SHARP XL-B520D (BK) Tokyo Dab+ Hi-Fi Micro System, Compact Stereo Digital Radio with CD Player, Bluetooth 5.0, RDS, USB MP3 Playback, 2-Way Speakers & Remote Control, 40W – Black

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  • Micro Hi-Fi music system with Bluetooth connectivity: Plus a built in CD player and USB MP3 playback, to play or stream all your favourite tracks, audio books and albums in any room of your home
  • Mini hifi system with CD player: Compact audio hub with stylish black finish and matching remote control. Wooden speaker case is designed to improve acoustics, for superior quality sound
  • Digital Radio with Bluetooth V5.0 on board: Wireless music streaming technology straight from your smartphone or tablet, or connect analogue stereo devices via the 3.5mm aux-in port and headphone jack
  • DAB+/DAB and FM radio with RDS: With memory for 40 stations, 9 equalizer presets with custom bass and treble adjustment. CD player compatible with CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3
  • Stereo speakers: With 2 channel stereo, your SHARP audio device creates a spatial sound experience. This allows you to hear a much richer, fuller, and more realistic sound
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20.5 x 18.5 x 12.2 cm, 1.15 Kilograms

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2 Nov. 2022



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2 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by ringo

    Great looking with great sound

  2. 02

    by K23

    For a while I’d been looking for a compact system for our kitchen that combined CD, radio, USB & Aux In with Bluetooth to replace all the separates that were cluttering the place. One thing was critical for me and that was that the USB function must recognise folders rather than just songs and the user manual online indicated that it did. I’ve known systems that just detect mp3 files but not folders and then arranges them all in alphabetical order which is hopeless when there are more than 20 but more of that later. This unit seemed to fit the bill. However, having looked at images of the lightweight, plastic speaker enclosures online, I bought the system being pretty sure that the speakers were going to be poor but also knowing I would be able to use the pair of JPW Gold Monitors that were already in the kitchen.

    So, it arrived, I unpacked it, set it up and popped a CD in. I didn’t have high hopes for the speakers but within a few seconds, I knew they were very much worse than I had anticipated and were totally incapable of handling anything above 1/2 volume. They really were quite appalling. Ten minutes later, I had the JPW speakers wired in and was listening to something that was, at worst, satisfactory. After a while I’d sorted out the EQ and with the aid of the loudness button on the remote (which is not available on the unit), had something that sounded pretty decent. Tried a couple of other CDs and was satisfied that I could live with it. I don’t listen to daytime radio but my wife does occasionally so I moved onto DAB radio, that was OK, FM was OK too. On the subject of EQ, I knew from the manual that there was a ‘My EQ’ setting but I was disappointed to find that this was only Treble & Bass settings and not the 5 or 7 band graphic EQ I was hoping for so the ‘My EQ’ setting was completely unnecessary because you can adjust the Treble & Bass using the remote and these settings remain the default until you change them. Even cheap mp3 players give you a basic graphic EQ. Of the other EQ presets, ‘Movie’ sounded OK but all the others were awful.

    Having more or less set it up with the CDs, I then stuck a 32GB USB stick in the slot on the rear which is half of the 64GB maximum recommended capacity. The display said “Reading” for a short while then came up F001 T001 which means Folder 1, Track 1 and underneath was the title of the 1st Track. Great, this is what I was hoping for as the memory stick had all the tracks organised into 22 folders and using the remote (but not the unit), I was able to step through the folders. Ideally, I would like to see the Folder name rather than just a number but not a big problem as I knew what was in each folder by the name of the 1st track which is displayed as you step through the folders as I have been using the same folders for years. Strangely though, to move from Folder 1 to Folder 2 and beyond, surely you would expect to use the ‘Up’ button on the remote but you have to use the ‘Down’ button, which to me is a bit weird but again something that’ll be easy to get used to. Using the left and right buttons on the remote, you can step through the tracks. So all was looking good. I selected Folder 010 and skipped to T004 as this was exactly where I had left off listening prior to replacing the old kit withe new. So, I listened for about half an hour and then switched it off satisfied that I had bought something that was smaller than what there before and was going to be more useful, mainly due to the Bluetooth and being able to link my phone and tablet in.

