QTX | Digital Stereo Amplifier With Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

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  • Bluetooth connectivity wireless connectivity
  • Built-in media player with USB and SD card inputs and FM receiver
  • KAD-2BT is a low impedance Amplifier. Ensure to match and wire with the correct speakers
  • A high output power of 55W max. per side
  • 3.5mm stereo line input on the front panel, 2 stereo line inputs for RCA on the back, 2 x 6.3mm jack microphone inputs
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by TEK Expert

    I have never used an amp before or needed one but having put speakers in my lounge ceiling to connect my tv and Apple Music to, this seemed to do everything I wanted for what seems be a reasonable amount of money, really easy to set up and will need to purchase cables to connect to my tv but other than that it’s a tidy little piece of equipment looks smart if you can’t hide away in a cupboard. The Bluetooth pairing is instant and the sound quality is clear, but this depends on what speakers you use. But this is a Bluetooth receiver not a sender so you can’t use it with Bluetooth speakers you need speaker wire to connect to this amp. Arrived well wrapped up and in about 3 days with instructions and fault finding facts if needed. Bang on

  2. 08

    by Kysumu

    My old Sony amp finally expired after 40 years and I needed a quick modern replacement. Spent some time looking through the offerings on Amazon and settled on this one because it was compact, neat looking and had an impressive set of input sources. It was the only one I found in this price range that had two sets of Phono inputs which actually sealed the deal in the end. It also has a 3.5mm jack, SD card, USB stick and Bluetooth inputs as well as a couple of Microphone jacks. The media player for SD and USB is very basic as the display is small but allows you to skip tracks and fast forward through the tracks sequentially, there’s no concept of playlist or folders. Connecting over Bluetooth from your phone is very easy and this allows you to use the full functionality of your phone media player instead.

    Sound quality is good with “traditional” rotary knobs on the front for bass, treble and volume, together with echo and tone knobs specifically for the microphone inputs. Output power is mid-range but it’s more than adequate for my needs.

    With a direct mains input and on/off switch on the front you can plug it in without an external power supply block, no scrabbling down the back of the furniture to turn it off at the wall socket or more likely leaving it turned on all the time draining power when you don’t need it.

    To summarise, quality of build and style is good with the wide range of inputs making it a very versatile amp and I think it’s an amazing price to pay for all this functionality.

  3. 08

    by sp

    Well, it doesn’t sound like a £250 Amp! But, there again it only costs £60!! Its prefect for what I need – shelf speakers in the office for Zoom etc and Bluetooth music from the mobile. Picking up on a couple of previous comments. The speaker connectors worked fine, the media input ie Bluetooth, USB picks up on where it left off. The only issue I had was that the input selector knob didn’t always pick up the input selector notches when turned ie free wheeled. I called Customer Services and they answered within a minute. I hadn’t finished explaining when she said she’d put a new one in the post to arrive in 2 days and I could keep the old one!! So, super-glued the knob on and used snopake to highlight the selector notch – and the others – see another comment about that, So, giving it 5 for value for money and Responsive CS!!!

  4. 08

    by sp

    This product is an overpriced poorly manufactured small mp3 player in an impressively deceptive big metal box. Initial customer tests using FM white noise showed the bass control to be ineffective and the master volume control to be scratchy. The item was sold “as new refurbished by Amazon”! If there are any positive points then the FM receiver has a sensitive front end (able to pick up stations). Be aware this item has no remote control. The input selector switch felt light and fragile. For the purists – there is no loudness button and the rotary controls have no centre stop tactile position. The knobs do have marks on them for centre but the black indent on a black knob is virtually invisible. There is no balance control. A good point – when switched on – the FM receiver does start at the last tuned station. The radio, however, remains on when you select a different input! Sound quality was reasonable with good signal to noise ratio (with inaudible background “hiss”). This item really should not be priced any higher than £20 for a customer to feel “they have not been hard done by”!

  5. 08

    by GeordieScot

    I needed a compact amp to hook up to TV box which we use with a projector, with the Ariston Speakers I have, the sound quality is superb. Plenty of rear phono stereo inputs and mini jack auxiliary input at the front. I previously purchased the basic qtx model for work about 3 years ago – never missed a beat. But this one is even better. love it, Great value.

  6. 08

    by Ethel Hawksworthy

    First one delivered had a channel issue. Within two minutes of reporting through amazon I had a return call from the supplier and the product was replaced next day. cant fault that response.
    Its a solid bit of kit purchased for home and caravan use, Blue tooth works perfectly from phone. Cheked all channels work ok and Radio picked up channels from a piece of speaker wire. Note no ariel included.
    Sound is ok. Not an expert but ok for the money. Could do with more base i think. However its acceptable and nothing about the quality over rides the music enjoyment. For under £50 given the features and all media tried through this i am satisfied. Thought about buying another one for the man cave after looking on line for a cheaper version I noticed that from the photo’s other option look to have the twiddly bits ( knobs/switches and ports) a bit out of kilter so maybe there is a quality cost you should not go below.

  7. 08

    by Ian Webster

    Purchased as an interim amplifier . It’s small and compact and will fit into a small place . Has lots of features . Sound is average , treble responds well but bass not so well and seems not to make a difference , will hook it up to better and bigger speakers , to see if that improves the sound later .

  8. 08

    by Steve

    Bought it for a small project where the amp didn’t have to be that great quality. Hooked it up to a couple of average price speakers and was impressed with the audio. The Bluetooth works great and the amp has plenty on inputs. There is a slight speaker hum noticeable so needs to be turned off if in a quiet environment … but the switch is on the front anyway so no big deal.

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QTX | Digital Stereo Amplifier With Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

£47.50£58.80 (-19%)

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