Quest 4 Slice Toaster Black – Extra Wide Long Slots for Crumpets and Bagels – 6 Settings – Reheat and Defrost


  • 4 SLICE TOASTER – Combining modern design with practical performance, this black, 1400W 4 slice toaster with extra wide slots makes a great addition to any home and is ideal for mid to large sized families.
  • VARIABLE BROWNING CONTROL – With a variable browning control with 6 settings, you can set the toaster so that you get your perfect coloured toast every time or alternatively, use the cancel button mid-toasting to check on the colour.
  • REHEAT AND DEFROST OPTION – The reheat function means that you can easily warm up toast that has cooled down, perfect for those times when you are busy and miss the toast popping up. The defrost button allows you to toast bread straight from the freezer without the need to leave it defrosting for hours.
  • CRUMB TRAY AND CORD STORAGE – The toaster’s removable crumb tray makes for easy cleaning and the integrated cord storage helps keep your worktops tidy and fuss-free. For your safety, the toaster is cool touch, has non-slip feet and an anti-jam function for easy toast removal.
  • QUEST APPLIANCES – Quest are the leading manufacturer of cooking appliances ideal for giving you a helping hand in the kitchen. From omelette makers & waffle makers, to teppanyaki grills & air fryers, visit the Quest store on Amazon to view the whole range.
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Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎15.35 x 5.51 x 7.48 cm, 1.8 Kilograms

Power Wattage

‎1400 watts


‎240 Volts



Auto Shutoff


Number of Slices


Special Features

‎Variable Browning Control, Cancel Function

Item Weight

‎1.8 kg

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2863 Reviews For This Product

  1. 01

    by Rumpole

    Toaster looks good and, like pretty much every toaster, easy to use. Put the toast in, push slider down. Dial to adjust toasting time, and a cancel button for when you get it wrong and your toast’s on fire. The slots are plenty wide enough for thick toast or crumpets, with auto-centering to make sure thinner slices are held evenly and don’t flop about.
    That *should* be all there is to say about this toaster, but… we make our own bread in a standard size breadmaker, which is quite a bit wider than most commercial loaves, and certainly taller. The slots are long enough for the height of the loaf, that’s not a problem. BUT when you press the slider down to drop the bread into the slot, it doesn’t go all the way down. The SLOT is deep enough to accommodate the width of the bread, but the carrier – the sliding bit – doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the slot – it’s a good 1.5cm from where you’d think it should be. That leaves 1.5cm of bread sticking out of the top of the slot, and therefore it just gets “warm” while the rest of the slice is toasted. When I remember, I turn the slice over half-way through (but risk burnt fingers) and end up with a toasted middle, and two nearly-toasted edges.
    For me that’s not so terrible; I usually only do one slice at a time (they ARE big slices after all!) so now I cut the slice in half and do one half in each slot, which gives a consistent, even, browning. But it rather defeats the point of having a large toaster – hence my score of 3 overall. If you only use smallish commercially-produced loaves this toaster will do you fine, and you’ll probably get 4 slices in. But if you use a breadmaker, with a good rise, think again.

  2. 01

    by cyprusgirl

    Looks good and does a good job, can do long slices or four slices at a time.

  3. 01

    by Derek TP

    This is a toaster that takes a full slice of bread. HURRAH!! I am tired of today’s toasters which cannot accept a normal slice. (I like freshly sliced bread).
    Value for money too. OK, it’s not the high end finish you get with a more expensive item, but it makes good toast. Enough said.

  4. 01

    by Derek TP

    Bought this toaster as I was specifically looking for a two-slot version to save counter space. Really pleased with it, the black looks very clean and smart and it is nice and slim. Only gripe is that is doesn’t toast completely evenly, but it still does the job well enough unless you are especially fussy about that. The slots are wide enough to do crumpets too, which is a plus.

  5. 01

    by Prof. A.

    Great for home-baked bread that has long slices.

  6. 01

    by Kevin Wafer

    This is the best toaster I’ve owned, it can take all sorts of bread sizes my previous toasters could not manage, you’ll only be able to toast unusual sizes in 2 at a time though. The unit feels a bit light and flimsy but no problems at all so far, it toasts evenly.

  7. 01

    by Rumpole

    OK – the good points – it looks good, is cheap, and the controls are on the front.
    However, it just doesn’t do the job properly. This is NOT a defect – this is a basic design flaws.
    The first problem is the slots are neither long enough or deep enough, so that even with the bread sideways the top half inch does not get toasted at all. And of course if you are trying to do 4 slices and have the bread standing up – which you have to do because the slots are 1-2cms shorter than most 4 slice toasters, this problem gets worse.
    On top of that, one side always gets toasted faster than the other, because the centre element gets hotter. This is because it is the same size as the outer elements, but cannot radiate some of its energy into the case as they do, and therefore should be a little less powerful. The result is that as one side is starting to burn, the other side is half toasted. See pics.
    If you are happy to stop halfway, and upend, and turn over, the bread every time you use it, then this is the toaster for you, and it is very cheap, but you are only going to get what you paid for

  8. 01

    by zigzag 580

    Don’t get me wrong . It dose do the job . Every morning I have toast every morning I’m turning the control up seems to be getting weaker and weaker at toasting . I do like the idea of longer slots the plus side of that is I can warm my naans up before a curry they go in whole but you do have to turn them cos there is about two inches stuck out the top . But I feel the main problem here is longer slots mean a greater area to cover and a even heat distribution seems to be a bit of a problem here

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Quest 4 Slice Toaster Black - Extra Wide Long Slots for Crumpets and Bagels - 6 Settings - Reheat and Defrost