    The next morning, I went into the kitchen to prepare my breakfast and switched on the new system with the remote and pressed play. Then, to my absolute horror, I heard the intro to F001, T001, first track of folder number one, instead of the intro for where I had left off in Folder 10 the previous evening. So there was I thinking everything was fine with the USB implementation only to find that every time the unit is switched off, it resets to F001, T001 instead of resuming from where it was when it was switched off. Just what is the point of that???????? My USB stick max capacity is 32GB but the total I loaded onto it is only 16.8GB, just over half, but that 16.8GB consists of 3,751 songs so if the stick is ever full, it could potentially hold at least 6,000 songs and every time I want to use it, I now have to find the current folder then skip forward through anything up to around 200 tracks just to get back to where I left off. Wonderful. Not. I use an identical USB stick with exactly the same 3,751 tracks in exactly the same 22 folders in my car, the same on an mp3 player which I use on flights and the same on my phone and on my tablet and in all cases, they resume where they left off. I simply cannot get my head around the fact that it never occurred to the designers of this Sharp Tokyo unit that ‘resume’ might just be very handy for a USB stick with 6000 songs on it???? When you have 12,000 songs on a 64GB memory stick, who on this planet would want to start with Folder 1, Track 1, every single time you switch the unit on?????? Completely and utterly bizarre.

    So, one of my main reasons for buying this was the fact that the USB function recognised Folders and given that it could be used with a 64GB memory stick with 12,000 songs on it, it never once occurred to me that it would not have ‘resume’ as I have never previously encountered any form of music player that didn’t.

    On the plus side, if you never plan to use the USB function at all and just want to use it for CD and radio & Bluetooth, I can recommend this unit provided you have some much better speakers to use it with.

    Speakers – zero stars (probably worst I’ve ever bought and already binned)
    Unit – 3 stars (ignoring the USB implementation)
    USB – 1 star (being generous just because it recognises folders but otherwise completely unusable)

    Update: 5th December 2023. I’ve been using the system for about 2 weeks now and after about 1 week, I though I’d hit on a way to make it easier to find the renew point on the USB. You can dial a track number using the remote so if I’d scrolled to, for example, Folder number 10 and knew I was about 40 or 50 tracks in, I could press 50 on the remote and it would jump to there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. If you’re in Folder 10 and press 50, you get the track that is 50th from the very beginning in Folder 1 so you’d have to know roughly what number the track would be starting from F001 T001. In my case it was probably somewhere around 1300 but that’s just a guess but they only allow you 3 digits anyway so you can’t even enter 1300. When I found there was no ‘resume’ on the USB implementation, I thought it was just a very bad oversight by the designers, but now I’ve found that you can’t get around that by entering a track number above 999, I’m left with the feeling that this is deliberate. Making it unusable once by not including ‘resume’ may have been unintentional but absolutely brainless but to make it so the only other possible way of getting around that has actually been designed out can only be intentional.

    Regrettably, I’ve had to take a backward step and buy a new mp3 player, put all the same tracks on that and plug it into the Aux In. It works, and I can resume where I’d left off the previous day with just 2 button presses BUT, the whole point of buying a new system was so that I didn’t need a separate radio, cd player, amplifier and mp3 player. It also means that I can’t pause, play, etc using the remote so I have to walk across the kitchen to do that every time my phone rings. I’m beginning to hate this system and have changed my rating from 2 stars to 1.

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SHARP XL-B520D (BK) Tokyo Dab+ Hi-Fi Micro System, Compact Stereo Digital Radio with CD Player, Bluetooth 5.0, RDS, USB MP3 Playback, 2-Way Speakers & Remote Control, 40W – Black

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