RCA 43 Inch QLED UHD Smart TV, 4K HDR10 Tizen OS TV with Samsung TV Plus Youtube Netflix Motion Mode Dolby MS12, 3 x HDMI 2 x USB WiFi Bluetooth, Large Screen TV for Living Room…


  • If you encounter some software issues, you can download a “Reset steps” guide from the “Product guides and documents” section on the Amazon page. Following the steps outlined in the guide resolve most software problems.
  • Immersive Color: Experience over 90% high color gamut with QLED technology, bringing vibrant and lifelike visuals to your screen.
  • Smart Tizen OS: Experience the power of Tizen OS, offering seamless navigation, access to a wide range of apps, and convenient voice control for a truly smart and intuitive TV experience.
  • Enhanced HDR10: Enjoy enhanced contrast and vibrant colors with HDR10 technology, bringing your favorite content to life with exceptional realism.
  • Stunning 4K Resolution: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear detail with 4K resolution, delivering breathtakingly sharp and vivid images.
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Abbi Musson

    This is a great telly for the price especially. It has loads of apps including Netflix, Disney plus YouTube etc. there’s also an option to download extra apps which is a great extra.

  2. 08

    by Jimone

    Great TV and with Roku built in, can be used anywhere without worrying about aerial connections.
    Great picture quality, easy to set up and use, great value too.

  3. 08

    by rob storey

    simple enough to get on with ,not too complex. great picture for the price .at the sacrifice of sound quality ideal bedroom tv

  4. 08

    by Rob

    We bought this for the back room as the one we wanted their was too big. This cost us 100 quid, so cheap as chips. Everything is good at 100 quid. Screen is a tad washed out, but only very slightly. Sound is poor, but good in the sense that you can hear it and it has a decent volume. Obviously, no musical audio qualities to speak of. All works out of the box and my Firestick works plugged into this thing. It is a very good TV for the price, but not gonna blow your mind! It’s very light! I though the box was empty when I received it! Haha, Rob 😀

  5. 08

    by MR.SMITH

    We wanted a small TV for a small bedroom that will get limited use first thing in the morning and maybe last thing at night. The set will do fine for that.

    Tuning is easy once you get the hang of it – the user guide was poor quality and not especially helpful, but the process is fairly intuitive if you’ve done it before with other sets. RCA needs to work on their manual and on their digital TV Guide – I have a similar small Samsung which is by far superior in both respects.

    Other people have complained about the sound – to my mind at lower volume levels and for personal listening it is fine, but as you increase volume the sound quality deteriorates and it is in no way up to the job of being an entertainment hub – but then a small set is not intended for this use – you have to be realistic.

    Small set, small price, limited use – tick, tick, tick.

  6. 08

    by Michael Redman

    Easy to set up and use, great picture and sound quality

  7. 08

    by Mr c

    I’m really impressed for the price…I love the fact it has the outputs it has….thoroughly recommended!! Does what it says on the tin! Good picture too for a non Smart TV..very pleased!

  8. 08

    by GMC

    Knocked this down from 4 stars because of Amazon’s customer service, which was sadly under par on this occasion.

    Originally ordered the 55″ model back on 24th February with Prime (next business day delivery) but the order got stuck and wouldn’t dispatch. Customer service advised me to cancel and re-order (which I did on March 2nd), again with NEXT day delivery on Prime, so it should’ve been here on the 3rd/4th of March. It turned up on Monday 13th, 17 days after I first ordered it. Customer service wouldn’t let me cancel it the second time either as they claimed it was dispatching soon, despite it still taking well over another week to finally get moving. These TV’s come from a third-party based in Holland, which is where the hold up seemed to occur. I don’t mind waiting for something but Amazon shouldn’t list Prime delivery when they can’t actually guarantee this from a third-party.

    As for the TV itself, I’ve only used it for 5-6 hours but it seems absolutely solid so far. Picture quality is excellent for a sub £300 TV (it’s on a par with the 55″ Samsung I bought for £500 a couple of years ago). Roku OS is responsive and easy to use, and well implemented with the TV’s features. The ethernet socket allows me a much better connection that I get with the Roku wifi stick I have downstairs, which occasionally drops out on higher bitrate videos.

    The sound isn’t great but I tend to use my own sound devices anyway as speakers on cheap TV’s are rarely any good. Worth noting, if you were expecting it to have a 3.5mm jack plug, it doesn’t (not sure if the smaller models have these?). If you have bluetooth headphones you can connect them to the Roku app on your phone, link the app to your TV, and use the Private Listening Mode to listen to the TV on your headset. Bit long winded but it works. However, I’m not entirely sure but I believe you can only do this on the Roku OS services (such as Netflix, Plex etc) and NOT on any external HDMI devices (such as PS5, Bluray players PC etc). To get around this I’m using a digital to analogue audio converter with volume control on it, and plugging my 3.5mm headphones into that. This TV is meant as a bedroom TV so it’s ok for me to use cabled headphones but probably not an ideal solution if you intend to have this screen in your living room.

    In summary, enjoying the TV so far despite a few caveats. It’s a bit inconvenient not being able to use bluetooth headphones with all sources but there are ways around this. Hopefully it stands the test of time as it’s remarkably cheap for how good the screen is.

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RCA 43 Inch QLED UHD Smart TV, 4K HDR10 Tizen OS TV with Samsung TV Plus Youtube Netflix Motion Mode Dolby MS12, 3 x HDMI 2 x USB WiFi Bluetooth, Large Screen TV for Living Room...


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