Samsung Odyssey G5 LC34G55TWWRXXU 34″ 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor – 165Hz, 1ms, 1440p WQHD, Freesync Premium, HDR10, HDMI, Displayport


  • UHD resolution – Explore and immerse yourself in every detail. With 4x the pixels of Full HD, every detail is viewed in enhanced depth, while more screen real estate provides space to view multiple tools, applications and programs during the day – creating a 4K cinematic content viewing experience night and day.
  • 1 billion colors with HDR 10 – Enjoy any content in stunning color accuracy and detail. With a wide range of colors, near limitless hues and HDR10, which makes dark colors darker and the brightest colors even brighter, every piece of content becomes a joy to look at and can be experienced exactly as the creator intended.
  • Every user can expect a great viewing experience from any angle, in vivid and vibrant color without washing or fade.
  • Model no. LS27A800UJUXXU
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Mark

    I use this screen for gaming with the PS5. The picture quality is good, but this screen only comes alive with all functions, if your using a pc with a decent graphic’s card. Freesync only works with a pc, you cam only use HDMI with the PS5, so you end up playing at 60hz, which is a lot of money for a screen running at this. I think it would be amazing for a pc user. It’s a good screen, don’t get me wrong, it’s just not designed with the PS5 in mind. I do enjoy using it and your field of view is brilliant, take a little bit of time to get used to as well.
    Not the best screen for the PS5, but ideal for PC users.

    I also bought a VESA mount, as all the bad reviews about this monitor, were around the stand, just get a VESA mount movable arm right away, then there isn’t a problem.

  2. 05

    by MR P M

    I kept my eye on this monitor for ages and as soon as the price dropped by a fair chunk, took the plunge. I was excited to receive the first OLED screen I’d ever owned. The monitor arrived and was sparsely packaged in a single shelled box for such an expensive product.

    After setting the monitor up, which was relatively simple, I plugged it all in, rebooted my machine and eventually got a picture after a lot of initial setup.

    Instantly I was bombarded with a horrendous hissing / whining noise from the monitor that cut straight through my head. The pitch and volume seemed to depend on the colour and intensity of what was in the middle of the screen. I searched the net and found “coil whine” was a big issue for some people who immediately RMA’d the monitor as it was clearly faulty.

    It’s a little hard to believe that for a product that originally retailed for £1300, Samsung would let a monitor with such a horrific flaw go to market. 3 minutes of sitting in front of this thing with altering pitches of whine slicing through my head was more than enough to hit the refund button, package it back up and send it back.

    Really disappointing as the panel itself looked incredible in the small amount of time I used it.

  3. 05

    by Mendo Shutaro

    Having come from a high end 1000nit LCD I didn’t know how much of an improvement this would be, afterall this too is a 1000nit display. But I know from my experience with OLED TVs that those deep blacks can make a big difference. (note: it defaults to 400 nits, you need to set “peak brightness” to HIGH to enable 1000nit mode)

    First impressions are strong. This is super slim as you would expect from OLED and the stand has a small footprint and is subtle. No riduclous “I’M A GAMER” over the top nonsense here. The stand is easily built too, you just need a screwdriver.

    Then I turned it on, and surprisingly this thing has Samsung’s regular Tizen TV OS in it, with apps and a TV guide and all in 16:9 with borders. Bizarre stuff. Why is all of this stuff in a PC monitor? And it’s not something you can ignore either, it wants wi-fi and a Samsung log-in, and you’ll need to go deep into its poorly labelled options to set your inputs up. Even then you’re not done as changing inputs requires multiple buttons presses on the remote (yes, there’s a remote control too) to pick your way through the painfully slow and poorly designed OS.

    I just mentioned a remote, another weird addition to a PC display. It looks like an Apple TV remote from its design and size, but rather than being built like a tank out of metal as Apple do, this is incredibly flimsy plastic. As it’s the only way to navigate the monitor’s OS you best take good care of it, as one false move and this little piece of plastic junk will break. And it has no input selector button (!!), but it does have buttons for Disney+ and Netflix. Samsung, you need help.

    Other things of note, the monitor has speakers built in which sound like you would expect them too (terrible). It can output sound over bluetooth though through any of its inputs, even Display Port. When it comes to inputs you get three, Display Port, HDMI, and Thunderbolt. In another head scatchingly weird move Samsung have opted to go with a micro HDMI. a mini Display port, and a reglular Thunderbolt (which looks like USB-C, but isn’t, so be careful which cable you buy). Why the tiny connections on a gigantic monitor? Who knows.

    Now onto the good stuff. Well the picture is phenomenal. Just phenomenal. Perfect blacks, high peak brightness (on a small area of the screen, the auto brightness limiter prevents it from displaying high brightness on the whole screen), and so much colour volume. I had to turn the saturation down as out of the box it looked really overcooked, but even then it shames my LG C2 TV with its WOLED panel. Quantum Dot OLED is impressive tech. For gaming it’s fantastic of course, 175hz and it works fine with GSync, even though it isn’t a GSync certified display with one big caveat. If you’re on a 40 series NVidia GPU and you’re using DLSS 3 frame generation there will be extensive tearing in game. This can be alieviated by forcing VSync on in the NVidia control panel, but this will unfortunately add some lag. It’s too bad this isn’t a real GSync Ultimate display, as it was originally going to be.

    And finally I had heard this suffered from fringing on text due to the triangular structure of the RGB sub pixels on QD-OLED screens. Well in all honesty unless I sit weirdly close to the screen I can barely see it at all. It’s so suble I have to look for it, but 99% of the time I don’t see it at all.

    Overall then an amazing display in a nice looking package which for reasons I doubt even Samsung know was burdened with an unecessary and painfully slow OS from a TV. And weirdly tiny input connectors. And a remote which feels like it cost about 20p. If you can live with those inconveniences then the display itself is outstanding.

  4. 05

    by Aidan D.

    This monitor is truly at the top of the chain when it comes to monitors. It is perfect in every aspect.
    Brightness might be an issue for those hard of sight or prefer really bright display as this can’t get as bright as my older monitor but this monitors max brightness is my max too. I’ve never experienced blacks as black as this and colours a vibrant.
    Only thing limiting me are my dirty glasses xD

  5. 05

    by David McCreath

    Purchased during a prime discount for £1,199 and I’m 12 hours in using the monitor. I use my monitors primarily for productivity, not gaming, but do occasionally dip into a bit of Tomb Raider. My old system was a GTX 1050 Ti twin 24 inch 1080 set up. Upgraded the GPU to a new RTX 4060 Ti (16Gb) and then added this new monitor, a game changer! Set up was a breeze on Windows 11, only had to change HDR to ‘on’ and voila, everything was perfect. Unpacking and assembling the monitor was also easy, took about 5 minutes with no assistance (the box is massive!). I had some worries with previous reports about text readability, no issues from me at all, perfect, in fact text in both MS Word and Excel appear to be clearer. All I can say is that this new monitor has exceeded my expectations, and to some degree. Instead of being able to view two windows, one on each screen, I can now easily view three good sized windows alongside each other. The only issue I had was registering the new monitor with Samsung, I eventually had to call them them to do so, fairly easy to do so, but frustrating that I could not do so through my Samsung account. No pixel issues at all and all I can say is, this screen is huge, for me it’s perfect, and I could not wish for anything better. As I’ve already said, it’s a game changer; if you’re teetering about purchasing, go for it, you wont be disappointed.

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Samsung Odyssey G5 LC34G55TWWRXXU 34" 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor - 165Hz, 1ms, 1440p WQHD, Freesync Premium, HDR10, HDMI, Displayport


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