Rowlett 1260 W Coffee Pod Machine, Black, Nespresso Pod Compatible, Single Serve Coffee Capsule Machine, Espresso, Americano, Hot Chocolate,Compact Size, Hotel Room Appliance,…

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  • UNLIMITED BEVERAGE OPTIONS: Enjoy a wide range of coffee & tea drinks with this Nespresso compatible coffee pod machine
  • INSTANTLY SATISFY YOUR CAFFEINE CRAVINGS: With a super fast 40-second heat up time; you can enjoy your favourite hot beverage in no time
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN: Featuring an auto standby mode; this coffee pod machine helps to reduce running costs & conserve energy
  • CONVENIENT WATER LEVEL VIEWING: The easy-fill clear internal water tank allows you to easily monitor the water level & prevent any dry run situations
  • CONSISTENTLY PERFECT DRINKS: The auto-dose feature ensures that every cup of coffee or tea is consistently delicious & satisfying
  • EXPAND YOUR DRINK OPTIONS: Pair this coffee pod machine with the Rowlett milk frother (sold separately) to create a variety of creamy & frothy beverages
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Amazing Customer

    Rowlett coffee machine has everything that you could need in a quality appliance it’s small compact build fits into any style kitchen giving it a luxurious feel it’s easy to use giving you great variety of coffee and a fraction of the cost at buying out just the pick me first thing in the morning or any time wouldn’t be without my little magic machine

    This machine was just what we were looking for, stylish, compact, easy to use and clean it is, so quick and easy to use. Most importantly, it makes delicious coffee

    I use it every day and have a variety of different flavour coffee pods. Wouldn’t be without it.

    would recommend this product if you just want a basic coffee pod machine. Previously had a Nespresso machine and the Rowlett Coffee Pod Machine compares favourably.

    I was well informed regarding the delivery schedule. This made it so easy for me to arrange to be there when delivered. This was amazing, the product arrived very well packaged. I was so pleased to receive my item in an excellent condition.

  2. 06

    by angela b.

    Great value machine, very impressed

  3. 06

    by Sam Barroso

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     What a beautifully crafted nespresso coffee pod machine this is by Rowlett! It is super user friendly and suprisingly warms up your water very fast. My traditional nespresso pod machine would take about a minute to be ready to use however this machine takes about 20-30 seconds. The water also happens to be a lot warmer which in pleases about.

    I love just how easy the machine is to operate. It’s as simple as plugging it in, pressing the on button on the right hand side of the machine, putting your chosen coffee pod inside and waiting until the lights on the front stop flashing. This is when you can press on one of the buttons to make your coffee. It isn’t exactly clear what the difference is in regards to brewing the coffee between the two buttons. Though what I will say is that pressing the top coffee button makes the coffee a lot stronger (with less volume) whereas the leaf one is a little weaker but with a lot more volume of coffee. Hence I have been using the coffee button strictly for expresso coffees and the bottom for anything else.

    After use, you simply lift the metal flap upwards to eject the used pod and this can then be discarded by pulling out the bin found on the platform for the mug.

    It’s a very smooth transitioned process and it’s made me excited every morning to wake up and make a fulfilling coffee every morning. I’ll also mention that the water tank offers excellent capacity for several coffees, in my experience at least 4-5 cups at a time.

    I do feel that the price is justified, in fact I would be happy to pay between £120-£150 for this product, as it’s more than just a machine, but in itself a work of art. Super elegant, modern and ergonomic. A true show stopper for any kitchen. 5 stars and highly recommended!

    Thank you for reading my honest review, I hope you found it helpful! 🙂

  4. 06

    by Mrs G

    I was so disappointed. It came quickly but didn’t work. No water came out of the machine – it didnt wven rinse. Went for this as its hotel standard but returning to buy a commercial version.

  5. 06

    by Alan Smith

    After 8 year’s my Nespresso Citiz and milk finally wore out. Still made brilliant coffee, but leaked too much into the drip tray.
    The Nespresso machines have certainly risen in price, so this looked like a reasonable alternative from the warehouse at just under £75.
    Unfortunately as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
    Looks good in Black and Chrome, but that’s pretty much it.
    Very flimsy in construction, buttons cheap and not positive. One Very good point, it provides a hot coffee.
    The worst and overriding issue was the terrible plastic smell from the unit, that transferred into the drink.
    Did give it a few day’s to hopefully go away, but it didn’t.
    Returned and bought another Citiz and milk. Another market place bargain, no original box or other items but perfect condition and produces a great drink.

  6. 06

    by H

    Although this looks good, finished in a sleek piano black, it is mostly plastic and therefore quite flimsy as a result. The drip tray area, in particular, feels very prone and will need some careful handling if it is to survive for the lifespan of the overall machine. There is enough room under the nozzle to accommodate most mugs.

    This is a long, very narrow coffee machine, so it won’t fill up workspace in terms of visual impact, but you are also unlikely to be able to place it in front of anything else. The water container, located at the rear, is a good size for a machine that will only be used to produce black tea or black coffee; there isn’t an integrated milk heater/frother to guzzle up a lot of water. But the location of the water container does mean it will be awkward to fill if you place this underneath a top cupboard, particularly as the instructions state you should remove it to fill rather than fill in situ on the machine.

    Pods are inserted under the lever on the top and are ready for use as soon as the lever is depressed again. The lever feels like the only obvious metal part of the unit, but is worryingly flimsy at the join to the main body, perhaps due to the quality of plastic that has been used overall. I suspect this, along with the drip tray insert, could be the parts that fail earliest.

    Once your pod is inserted, the coffee machine is easy to use as you just have a choice of a single or double press of the coffee button or a single press of the tea button. The single/double press on coffee varies the amount of coffee that is produced; the tea option uses hotter water. Used capsules go into the space behind the drip tray; not large, but adequate.

    Quality of coffee is fine and, as it uses the familiar Nespresso capsules, there aren’t any surprises. No pods are included, so don’t forget to order some if you don’t already have some to hand. It works fine when new, but the mostly plastic construction, at least what you can see on the exterior, means lifespan is likely to be compromised as it is flimsy in places.

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Rowlett 1260 W Coffee Pod Machine, Black, Nespresso Pod Compatible, Single Serve Coffee Capsule Machine, Espresso, Americano, Hot Chocolate,Compact Size, Hotel Room Appliance,...

£95.00£139.40 (-32%)

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