Sennheiser HD 660S2 Wired Audiophile Stereo Headphones with Deep Sub Bass, Optimized Surround, Transducer Airflow, Vented Magnet System and Voice Coil – Black


  • Natural, relaxed, high-fidelity sound with extra sub bass: Ultra-light aluminum voice coil with 300-ohm impedance for excellent impulse response and an intimate sound with great timbre
  • Airflow-optimised 42mm high-performance transducers: Improved ventilation due to a uniquely powerful vented magnet system for minimal distortion and air displacement control through steel mesh damping
  • Double the sound pressure at the lowest octaves: You can feel the lowest note on the piano (27.5 Hz) or the kick of the bass drum (45-60 Hz) as if you were there, at the recording studio
  • Exceptional comfort and build quality: The open-back design offers exceptional breathability and the plush ear cushions deliver maximum comfort – for long listening sessions
  • Outstanding quality designed in Germany, made in Ireland: With a frequency response of 8 Hz – 41,500 Hz and detachable, long cables for comfortable desktop use
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Gary tetley

    I’m not a sound engineer, DJ, producer or massive audiophile but I wanted to see how good the “best consumer grade audio” would really be. In summary they are pretty impressive overall and after a month or so of using them daily I would say they’re worth it if you don’t mind the high price tag.

    I’ve used some variation of Sennheiser gaming headsets for 10+ years, from the HD560, HD595, PC350, Game Zero, recently the PC350 SE. They all last me a few years each and have been decent sound quality, especially the open back versions.

    The sound is definitely a cut above all of those headsets. When a video, movie or game used 3d audio, the “sound staging” or however you describe this is in a different class. For example live music is as immersive as I imagine it can be. Instruments seem to stand more on their own, you can pick out layers of the track easier. Due to this and the wider frequency coverage, you even hear some notes, sub bass or parts of songs that you couldn’t hear before. For audio I can’t deny they are fantastic and they have made me a bit of a sound snob because all my other headphones/earphones/airpods sound even more crap in comparison!

    I think the price is just a bit too steep for what they are and should at least include a built in mic for self monitoring. They are a more robust metal headband design than the lower models but that’s about it, the build quality is better but they are no more comfortable, uses the same ear pad cups and design etc. Lastly the cable is pretty crap, and is one of the first things I upgraded. It comes with a heavy, chunky 1.5m cable that goes into a 6.5mm jack. You can get much better third party ones for around £15 up to 3 meters but you really shouldn’t have to…

    I think around the 400 mark would be more fair for these. If you are already using something high end I doubt it’s worth upgrading to these, but going from low to mid range they will still blow your ears away still after a month, so it’s not just novelty or placebo.

  2. 03

    by Lee


    Don’t judge them on first listen

    Run them in for a good 10-20 before Bucks Fizz Eurovision Winner

    Oooops, silly me, I mean, before making your mind up

    Initially they sound nice, but not 500 pound nice depending on what you pay for them

    Do not pay more than £500 though as with Amazon the price varies

    I got them for 464 but then the price dropped to 419…. I asked Amazon to refund the difference

    They wouldn’t, but I could return them and reorder for the price

    I went to re order and suddenly the price was £500

    Such shady dealings with Amazon, really shady

    Anyway….to the headphones

    After running in, they really are lovely sounding\

    Not overloaded with Bass like a lot of these Beats headphones, which are completely overpriced because of the name

    The Bass is true, as in you actually hear the texture of a bass line rather than just some bass “noise”

    Instrument separation is very, very good

    The top end is what I would describe as smooth rather than overly detailed

    I mean, I getting on a bit, despite being 8-12 years old in the mind I’m actually middle aged….. what’s middle aged you say? I dunno these daze I’d say 39-55 So as of the time of writing I’m somewhere in between that

    My hearing.. I can barely hear a 14khz tone now, so bear bare (how do you spell that?) in mind

    But it’s probably better than most chaps my age, because once you past 30, the fact is you really do start to lose the top end of your hearing whether you like it or not

    Right, to the top end

    They tail off quicker than my Monito Audio Gold speakers

    But sound a tad smoother

    So ultimate detail might not be there if your ears need a bit of extra treble

    But they fit nice and are very comfy for long sessions, of listening that is 😊

    You really have to wear them in a reasonably silent room though, as being open backed you will hear outside noises

    So if you’re thinking of having these on whilst sitting next to the wife/husband/man friend/girlfriend/thing friend/in between friend I’d advise against getting them as they really do leak sound rather loudly

    I’ve had them a few months now, so I velvet, oops, I mean felt I could write a reasonable review

    Although reasonable I’m usually not

    Goodbye for now


    Also it asked me to give a star rating on “Sheerness” Seriously WTF is that all about

    I mean, is that a joke or you really want me to judge a headphone in relation to a place in Kent? Just nonsense, and I know nonsense when I see it

  3. 03

    by Gary tetley

    Just amazing, blown away is not over the top, this kind of sound quality I’ve never heard before it’s quite incredible. And that’s any genre of music, from drum n bass, Paul Weller, dire straits, Foo fighters, this list goes on but everything sounds amazing. You will need an amp tho, I’m using fiioE10K amp, Sony walkman A306

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Sennheiser HD 660S2 Wired Audiophile Stereo Headphones with Deep Sub Bass, Optimized Surround, Transducer Airflow, Vented Magnet System and Voice Coil – Black


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