Sat Nav, Aonerex 9 Inch GPS Navigation System Pre-Installed Latest UK Europe Maps with Lifetime Free Map Updates for Car Truck Lorry Motorhome POI Search, Speed Camera Alerts…

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  • ✅【9 inch Sat Nav with Sunshade】The 9 inch screen with sunshade avoid the reflection from the sun, so the navigation is free from glare when in use. It is easy to glance at, operate and understand. You can see everything very well even with just a glance at the navigation system
  • ✅【Lifetime Map Update for Free】Preinstalled maps of 52 european countries, if you want to install maps from other countries (such as the US, Canada, Mexico, etc.) or update existing maps, all of these services are free for lifetime
  • ✅【Smart Navigation】Whereby the speed and traffic light warnings keep you safe from unwanted fines and points. The calculation of the routes is fast and the presentation of the route is very clear. The up-coming junctions are well displayed before you need to make a turn
  • ✅【GPS Navigation】No need to connect to the network, as long as you can search for GPS signals, the navigation can be used normally. No matter where you go, as long as you bring it, you are not afraid to get lost
  • ✅【Turn ON/OFF Automatically】The device has the function of automatic switch on and off. When we charge it the display stays on. But when we take the charger out it shuts down (it gives the options: Standby/Power Off/Cancel)
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Carl S Port

    Big screen so easy to see, easy to use as same programming as most of the other sat navs. As a HGV driver I need to know about low bridges and weight limits etc and this seems to cope pretty well, only first day using it tho so hopefully it will see me right 🤞 The only real problem was where to mount it as it is the 9″ version and is pretty big other than that it’s worth the money

  2. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    So it saddens me to write this review but i suggest you pay attention if you live in the UK!
    There is only one feature that lets this sat nav down, unfortunately it’s such a big problem that it makes it nearly unusable.
    There is no option to search by postcode! If you live in the UK this is a giant problem!
    But you can search by address. Unfortunately the search function is terrible, If you start to write out the street name it will find several matches and a lot of the time the street name i was looking for wasn’t listed.
    For example I was in London looking for Fairfield Road. There are quite a few Fairfield roads in London but the one I wanted it couldn’t find. If it’s a major road like Kennington Park Road for example, it can do that but anything that isn’t a major huge old road and the search function just can’t cope.
    You know what would fix it? entering a dam postcode!
    Now the 2 days i tried to use it over both were in London so if it’s struggling in London how will it cope when i’m visiting deliveries out in the middle of nowhere?
    I don’t always get a street name on my delivery notes without that you wont find anything with this sat nav.
    The only way I could get this thing to work would be to use another sat nav (usually Google maps) and when i reached my destination instruct the sat nav to favorite my location and enter the postcode as the name of the save. over about 6 months I could build up a list of locations that would cover 90% of the places i visit but what good is a sat nav that you have to train with another sat nav?

    Now once you actually do manage to get a destination the actual performance of the sat nav is good, it’s clear and easy to read.
    The lack of ability to easily find locations is it’s only let down but unfortunately it’s such a integral part of what a sat nav is for, it’s unfit for purpose.

    I did Email the manufacturer directly about this issue, maybe I was being blind and missed something .
    No response and to be honest I’m very tech savvy as they say so I doubt I’m missing something.

    If the search function worked and you could search by postcode i wouldn’t hesitate to give this sat nav a high score. Such a shame. I returned it to Amazon.

  3. 08

    by Alistair I. Park

    I use thus daily in my job as a HGV delivery driver.
    One review said that you cannot put in postcodes, YOU CAN, where it says “Town” you simple touch the screen and enter the postcode. Postcode will get you to tge area. If you want to find the location by house number, you have to input the town, street then number.
    HGV use, you can input vehicle size and weight and you will get routes created applicable to the vehicle. If you turn off the route, you will get warnings if there is a limitation because of the limits.
    I’m trying to find out if an external GPS aerial can be connected as in built up areas, it can sometimes lose position if the sat nav is mounted on the dash and not in the windscreen

  4. 08

    by ian wildman

    Easy to use after getting used to it, nice and clear picture of where you are going

  5. 08

    by Pablo

    The product itself is very nice…
    Great graphics..unfortnately it won’t remain in a fixed position as a car is bumpy and the fixings loosen easily

  6. 08

    by Mark H.

    It’s very easy to use & set up , it lags a bit on roundabouts and takes about 30 seconds to catch up with its self apart from that it’s perfect , I am a hgv driver , I have had a garmin 770 which was pricey and the Tom Tom pro 620 they are not a patch on this , and cost a lot more for a lot less ,the navigation is clear , precise and detailed , I showed it a fellow hgv driver and he’s going to buy one . The screen is ideal , it’s also touch screen , there’s no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi but it hasn’t failed me yet & for the price, your getting a really good sat nav it even came with a carrying pouch so as not to scratch the screen . Very impressed. UK based.

  7. 08

    by kwakman

    Out of the box , had it up and running in about 10 minutes.. was fully charged .Had trouble at first finding satellites.. took out side in garden found satellites within about 2 minutes. had a play with the various items in menu , found every thing quite easy to understand. Being a HGV driver these settings were my main concern after reading bad reviews on similar products. After selecting HGV profile it is very easy to understand how to enter length, width, height, weight, max speed and also an option for types of freight being carried and number of axles. From where I live to where I work ,there are 4 possible routes ,2 with 14.9ft bridges..approx 2 miles, 1 with 15.6ft bridge.. approx 3 miles. Other route long way round.. about 5 miles no bridges but a few short cuts through 7.5t weight limits. Set sat nav to 44t with height of 16.3ft . inputted post code for work from my house and checked route. Yes it had actually given the longest route avoiding the 3 bridges and weight limits. Thought id test it out!
    In my car and drove the shortest route.. yes it flags up low bridge warning about 800yards before the bridge. Driving the long way it also flags up no left turns through the weight limits. When not in navigation mode it still warns you about low bridges /weight limit. IN MY OPINION THIS IS A GOOD CHOICE OF SAT NAV FOR HGV. Update 6/1/21..Had in truck now for 2 days alongside tom tom go ,using the hgv profile this sat nav is far better than the tom tom as far as routing goes ,it will avoid various types of roads which tom tom will try to send you through, had no problems at all. Graphics are good too ,Im impressed it actually shows snow on top of the hills!! I must say it is well worth the money…..Update 2..16/1/21. Been using for two weeks now, this unit is a god send, not had any problems at all. Any questions ,feel free to ask…25/2/2023.Update 14 months later..still going strong never been sent the wrong way ,never had any problems with unit itself..can strongly recommend

  8. 08

    by 👍

    Works well but takes a while to set up your destination

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Sat Nav, Aonerex 9 Inch GPS Navigation System Pre-Installed Latest UK Europe Maps with Lifetime Free Map Updates for Car Truck Lorry Motorhome POI Search, Speed Camera Alerts...

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