Roland RH-5 Monitor Headphones for Everyday Music Making And Audio Playback,Black


  • This entry model in Roland’s acclaimed RH range is a great choice, equipped with 40mm drivers they deliver a dynamic-yet-balanced tone from digital pianos, guitars, synths, digital drums and more.
  • Even when the session’s over, the RH-5 headphones are ideal for streaming music, complete with powerful bass and crystal clear highs.
  • Exceptional value and high-quality performance.
  • Provides a natural, balanced response for a range of instruments
  • Secure and comfortable lightweight design.
  • Conversion plug (included) accommodates standard and mini headphone connectors.
  • Great for general audio playback too.
  • Note:check the connection is secure when plugging in the headphones and that the input of the sound source is not loose or “wobbly”. Please ensure that the jack connection is pushed in all the way to the input of the sound source – it may need to “click” into place. Please check whether the 3.5mm to ¼ inch jack adaptor is screwed on securely. Please test with both a 3.5mm or ¼ inch jack connection.
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Amazon Customer

    Headphones at this price point (£23) don’t usually promise much, nor do they usually deliver. This offering from Roland, however, punches way above its weight. It offers a fairly clinical, well-balanced sound. Vocals sound naturalistic and not at all recessed (check “Ding Walls” by Mark Murphy, for instance) – something of an issues with mass-market cans at this point. Bass sounds sufficiently punchy without being overbearing (e.g. Stanley Clarke’s “Play The Bass^10”) and Michael Franks’s “Monk’s New Tune” is delivered with aplomb. They can even pick out fine details such as the acoustic guitar buried in the mix of Bobby Womack’s “Where Do We Go From Here?”. These aren’t headphones for the hip hop connoisseur listening on the tube – the sound isolation is not good enough for listening on the go – nor are they going to get the best out of high-end hifi kit. They are, however, inexpensive and comfortable, and offer a rewarding listening experience that significantly exceeds the promise that their price tag suggests. Jazz fans will love these.

  2. 06

    by Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using these for a couple weeks now and am very pleased with this purchase:

    – Comfort: Very comfortable. The ear pads are large so easily fit comfortably around the ear and not on it.

    – Weight: They are pretty lightweight. They are a teeny tiny bit heavier than my old Senheisser HD201s and than my JVC HARX500 – but only a tiny bit.

    – Quality of build: Upon initial impressions, the build quality looks like high quality. The headband is cushioned all around and the overall it has a feel of good quality unlike some headphones which feel a little cheap and plasticy – these feel a little more sturdy. I am aware that the headphone pads surface are made of the exact same cover material that my old Senheisser HD201s is made of, and from my experience this kind of material starts to crack and crumble after about 2-3 years of use. Hopefully these will hold up better – we’ll see!

    – The wire: The wire comes out of one headphone (the left one) and not the other (unlike the Senheisser HD201s where a wire comes out of both sides). The wire is fairly thick compared to the other headphones I own, which makes the wire a tiny bit heavier too if you have it resting on your body. But on the other hand, a thicker wire may just be a sign of better quality. My Senheisser HD201’s thin wire ended up splitting after 2 years of use – maybe these will hold up better? We’ll see!

    – Sound quality: I’m very happy with the sound quality. Each headphone has a slightly different balance of sound to it, and it’s hard for me to tell you which is “better” but these sound good to me! I use them for watching videos, movies, listening to music, podcasts and more – and they work really well for all my needs.

    – Overall: Very pleased with these so far. My number 1 factor that I care about is comfort and these are definitely comfortable to wear for long durations, which is perfect for me. Fingers crossed they’ll last a good long while!

  3. 06

    by Amazon Customer

    I have a Roland TD27 drumkit which I think is fantastic! At home I primarily play it through Taotronic headphones to spare the family and neighbours, although I do occasionally let rip through the Roland amp that I recently bought. The headphones (6 years old) give a great sound but are showing an intermittent problem with the wired connector – so I thought I’d invest in a new pair, and selected the Roland RH-5 because it specifically mentions they are good for digital drums. However, the sound through the TD27 is disappointingly tinny – not a patch on the old headphones or new amp. So have returned them and on a quest to find a set that will provide a decent sound (the Taotronics set is no longer manufactured… )

    Update: Bought the “INFURTURE H1 Wireless Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones” and they sound great via the TD27

  4. 06

    by Mr. R. Lewis

    They arrived in less than a day with the only postal option available…FREE! Amazed, that’s all I can say.

    Opened the box, very well made headphones. They are a slick, simple design. They do feel a bit cheap in terms of the plastic; I might have to be very careful with them. I’m generally very pedantic about headphones cables and making sure they are ‘placed’ on the table, never thrown, etc. So I’m sure they will be fine.

    The fit is quite snug, although I have fairly small ears.

    The cable is thick and chunky and made of a shiny rubber, so it shouldn’t get tacky or stick to things.

    The sound; this is my only complaint. I’ve been using in ears for a while and a headset at work (Plantronics, one of the those USB headsets) and this has a VERY different sound. I find this a problem with big headphones in general though. The sound is round, and a bit distant. While I will admit, my ears might be trained to a very ‘present’ sound, the change is drastic and it changes the mix quite a bit. The stereo separation is massive, this might be what I’m hearing too. But that said, I will use them for a while, and hopefully retrain my ear.

    There is a lots of new low to low-mids that I’m hearing, product of a bigger driver. The high-end is very mellow, cymbals now sizzling as opposed to melting my ear drums! Mid range sits well in the mix.

    As they are squeezing down on my head and ‘breaking in’ I can hear the outside sounds disappearing. Might take a while to properly sit on my head.

    I bought these for mixing at home, I’m a rapper. Considering the change to the mix it might take a while but I think they will work out.

    So far, only 15 minutes in, I’d give them a thumbs up.

  5. 06

    by John Pepper

    Have found these headphones really good to use with my electric piano, the sound quality is good and the lead is quite long so it does’nt pull when you move.

    These are great for electric instruments, but the I would not use for HiFi

  6. 06

    by Mark W.

    Excellent Quality at a reasonable price, delivered on time. The product exceeded our expectations.

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Roland RH-5 Monitor Headphones for Everyday Music Making And Audio Playback,Black