Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor, 49 Inch, 240hz, 1000R, 1ms, 1440p, Black White


  • Industry-leading 1000R 49 inch ultrawide curved monitor for maximum immersion and eye comfort. 2020 CES innovation award winner
  • Blazing fast 1ms (GTG) response time and 240Hz refresh rate for smooth gameplay
  • Astonishing picture quality with dual WQHD resolution (5120*1440p) and true-to-life 10 bit colors along with Samsung’ s QLED technology
  • No image tearing or stuttering thanks to Freesync Premium Pro and Gsync compatible technology
  • Highest HDR 1000 standard supporting high luminance 1000 nit shows small hidden details in the lightest and darkest scenes
  • Enhanced ergonomics with swivel, tilt and height adjustable stand and VESA compliant
  • The ultimate gaming monitor
  • Brightness (Typical):420
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Product Dimensions

‎21.14 x 45.16 x 16.38 cm, 16.7 Kilograms

Item model number







‎Black White

Standing screen display size

‎49 Inches

Screen Resolution



‎5120 x 1440 Pixels

Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Number of HDMI Ports



‎240 Volts

Item Weight

‎16.7 kg

Guaranteed software updates until


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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by slicktester

    This is one beast of a monitor (just over 16Kg, it literally is a beast). The the box arrived it already gave an impression of what to expect. Just one thing to note, when unboxing, take all the bits out and then remove the top polystyrene, that’s where I found the actual build instructions, this wasn’t in the main manual pack on the top polystyrene cover.
    The instructions are clear enough to attach the leg to the stand and then the stand to the monitor still in the box. It does recommend attaching the wires first too and route it into the stand. Finally add the two decretive plastic pieces for the wire cover and rear ring.

    Once flipped onto the legs, then remove the box forward. I guess this method avoids putting pressure on the monitor as the bezel is small and very easy to damage the screen. The instructions then explain where to hold the monitor to avoid damage. (I am wondering if this is how some people are experiencing light leaks in the bezel)

    I used a USB-C to Displayport 1.4 (
    cable to attach this to my Mac Mini M1, and after quite a delay during boot, it finally presented a glorious display. Resolution wise, its running full native without any changes and a quick adjustment gave 120Hz. Not got 240Hz to work yet.

    Would I recommend this monitor, absolutely. It expensive, but it is an absolute joy to use and the aggressive curve works really well.

  2. 04

    by Testing 1,2,3

    Great Picture quality.

  3. 04

    by Testing 1,2,3

    Read plenty of reviews and risked it. Got jackpot.

    Problems people encounter:
    Weird smell – Not in my case
    Flickering – Just in some cases only if I use Adaptive sync. Not really in game or so, but sometimes if I just scroll there is slight flicker depending on where as websites are OK but some software will slightly flicker, noticeable only if the app uses darker colours.
    Light bleeding – Nope
    Problems with colours – Nope
    Monitor menu not responding – Nope
    Cracking/clicking sounds – Nope

    Actual “problems”:
    It is quiet heavy as I was mounting it alone, it had to be done while still in box.
    That stand is quiet wide so it will cover quiet a lot of the table (might get in you way where you would use your mouse)
    For the screen being 2×27″ it eats 5-times as much as my old 27″ monitor.
    The price I guess…
    The “Infinity Core Lightning” is IMHO absolutely useless. Especially in my case when the back of the monitor is facing the room (I am in the corner, my back facing the wall behind me.)

    What I like about it:
    The colours
    The black
    The size
    The Hz
    The curvature
    The menu
    The brightness (Is crazy like… Had to put it on lowest settings as I use it in darker room. Tried to see if direct sunlight would affect it somehow. I could see crystal clear with max brightness in direct sunlight hitting the monitor from over my shoulder… That is just crazy.)

    I got used to it quiet quickly. My neck, eyes, head etc. doesn’t hurt at all.
    It offers advantage when you are using it either on casual web browsing, work or gaming.
    Web browsing, work – multiple windows right next to each other such as web browser, notes, your work I usually fit 4 next to each other, 3 if I want them bigger.
    Gaming – Wider field of view, depending on game bigger selection on menu (building games) or easier inventory management.

    5/5 Would recommend but it seems you need to be lucky and get the good ones.

  4. 04

    by Filip

    The resolution, refresh rate, and curve are second to none. They all come together to make this totally worth the money. I haven’t experienced any flickering issues as I immediately updated to the 1008 firmware & my nvidia drivers. Nor have I experienced the ‘popping’, excessive heat, or light leakage issues.

    My main gripe with this monitor, is that despite using a DSC DP 1.4 8K rated cable, I am yet to be able to use the combination of Adaptive sync, 240hz & HDR at the same time. I don’t know what the issue is caused by but if I try running a game (e.g forza horizon 4) with adaptive sync enabled (g-sync), 240hz mode, and HDR enabled, the game crashes, the display turns black, my other display turns black, and nothing short of restarting my PC will let me back in.

    For perspective I have a Ryzen 9 3900X, 64GB 3600Mhz RAM and a 2080Ti, so It’s not that my hardware isn’t powerful enough. Disabling the adaptive sync and often HDR is the only workaround I have found. If anyone has a solution for this please do comment and let me know, as I am yet to find a solution on google, short of rolling back my nvidia drivers, which isn’t going to happen as I plan to play Cyberpunk on release.

    Not every game is perfect with it, it feels perfect for driving games, like 75% of the way towards being a sim setup; all you need is a wheel/pedals and you have a budget racing sim. It’s also amazing for 3rd person games i.e red dead, assassin’s creed etc. Certain FPS games that support the higher res are fantastic, Battlefield, CSGO to name a couple – others not so much as they either don’t allow the higher res and cap out at a lower width or simply stretch the edges of the screen instead of rendering more.

    How i’d rate this monitor out of 10:

    Overall: 9/10

    Display Quality: 8/10 (Being VA and switching from a ROG Strix IPS it’s a slight downgrade in colours/quality, but 240hz and the resolution offset that factor)

    Features: 10/10: Has everything you want in a premium gaming display (high res, high hz, adaptive sync, HDR1000) and even more features.

    Usability: 8/10: The OSD is great, don’t know why so many people complain about the control button, it’s very simple but effective. Only reason this isn’t 10/10 is for what I mentioned above, not all of the features work in tandem reliably. If I was able to use 240hz G-Sync with HDR it would easily be 10/10.

    Overall worth the money, but I wish for the life of me I could work out why I can’t get the 240hz GSync HDR working. Another thing to note is I picked this up on black friday for £1050, if paying full price i.e closer to £1500 I would heavily consider the LG ultragear ultrawide instead, you can’t beat a good IPS imo.

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Samsung Odyssey G9 Curved Gaming Monitor, 49 Inch, 240hz, 1000R, 1ms, 1440p, Black White


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