon as I disconnected, not switched off, the AO200 Lightroom worked as expected. It might be a peculiarity regarding my PC or software but after reconnecting the AO200 several times it was obviously the culprit. I reinstalled the little AD18 and I’m back to where I was and unfortunately left with no option other than to return the AO200 as I listen to music a lot but also use Lightroom a lot so one has to go.

  5. 08

    by Witterings

    Really pleased with this as a desktop amplifier paired with some Wharfedale 9.1’s

  6. 08

    by mudassar

    I was looking to spend up to £1000 on an amp for my new HIFI system, I accidentally saw a review of this on YouTube and the more I researched more I became intrigued. It cost less than what I was looking for so decided to take a chance on this.

    And I’m so glad I did the sound quality is amazing, it’s powerful enough to drive my new Q Aquatic 3030i speakers and it’s LOUD. To top it off it tiny, really happy with this little box of joy!

  7. 08

    by Kindle Customer

    Does the job. Sound is good for money. Bluetooth is so so.

  8. 08

    by Amazonrevvv

    I’ve own ad18 and believe me is performing much much better

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SMSL AO200 MA12070*2 HiFi Amplifier, 150W*150W 2 Channel Power Amplifier, Bluetooth 5.0/USB/RCA/XLR to Speaker/Subwoofer Digital Audio Amplifier, Desktop Home Audio Amplifier...


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