Samsung LS32CM500EUXXU 32″ Full HD Smart Monitor with speakers – 1920×1080, USB, HDMI, Remote, Samsung Smart Hub for TV streaming and catch up apps


  • Smart TV Apps – Native streaming apps make it easy to catch up on your favorite shows without a PC and switch between your favorite apps
  • Samsung Gaming Hub is the ultimate home for gaming. Instantly play the biggest games from top streaming partners, with no PC or console needed.
  • With AirPlay integration, you can wirelessly connect Apple devices to the Smart Monitor and view on a bigger screen.
  • Connect completely to the Smart Monitor and gain full control by using all your peripherals at once – wireless mouse and keyboard, headphones, additional screens and more. 2 USB-A and 2 HDMI ports let you make the most of your setup, without hassle.
  • Workspace with embedded productivity apps. The Smart Monitor lets you access and control your PC remotely, and multiscreen in a major way with wireless PC mirroring. Or go PC-free with direct access to Microsoft 365 and the Internet.
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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Jordan

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     First off the packaging is very well put together and unboxing was a treat. The monitor itself is absolutely essential if you’re wanting a minimalist setup without sacrificing on features. Speaking of features calling this product a monitor doesn’t at all do it justice since it’s all a full blown TV experience too. The monitor itself runs on Samsungs own Tizen OS which not only looks sleek but also ties in the whole experience perfectly.


    Starting with the positives.
    1. From testing this monitor actually reaches OVER a the quoted 400 nit brightness while also managing to retain extremely solid black levels. The viewing angles are also insanely good for a TN panel.

    2. The response time of this monitor is LESS than my Huawei Mateview 165hz Ultrawide which is literally aimed at gaming. Couple this with the inbuilt xbox game streaming app you get the console-tv gaming experience without a console or a TV provided you have a good internet connection.

    3. The design aesthetic of this monitor has to be my favourite part of the whole package. I love a simplistic and minimalist setup and this monitor is absolutely ESSENTIAL for this. The only other monitors I could find that rival the design of this monitor are significantly more expensive in most cases double the cost!

    4. Just incase this package already wasn’t good enough value for money this monitor also comes with a full on magnetic webcam that actually outperforms the webcam on my M1 Max MacBook. This is definitely a solid enough webcam to actually stream on if you’re on a budget!

    5. Samsung’s Tizen OS + Smart Remote combination basically makes this a multitasking machine. Also being an open university student I greatly appreciate the ability to watch netflix and work on my assignments at the same time without having to actually have any sort of computer or laptop plugged in.

    6. For those of you reading this review for notes on colour accuracy although the monitor quotes 98% SRGB coverage and 97% Display P3 after testing I can confirm it does in-fact have 100% coverage of BOTH and with the 400+ nit peak brightness you can do light professional colour work and definitely edit video on this monitor. Display is comparable to my MacBook screen minus the higher refresh rate and 100% viewing angles of course.

    Okay time for the negatives of which there are few.

    1. The physical build quality is not bad by any stretch but if this was an all aluminium design it would be absolutely perfect.

    2. My only main big complaint is that the services of not up to par for the price in the slightest. For the price of the monitor I’d expect much better let’s see what the next generation brings.

    3. The 60hz refresh rate on this monitor is good however for £500+ Id expect 75hz minimum considering it’s marketed as a computer monitor. This product would be unstoppable if it came with even a 90hz panel.

    4. The final gripe I have with this monitor is the lack of ports (there are only two usb c ports and one mini hdmi) a full size display/hdmi port or optical/3.5mm jack wouldn’t go a miss especially for those that have sound systems they would like to connect.

    All in all for the price it is a good purchase however if I could value this monitor myself I’d put it at £390-400 due to the speakers and 60hz refresh rate.

    I hope in future they make an even more premium version of this display with a QLED panel and proper professional colour accuracy with full HDR capabilities and better speakers because I’d be happy to pay the price!

  2. 03

    by C Aider

    There’s a couple of minus points. The screen resolution isn’t the most advanced – the speakers aren’t anything amazing and the remote is a little fiddly, but this is a great monitor. I bought the Pebble V3 USB-C speakers which completed the setup – and its a great (not crazilly expenmsive) monitor that works well in my home office room as a monitor solution / spare bedroom as a TV/xbox games console. Very happy with the purchase.

  3. 03

    by Jordan

    The Samsung LS32BM700UPXXU 32″ 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Smart Monitor with Speakers has exceeded my expectations in every way. I’ve been using it primarily as a smart TV with a strong internet connection, and it has truly transformed my entertainment experience.

    Picture Quality: The 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR support deliver breathtaking picture quality. Colors are vibrant, and details are sharp, making it a joy to watch movies, shows, and even play video games.

    Size: The 32-inch screen size strikes a perfect balance. It’s large enough to create an immersive viewing experience, yet not overwhelmingly huge for smaller spaces.

    Smart Features: The built-in smart features are impressive. With a robust internet connection, streaming content from various platforms is seamless. The intuitive interface and quick app access enhance the overall convenience.

    Sound: The integrated speakers are surprisingly good. While not a replacement for a dedicated sound system, they offer clear and reasonably loud audio for everyday viewing.

    Design: The monitor itself is sleek and stylish. It adds a touch of modernity to any room, and the slim bezels contribute to an edge-to-edge viewing experience.

    Connectivity: The monitor has a range of connectivity options, from HDMI and USB ports to Wi-Fi, ensuring compatibility with various devices.

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Samsung LS32CM500EUXXU 32" Full HD Smart Monitor with speakers - 1920x1080, USB, HDMI, Remote, Samsung Smart Hub for TV streaming and catch up apps


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