Sage the Compact Wave Soft Close Mucrowave Oven, SMO650SIL, Silver

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  • The Food Menu settings (Potato, Pizza and Frozen Vegetables) are designed toautomatically cook at the correct power for the correct time
  • The Defrost setting is designed to gently defrost food without overheating ordrying out the edges
  • The Reheat setting uses lower power levels to gently reheat food without drying orovercooking
  • One touchbuttons for popular popcorn and beverage settings
  • All in a compact footprint, with a 25 litre capacity, the Compact Wave Soft Closegives you smarter cooking, versatility and convenience
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by 4bs

    Very pleased with this microwave.
    It’s easy to use and fits well into our small kitchen.

    I like the easy to clean painted finish on the body, but don’t like the “stainless steel” handle, which show fingerprints.
    Would have preferred a matt finish on the handle. But, the microwave is very good, so no big deal having to wipe the handle several times a day – mainly because my girlfriend is very messy and leaves finger marks on practically everything she touches.

    Maybe the microwave would benefit from some sound deadening on the body and door, as it sounds a bit tinny.

  2. 08

    by Adam

    Compact grey metal box that heats things up.

    The description for this are wrong. There isn’t a sniff of stainless steel to be found. The body is made of metal, painted on the outside, painted and coated on the inside. The door is plastic, the handle feels to be plastic with a chrome coating. The internal cavity is easy to clean. I give it a quick wipe down after use, no hassle.

    High price for what it is; a microwave. However, all I wanted was a microwave. Not a 3 in 1, not a combi with a grill. Not something with 600 different operations, and claiming it can roast a chicken when it can’t—roasting meat is a job for an actual oven.

    Turns out it’s no longer simple finding a microwave that’s just a microwave. Current problems with general availability of anything do not help. It’s either buy something hideously cheap it’ll break in three months, or for something decent spend way over the top. Like this.

    This is a compact and nice size. The mid-range Panasonic’s (with the 2,467 different functions) may cost less, but they are massive in size. For overall build quality, I have no doubt this is better than the majority of the around £100 offerings. Will it last ten years? Look after it I don’t see why not.

    When in use it’s reasonably quiet. Sounds smooth in operation, too; my previous microwave was louder, hummed and drummed inconsistently, with a more than audible change when the microwavy bit kicked in and out. This one just hums.

    It does have some nice functions. You can twist the dial whilst it’s running to nudge more time, or less, onto the timer. The beverage reheat I’ve used a few times, just because it’s there, and it’s actually useful—no more scalding hot tea reheats.

    Could cost less, I feel the price is more to do with the Sage branding than the worth of the product. Overall, yes, I would recommend. It’s a simple, straightforward, microwave.

    * * * Dec 2022 Update * * *

    Still going strong. I do not regret buying this.

  3. 08

    by Andrew R.

    As described – very easy to use – takes a normal plate – soft close brilliant – has a silent mode, so makes no bing if you don’t want it

  4. 08

    by A. Kearvell

    Lovely little Micro. A Lot lighter than the Sanyo oven and grill it replaced. Silver painted plastic case not stainless steel, and only 800w, but powerful enough for most things. Very Quiet in operation, plus you can silence the beeper easily. Soft close door is a nice touch.

  5. 08

    by Gardener

    Good microwave, easy set up and works well, have had sage before without any problems

  6. 08

    by Paul

    The layout of the controls makes this quiet microwave really quick and easy to use. Mine is used daily in a domestic kitchen with no issues to report. A mute button and soft close door are welcome additions, together with a large bright and clear LED screen. Considering the quality I believe it to be good value for money and would most certainly recommend it to a friend.

  7. 08

    by House

    It’s a very nice looking unit, very heavy, study and solid. The build quality is excellent and there are lots of functions (most of which I and you won’t use!) but… it’s not as powerful as I was expecting. My last Toshiba microwave blew up (typically 2 weeks out of warranty) and always heated things quickly, but this one just doesn’t seem to be the same which is odd as it’s the same power. Bit disappointing but the functions such as silent mode (once you have it, you won’t go back!) and the soft close door are enough for us to keep it.

  8. 08

    by J.R

    Sturdy, strong, designer microwave that is simple to use ,looks great, and won’t rust inside , worth the extra as designed to last .

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Sage the Compact Wave Soft Close Mucrowave Oven, SMO650SIL, Silver

£175.80£180.50 (-3%)

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