Qualtex 2 in 1 Upright & HandHeld Bagless Compact Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Multi Use Hoover In Hot Red


  • Qualtex Compact lightweight 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner with Hepa Filteration
  • Allows simple and effective cleaning of your home, car, caravan’s and many other areas
  • Qualtex Boxed Product
  • Bagless design so no need for dust bags HEPA filtration
  • Allows simple and effective cleaning of your home, car, caravan’s and many other areas
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Model Number




Product Dimensions

‎54.99 x 15.01 x 16.99 cm, 2 Kilograms

Volume Capacity

‎0.6 litres

Power Wattage

‎800 watts


‎Plastic, Polycarbonate

Special Features

‎compact, hepa_filter, bagless, corded, lightweight

Item Weight

‎2 kg

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Gazza

    Opening the box revealed a good selection of tools and quality of build that would put most hand held vacuums to shame. The unit is robust when easily assembled into a full upright and the 800W motor gives it 200W more punch than a full size vacuum I also own but, ironically, that may be this unit’s Achilles Heel.

    I first saw this item demonstrated a while back on a TV shopping channel and filed it as a ‘To Get’ item. It never registered at the time though, that it was demonstrated picking up rice grains and other similar substances – but significantly as it turns out, no fine dust or powders.

    I bought the unit primarily for cleaning around a fireplace, for use on tumble dryer filters and the like and occasional car use. Unfortunately the motor was so powerful that the filter all but clogged in less than a minute due to its size. I suspect a less powerful motor and a collection bag might have solved the problem.

    The other problem with the filter is that it takes up a LOT of space within the collection chamber limiting its capacity somewhat and had to regularly get the big vac out to clean the clogged filter! That soon got chucked back in the box, replaced with a sheet of paper Kitchen towel clipped between the collecting chamber and the suction unit – which gets binned with the contents after each use and works just fine.

    800 watts of power also produces a LOT of heat – equivalent to a fan heater on a low setting, resulting in the carry handle becoming very warm after a short period of use.

    Notwithstanding the above, if you accept that the unit is a ‘Use once and empty’ device, you will not be disappointed and it might just get you round a small caravan or chalet in one go as an upright – and lets not loose sight of the fact that it is a lot of kit for under 25 quid.

    Maybe I expect too much.

    PROS: Good Design, Well Built, Comprehensive Tools

    CONS: Filter, Low Capacity as a result, gets very warm quickly

  2. 08

    by bobmc

    Sender 5*, Excellent delivery service, item powerful and picked up debris easily. A bit noisy but you would expect that with an 800w motor. Easy to empty the dust container. attachments abundant and very functional. It appears to be a well made vacuum which is light enough to use for the stair cleaning for which it was purchased. This item is similar to the Ewbank Chilli which is 20% dearer. Time will tell if the vacuum stays the distance but it does what it claims.

  3. 08

    by d c

    Not very good at all. Gave away to a charity shop. After taking a long time to arrive I used the hoover once and it struggled with upstairs. It was fine on wooden floors and is very light but I have carpets upstairs which I found it didnt pick anything up unless I used the long pipe attachment which took me forever. It was also quite noisy and got quite hot after a while. Id say that if you are only using on wooden floors in a small area then it would be worth it as its very cheep but other than that it is going to struggle.

  4. 08

    by J SCRAGG


  5. 08

    by The Dude

    Item just arrived, it’s light, compact, easy to assemble/disassemble, and really, really powerful (I am in fact impressed of its power, I don’t have carpets but it did a pretty good job on hard floor and on my fabric sofa). There’s a quite evident plastic smell during the use, like somebody else wrote, and it’s obviously not pleasant, but, all in all, it’s a <£30 vacuum cleaner and it does very well what it is suppose to do. I'll update my review if anything new comes out

    Edit 03/11/2015
    Very happy with that, I’d recommend it without any doubt

  6. 08

    by Observer

    It was certainly lightweight. I was a little disappointed with the suction, despite the noise it made. It seemed to pick up actual dust well enough, but failed to pick up ‘bits’ on the carpet, unless the small nozzle was used. Sadly the bottom spur on the handle that allows the cord to be wrapped up with the top spur had fallen off in the box when it arrived. This is really not good enough. I have mended it with superglue – let’s hoped this works!

  7. 08

    by E L WARD

    Good price, and speedy delivery. Very versatile and light vacuum cleaner to carry about. Plenty of attachments. Very strong suction. Compact and easily storable in a cupboard when not in use. Love it for light upstairs hoovering. The tubes stuck a bit on inserting into the main cleaner body but a spot of WD40 or valeline helps to disengage them after use!

  8. 08

    by Stewart H

    I bought this specifically to vac the car out and I have to say it’s excellent for the job.
    I haven’t used it as an upright so can’t comment on that.
    It does get pretty hot when using in the car but doesn’t affect the use.
    It also needs emptying regularly but it’s really easy to do so no problem.
    There is an assortment of tools which come in handy for getting down the side of the seats,however I’ve dropped a star off my rating because of the hose attachment which doesn’t have a rotating end and as it’s not aligned with the end that slots into the vac itself which is very frustrating because you have to twist the vac all the time to get the nozzle aligned properly, also the hose should be longer in my opinion so you can put the vac on the seat while vaccing the footwells.
    All in all though definitely worth the money.

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Qualtex 2 in 1 Upright & HandHeld Bagless Compact Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Multi Use Hoover In Hot Red