Samsung Galaxy A14 4GB_128GB black

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  • HP03246
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by EOC

    This is my 1st Samsung phone as have always previously had iPhones. Great phone, great features, fantastic amount of storage (128gb), plus can boost this further with inclusion of SD card. Really impressed with this phone – good size screen, bright, great camera, good sound quality. Brilliant value for money. There is no charging cable as such as both ends are the same and no charging plug, but I knew this before purchase. My wife had a spare Samsung charger, so it wasn’t an issue for me. Highly recommend this product. Plus, seller always promptly responded to my questions and queries – great service!

  2. 08

    by Christine Stubbs

    I bought this phone as a new phone and it came with a number attached to it that was over riding my own number on the SIM. I activated this phone first week in November and having phoned the samsung helpline and having them connect to me remotely and try to reset it I was informed this phone was used and was activated in somewhere like Egypt on the 23rd September, even Samsung themselves resetting it could not make this un known number go away and now it has attached itself to the SIM and ruined my old phone

  3. 08

    by Gibson&Olive

    This is a surprisingly good phone for the money. The battery lasts way longer than my S22 ultra.

    I mainly use it for games or streaming but so far haven’t noticed much difference, maybe slightly slower. It does take an absolute lifetime to restart the phone, but I don’t needto do this reguarly.

    The screen and camera aren’t as good as higher end models, but I wouldn’t expect them to be for such a reasonable price. They’re acceptable.

    I’d definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a new phone with a limited budget.

  4. 08

    by J B.

    I have basic needs for a phone. No gaming or anything requiring a super-fast phone. This phone has very good battery life, good memory size, takes nice photos and has an up-to-date OS.

    But, it doesn’t have NFC, so has been consigned to a drawer to be given away at some point. As my wife has the same phone, I had assumed that it would have NFC just like hers, but alas, no.

    It also has some strange behaviour. The swype keyboard is much less forgiving of my dodgy fingers than my previous (and now current again) Moto, and leads to much re-typing. It also doesn’t appear to maintain a 4G connection as well as the Moto. Many times I could not watch a video on my daily walks, whereas the Moto is very stable on the same route. The PIN unlock is very slow too; you need to type slowly or it doesn’t recognise all the numbers.

    I don’t know if the above niggles would have been sorted at some point, but the lack of NFC makes it useless for me.

  5. 08

    by Perfect

    The phone is perfect it didn’t come in English but easy to change language on start up.
    Battery life is brilliant I take my phone of charge around half 7 8 aclock in morning and still has around 50% at 6pm depending on what im doing The camera is basic but does what you need it does have nfc I pay over Google wallet and it works google play store has everything you need overall a really good phone for its price.
    Now for the bad points . No charger plug or cable but easy to get

  6. 08

    by Matt H

    This phone is prefect for someone who likes a basic phone.

    It does the job well but isn’t the fastest phone on the market.

    It has a good camera and is easy to use.

    Good value for money.

    Perfect for a first time smart phone user.

  7. 08

    by Derek W.

    Good priced phones, however these are not made for UK market so you don’t get NFC with it but you do get 128G memory so you pays your money for whats important to you in a mobile phone, other than that most things your need are on phone or can be added via playstore, cameras seem good and clear, speed is fast enough, good size screen, finger and face recognition is there, transfer data from old phone worked well, yes there is not wall charger or ear phones included anymore which might again be problem for some if its your first phone or first time use C type USB, other that those few things its a good cheap phone that works. plus it is a 2023 model so up to date with tec filtered down from the expensive models, overall I am happy with it
    Would i have liked NFC yes would also have like the old knox security files that you could use, but sure i can find an app that does that.

  8. 08

    by graham

    I’m no tech freak, to be honest, quite the opposite.
    This is a superb phone for my needs, I must admit it’s a bit of a pain to set up to begin with, and I didn’t have a 5yr old handy. Lots to get used to, but the biggest pain in the arse is that my laptop doesn’t recognise it. This is a known foible of Samsung phones apparently, though not known by me at purchase.
    Seems to be good at most other things though, so buy one and sort out the differences later. My old phones were Sony, so I guess I just got used to them.
    This particular model isn’t a UK model, so doesn’t come with NFC, but that would be just another thing I wouldn’t use.

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Samsung Galaxy A14 4GB_128GB black

£116.10£187.80 (-38%)

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