Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) black 16GB 4G, SM-A310FZDADBT


  • 4.7-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels at a PPI of 312 pixels per inch
  • Quad Core 1.5 GHz Cortex A53
  • 13-megapixel primary camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel front camera
  • 16GB of internal storage can be expanded (MicroSD)
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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by SPA

    Very nice product, solid construction. slight too large for easy use with a single hand. Wiating for a case which will help.

  2. 05

    by Samsara

    I like this phone a lot – it’s attractive, has a wonderful screen, the camera is good, and has enough features for my needs. Importantly, it’s SIM free also! In case you’re not familiar with what that actually means, ‘SIM free’ refers to a phone that has not been locked to a particular network, and that leaves you free to buy your airtime from whoever you like. I always buy my phone this way, purchasing my own SIM free handset the shopping for the cheapest airtime. It’s far cheaper than getting a combined contract, which in reality is just purchasing a new phone on credit.

    I bought this phone to replace my older Samsung Core Prime, which was running out of memory. 8Gb was never enough to begin with, and the 16Gb of this A3 is more than adequate, especially if you add a micro SD card to the second slot and set the phone up to store your data and images on that, not the internal memory.

    Reception and network pickup is very good I find, with clear audio. The speaker is surprisingly good too, and I find myself listening to the radio on it quite often. As I said above, the front facing camera is excellent, and captures surprisingly good images with great saturation and clarity. You get built in filters and a panorama feature which is fun. I’m impressed by how close the camera can take you, especially using the Magnify app. Macro shots become a doddle!

    My favourite bit of the A3 is the screen. AMOLED is always superb, and this one is excellent, with deep blacks and punchy, vibrant colours. It’s a joy to look at and it really brings my photos and videos alive. It works well in bright sunlight too, if you turn the brightness up.

    Altogether an excellent phone, and one that I recommend. My only disappointment is that the battery is sealed inside instead of being user changeable, but hey, you can’t have everything I suppose.

  3. 05

    by Mr. Keith Whittle

    Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) SM-A310F 16GB 4G Black – smartphones (Android, Single SIM, NanoSIM, GSM, HSPA, LTE)

    I spent weeks looking at phone reviews before I bought the galaxy A3 2016 phone. Its quite a bit better than the A3 from the specs, noticeably the screen is bigger at 4.7 inches compared to 4.3 inches and the camera is 13MP instead of 8MP and the lens is bigger at f1.9 instead of the smaller f2.2. The phone it replaced was a Nokia 720 windows phone.
    I’m quite pleased with the phone so here is my review in return for all those I’ve read over the last few weeks.
    The phone is the SM-A310F, that is the EU version, it is unlocked meaning that it is not locked to a network and you can use a sim from any network. The sim is a nano sim, they are smaller than the micro sim, tiny. I have a pay monthly contract using a micro sim which would not fit my new phone. Vodafone sent me a new nano sim and I switched the phone number over to the smaller sim online and that was very easy.
    In The Box,
    USB cable
    USB charger quick start guide.
    The USB charger is the 2 pin type so you need a 2 pin to 13 amp adapter if you intend using it. I used a USB charger I had from my old phone and don’t consider this a problem, USB chargers are very cheap and nothing to worry about.
    The ear phones have volume control and on/off although I have not tried them yet.
    The Phone.
    Its screen is 4.7 inches, That is a diagonal measure, corner to corner, an ideal size for me. It can be used one handed, slips neatly into a belt clip and I carry it everywhere on my belt. Although it has a bigger screen than the older A3 it has a slightly narrower body ie less black edges and a greater screen to body ratio.
    At 7.3mm thick I thought it would feel too thin but it has a glass back and feels nicely heavy and chunky for a smallish phone.
    The display was initially disappointing as the keyboard was actually smaller than the keyboard on my 4.3 inch Nokia, irritating but I just downloaded the Google keyboard app and that works nice, brilliant predictive text. There is the option for a simple screen layout and note that if you choose this you also get a simple camera. I kept the standard layout and have 20 apps per page with about 3 pages (so far!) and it looks good and is easy to manage.
    Moving contacts over from the Windows phone I did by using Hotmail and Gmail merge from my PC and then synced the Gmail contacts on my new phone, loads of duplicates but there is function to tidy that up.
    Emails sync easily and all the usual stuff works a treat as does the Microsoft office functions like Word and Excel. Evernote works brilliantly.I don’t do games so no idea about them.
    The Camera
    The main reason I have struggled to change my phone was because my old Nokia had a great camera for a smart phone with a Carl Zeiss lens. It took great photos often good enough for me to send off to the local TV station to have them shown on the telly! Its early days but I think that the A3 (6) has a better camera. The lens is one of the biggest at f1.9, the smaller the number the bigger the lens. The larger lens means that more light reaches the sensor and so you can take better pictures in low light with no flash AND in good light you get sparling results with a faster shutter. You can program the phone to start from locked with a double tap on the Home Button and take photos with the zoom keys. The only down side to not having a dedicated shutter button is that the zoom key locks the exposure and focus as you press down on the key and the photo is taken as you lift your finger. This jerks a little and is the only reason I did not give this phone a 5 star rating. Camera on phones are so important and should have a camera button so you can gently lock thee focus and move the camera and then gently squeeze the shot. Note that megapixels are not the measure of a good camera, beyond about 5Mpixels you will not see any pixels on a computer screen or on a 10” by 8” print, big mega pixels is a gimmick to make phones with small lenses, small sensors and poor cameras sound good.
    That’s it, after 2 weeks, I’m happy I made the right choice, I’ll update in a while after I see how it goes

  4. 05

    by Bookman

    Bought this for my wife to replace Motorola which only lasted just under 2 years and now will not charge. She is very happy with this phone which makes my life easier and so far no cry for help from her as something isn’t working. My better half is pleased with the battery life and ease of operation. Personally i prefer a larger screen but the phone feels good to hold. Good to have the ability to increase storage capacity.

  5. 05

    by Chetna Hughes

    It’s a love affair! My trusty Galaxy Ace having given up on Internet, I searched for a suitable replacement. My due diligence paid off, & this is it. Beautifully designed & responsive, the A3 (2016) is all I could wish. There aren’t many pre-installed apps, & of the ones I don’t use, many can be deleted. The camera is excellent, & there’s a front-facing option, & there’s space, lots of space, so no longer have to download photos a.s.a.p. to free it up. Now I’ve the apps I want, photos, music fits easily, it’s a dream come true. To me things must look beautiful as well as being functional, & the A3 does. Having small hands was a bit concerned about how much bigger it is than the Ace, needlessly as it turns out. The thing is sleek, light, & easy to hold. A very happy punter.

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Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) black 16GB 4G, SM-A310FZDADBT


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