SHARP YC-PG234AU-S 23 Litre 900W Digital Microwave with 1000W Grill, tb power levels, ECO Mode, defrost function, LED cavity light – Silver

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  • SHARP 900 watt semi digital microwave and grill cooker: The space-saving 23 L capacity and sleek black and silver design makes this the ideal compact microwave for any kitchen, with built-in eco mode
  • Easy to use jog control and digital touch display: Simple to read LED clock screen shows the time when the microwave is not in use, and features a handy kitchen timer function and child safety lock
  • Powerful cooking at home: With 12 automatic cook programmes and 10 levels of power, including hot drink reheat, meat roasting, grilling, defrost, egg cooking and more settings
  • Easy to clean counter-top microwave: The adjustable timer helps ensure your food is cooked ideally, while the flat contours are designed to be simply wiped clean. 12 month warranty included
  • Grill rack and glass turntable inside: Cooks, defrosts and re-heats food evenly and quickly. Enjoy soups, jacket potatoes, popcorn, mug cakes, grilled steaks, chicken, vegetables, rice and more
  • energy_consumption : 900.0 watts
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by M. Bullen

    Bought as a new home moving present. Very professional looking and very efficient. Easy to use and well worth the price. Recipient very happy with the product.

  2. 08

    by Harame mills

    Sorry to open this review with an insult. But seriously – I don’t know if anyone actually tested this thing before settling on the infuriating design choices. We have had our previous Sharp microwave for about 12 years and it has generally been fine – but once it failed I looked at some of the modern offerings rather than the updated version of our old model. I shouldn’t have bothered. This product is a massive FAIL. Lets begin:

    Look and feel and ergonomics – The microwave is not quite ugly – but we had a stainless steel one before and the more I saw this thing looking back at me the more I felt like it was a giant child’s toy. In fact it does feel like a children’s toy. It is chunky and plastic ‘y’ feeling and the buttons – oh lord don’t get me started on the pressure sensitive ‘pads’ which are a sorry excuse for buttons. If they actually work when you press them you have really won for the day – the only benefit of these is that they are easy to clean. You have to press ‘just right’ to get the little indented pressure pad to depress – over time I am sure these will end up with a nail mark. The door opens via a manual grove at the top and bottom and has a very cheap sounding ‘thunk’ to it. Also somewhat inexplicably the designers though that it would make sense to have the start button and stop buttons at completely different areas of the control panel and separated by an absolutely huge plastic knob.

    Sounds – Oh my word. First world problems I know but this thing likes to bleep at you LOUDLY. Every time you turn the time knob it beeps – yes every single increment beep beep BEEEP BEEP BEEP – heaven forbid you have to set ten minutes on it. Each of the touch pads also love to beep at you loudly. The designers decided to put in a feature where you can silence the buttons – brilliant idea right? Well it also silences the notification that cooking has stopped!! Oh dear…

    ‘Eco Mode’ – Well this feature is the most badly thought out thing. So the idea is you can turn the clock off to save energy which is great in principle. But it doesn’t turn off automatically you have to press and hold the stop button EVERY time you use it. It then announces the clock has turned off with a loud beep or two again (of course) and will happily prompt the clock back on every time you go to use it again. Because the touch pads are so erratic you have a lovely dance with it every time you want to turn the clock off and then want to throw it out the window. But it gets worse. Say you want to simply turn the clock off once before bed and leave it on the rest of the day (to avoid the ‘dance’ after each use). Well if you try to do that the microwave has put itself into ‘Loc’ mode if you leave it for more than about 30 seconds unused. To get out of Loc mode you need to open the door (igniting the internal microwave light) and then close it and put the clock in standby with again a loud couple of beeps. I bet that doing this uses MORE energy than if the clock was simply left on overnight. In fact I bet on it.

    Pre sets – These are frankly awful. To re-heat a cup the microwave has a preset of 1:30 mins on full power which leaves your coffee or tea like molten lava regardless of how cold it started. The minimum potato mode leaves it hard on the bottom. I didn’t bother with the others.

    Noise – Not a quiet microwave – but at the end has this weird sort of ‘whir’ coming to a halt as it ends. It sounds like it is already 10 years old.

    I could go on about this thing. I don’t hate Sharp – I used to own one for years and have replaced this with a model more similar to the stainless steel Sharp model with ‘proper’ buttons we used to have. I wanted to be clever by trying the latest whizzy looking one and got burned. I think Sharp needs to go back to basics with its original designs.

    I don’t like going off on products but this one frankly deserves it – I just couldn’t wait to get it out the kitchen and replace with a more handsome model with buttons that work and less ridiculous design ideas.

    Hope you found this useful.

  3. 08

    by Michal Sawicki

    The media could not be loaded.

     I think this microwave is really brilliant in terms of performance, always heats up food as needed. The functions of auto-defreezing also works really well. I personally don’t use other programs too often so can’t give my opinions on them.

    The only issues I’m having are regarding the ease of use. The panel under the programs is really confusing, even simple things like changing time is very counter-intuitive. Also, I dislike the fact that you can’t specify an exact power (700W, 600W, etc.) but rather you select values between 10 & 100. Sure, you can look up the corresponding values either online or in manual but who would be checking it every time you’re using a microwave.

    To sum up, it’s a good quality microwave but I only recommend it for people who are not bad with technology. My parents are struggling significantly with using this microwave while they have no issues with using their Samsung microwave at home, which is way clearer and easier.

  4. 08

    by Michal Sawicki

    It’s not as powerful as some but at 900 it’s good, would say its easy to use, great for people who just want to press one button for pizza jkt potatoes but it also has the oven to cook other things on. Looks tidy and smart ideal for my sons Xmas present. Saves on electricity but it’s 25litre size cooks a full chicken so it’s saving use on heating a big oven.

  5. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Great product

  6. 08

    by too_orangy_for_crows

    We had our last Sharp combination Microwave for over 16 years and it did everything. We have not used the supplied oven/grill in the house for a number of years. We bought this one as a direct replacement but have been very disappointed, the “Jacket Potato” function is not what it says, just Microwaves (boils) the potato in it’s skin ( a previous reviewer said it produced copious amounts of condensation and now I know why). Just buy the standard microwave if that is what you want.

  7. 08

    by Angie

    I really like it and easy to use it

  8. 08

    by Cypau

    Good value for money

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SHARP YC-PG234AU-S 23 Litre 900W Digital Microwave with 1000W Grill, tb power levels, ECO Mode, defrost function, LED cavity light - Silver

£98.80£117.30 (-16%)

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