Russell Hobbs RHM3002 30L Digital Combination Microwave with Grill & Convection, 900W – Stainless Steel


  • RHM3002 is a multifunctional size combination microwave
  • This clear stainless steel design looks good in any family kitchen
  • This is a multifunctional device, underneath; 900W microwave performance 1100W grill and a 2500W fan-1445 oven
  • It is a large 30L stainless steel and ceilings with a removable glass swivel plate and the entire interior is easy to clean. Other features include 10 performance levels, 10 car meal menus, Weight/Time Abs tau settings and child protection.
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7 Reviews For This Product

  1. 07

    by TM

    I bought this oven to use as a second oven and it is perfect for that use. I only use the fan oven feature and occasionally the grill. The oven is easy to clean and smart looking as well as really easy to use. The additional wire rack and baking tray are also very useful. The wire rack is especially useful for things like pizzas. I would recommend using the wire rack for all cooking in this oven (other than using the microwave) as it allows the heat to get under the food. When food is only put on the glass plate, it often takes a lot longer to cook because no heat is coming under to cook the middle of the food quickly. I would also recommend not cooking at the fan oven temperature that food packets recommend – almost always (when cooking things such as frozen food) we use the oven at the normal oven temperature given rather than the fan oven temperature, otherwise food takes way wayyyy too long and is never crispy/properly cooked.

  2. 07

    by Gordon Kern

    Does a great job. Grills and bakes well too. Very satisfied with my purchase.

  3. 07

    by Apex

    When our identical microwave (which we must have had 10 years or more) gave up, I looked at various replacement options but finally bought the same again. It’s easy to use, decent capacity and power and the option to use as an oven or grill has been really helpful when we have needed more oven space at Christmas etc. It’s hard to get excited about a microwave but this is a very decent purchase

  4. 07

    by Number13

    This is a true convection / grill / microwave which makes it larger than some other models, especially the extra 10 cm or so at the back (but much smaller overall than our old one) but it has a 30L capacity which is again large by comparison with many. Our last microwave / combination oven lasted over 20 years and we wanted a true oven replacement, not one that uses the grill element for `convection’ cooking.

    Positives: True convection / grill / microwave and combination oven, very fast convection preheat, large capacity, easy to use.
    Negatives: Short mains lead, lightweight grill rack, finish will show fingermarks.

    UPDATE: Jan 2016. After over a year of almost daily use, still working perfectly. In microwave mode, the interior of this oven does get much more condensation than our old one but that’s easy enough to wipe out (as the instructions recommend).

    The quite heavy glass turntable is 31.5 cm or 12.5″ diameter and almost fills the square compartment. The turntable always turns, even in convection mode so you can’t use large, square metal tins that overhang the turntable even for pure convection or grill cooking. The grill rack felt lightweight compared with our old oven’s rack but we’ve still got that rack so will probably use it!

    So far we’ve found it to be very efficient in all three cooking modes and for combination cooking using microwave + convection. I think the controls are easy to use, two or three button presses and a couple of turns of the control knob are all it takes to choose a mode, set temperature / time and start. The display is clearly lit and easy to read with main display numbers in green, temperature scale etc. in red. There are about 10 built-in programmes for meat, vegetables, pasta etc. but we haven’t tried those yet. The `defrost’ programme is very simple to use; just dial in the weight of the food to defrost and it does the rest. The instruction manual is clear and in print large enough to read easily.

    For microwave mode you can simply press the `quick start’ button once to start a minute of full power microwave cooking, so 3 presses equals 3 minutes at full power; very useful. The full setting options let you choose power from 100% (900W) down to 10% in 10% steps and time from 5 seconds to 95 minutes.

    Convection cooking (not using the grill element) allows temperatures from 240°C down to 100° in 20° steps, then 80° and 50°. Pre-heat is very fast, from cold to 220°C took 5 minutes. The fan plus turntable noise is quite audible but not what I’d call loud.

    Combination cooking lets you choose from four varied microwave + convection modes and alternates the power between microwave and convection cooking at short intervals. Microwave + grill combination cooking works similarly, with two combination options or you can use the grill on its own.

    One possible drawback is that the mains lead is as short as on many modern appliances, not much longer than the casing is wide, so you need to position the oven relatively near a mains socket. The brushed stainless steel finish looks very good but there will be fingermarks!

    Overall, this oven so far is a very good replacement for our old faithful combination oven.

  5. 07

    by Socks

    I bought this for my mother as she doesn’t have a full size cooker. She is delighted with it. It is a good size. It is a 30l size – which is bigger than many microwave ovens. So it can take good size dishes.

    Of course, the great thing is that it is a combination oven. So you’ve got microwave, grill and a fan oven. All three functions seem to work very well and the food produced has been properly cooked and warm through.

    It is easy to set up and get going with and the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

    The only bad point is that the lead needs to be a bit longer!

    Would recommend.

  6. 07

    by Amazon Customer

    Not as intuitive as most other microwaves but cooks well and looks smart

  7. 07

    by DonBoon

    Good size and nice Stainless Steel interior to help keep clean.
    Controls are simple to understand and I’m delighted with the 10 stage power function
    I have three minor concerns.
    1./ The grill in the top of the oven might be a problem with keeping clean especially while using the microwave.
    Our previous microwave had the oven & grill elements concealed which I thought was a great way of keeping the interior clean. However after it failed I stripped it to see if it was repairable and discovered that food debris had passed through the perforated grills and was stuck around the elements and cavity interior. Although it had been baked numerous times it still was very pleasant.
    An exposed grill might have its problems but the concealed version is significantly less hygienic unless you’re prepared and able to service it..
    To prevent spatter building up on this exposed grill and causing problems when we turn on the grill we use a microwave cover over dishes.
    2./ The feet are small hard plastic which allow the microwave to slide about on the work surface; a huge nuisance when you press the release button for the door. I’ve been forced to fit rubber feet as a solution
    3./ And the top of the microwave gets very warm which means its not suitable for keeping things on top. A waste of useful space I think.
    Overall I think its a very practical and versatile machine which cost less than half the price of our previous model.

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Russell Hobbs RHM3002 30L Digital Combination Microwave with Grill & Convection, 900W - Stainless Steel


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