Russell Hobbs 24570 Deep Fryer, Black

£35.10£36.80 (-5%)

  • 2.5L oil capacity & 1kg food capacity
  • Large Observation window
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Cool touch walls
  • Carbon odour filter
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by amateur fry cook

    this fryer is a waste of money. seriously just buy the cheaper £15 ones and youll be far better off. It uses far too much oil and has too many gimmicky additions that dont work. I will list the problems now
    – fryer uses 2 liters and more of oil as a minimum. thats far too much oil for the atual amount of food it cooks. I have found it struggling with just 500 grams or less. the instruction manual even says to only fry 2 layers of food at a time. for 2.5 liters of oil and the amt of space it takes up in the kitchen that is unacceptably inefficient.
    -the thermostat is very poor at keeping the temperature high enough, resulting in soggy chips
    -observation window is a gimmick that doesnt work. as soon as the food fries, steam is released which basically clouds your view so you cant see nothing. this is basic physics!
    -the basket doesnt go all the way down into the fryer. this is a waste of oil because you are filling up the fryer with oil, but you wont be able to submerge the food fully into the entire 2 liters of oil you paid for. the basket lowers into the oil using a hinge. i.e. the basket is always on the hook the holds it up and then using a pathetic lever system, a button is pressed to lower it into the oil. this is the worst problem of all as it doesnt allow full submersion .what then is the point. if you fried in a pot you could use 500mls of oil but use 100% of its submergible volume. do the maths!

    dont be fooled by the gift card and warranty that comes with this product. what I have just realised ( and this would apply to all kitchen gadgets) once you use it you cant return it except if its faulty. so basically all guarantee and free return offers are just con games to get you to buy now and ‘pay’ the full price later. and believe me if its a bad product with a lot of hype like this one you most definitely will pay the price.

    in summary do youself a favour and dnt buy this. waste of oil and space. a brand name is meaningless . its pretty obvioud who made and where.

  2. 08


    Compact and excellent performance.

  3. 08

    by sandra jones

    Very good quality.Easy to use.Cleaner than a chip -pan

  4. 08

    by Monika

    Ok for this price but I think poor quality

  5. 08

    by Kevin reade

    I have always tried to eat healthfully. Recently I bought an Airfryer and slow cooker so that I could cut out the fat altogether. I hate oven chips, It does not matter who makes them, they always turn out dry and rock hard. So, I tried airfrying them, better but not perfect. I bit the bullet and bought this deep fat fryer.
    wow it is so simple. fill to the mark with oil, set the temp to 170, turn on power and wait till the green light goes out. place the chips in and lower the basket, shut the lid, cook for 7 mins. perfection.
    they taste so good, crispy on the outside and fluffy centres.
    a good product and perfect for those special occasions, chicken and deep fried chips, awesome.

  6. 08

    by Stuart Harris


  7. 08

    by paula b.

    Was ok

  8. 08

    by Mr. B. K. Holford

    Very good and reliable, well worth it.

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Russell Hobbs 24570 Deep Fryer, Black

£35.10£36.80 (-5%)

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