Q ACOUSTICS 3030i Bookshelf Speakers Pair Graphite Grey – Featuring 2-way Reflex Enclosure Type, 165mm (6.5″) Bass Driver, and 22mm (0.9″) Tweeter – Stereo Speakers Hifi/Passive…

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  • Powerful Bookshelf Hi-fi Speakers: Immerse yourself in music with 3030i bookshelf speakers. A bigger cabinet creates larger scale sound, the low 46Hz response gives punchy, controlled bass, and a 22mm decoupled high frequency driver with wide surround provides wide even dispersion of stereo image.
  • Low Profile Terminals: Designed with recessed cut-outs to reduce cabinet noise, and featuring low profile binding posts with sockets deep enough for 4mm (0.16″) banana plugs, you can shelf mount or stand mount these speakers near a rear wall.
  • P2P Bracing: With internal bracing placed with computer aid, the structural integrity of the bookshelf speakers’ enclosures is greatly improved. This helps keep the enclosure extra quiet, enhancing the focus of the stereo image and giving the soundstage more accuracy.
  • Passive Speaker Specifications: Enclosure Type: 2-way Reflex, Bass Driver: 165mm (6.5″), Tweeter: 22mm (0.9″), Frequency Response: (+3 dB, -6 dB) 46Hz – 30kHz, Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms, Minimum Impedance: 4 Ohms, Sensitivity: (2.83 V@1 m) 88dB, Cross-over Frequency: 2.4kHz
  • What’s Included: 2 x 3030i bookshelf speakers (stereo amplifier power: 25 – 75 W, AV receiver power (2 ch. driven): 50 – 145 W), 2 x foam bungs, 2 x magnetic speaker grilles, 1 x user manual. Each speaker is W200mm x D329mm x H325mm, weight: 6.4kg.
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by SixtiesMan

    I’ve owned a pair of Q Acoustics 2020i speakers for the last five years of so – connected to my Teac A-R650 amplifier. Other peripherals include – a Teac TN 3B record deck (with upgraded Goldring e3 cartridge) – a Sony TC-300 reel to reel (from the ’70s) – and an iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is connected to the A-R650 via an ifi Zen Dac 2. My Samsung QLED TV is also connected to the A-R650 via a digital to analogue audio converter.

    I live in a London flat, so for a long time thought the little 2020i speakers were sufficient for my needs. If I wanted to keep on the right side of the neighbours, it just wasn’t possible to drive them hard. I kept reading about the 3030is and just how good they were. I thought that I probably couldn’t do them justice, but in the end, curiosity got the better of me and I ordered a pair.

    I am so pleased I did. Even though I can’t extend the bass by high volumes, the benefit in terms of additional detail in the music from lows to highs is very noticeable. The soundstage is wider, individual instruments are identifiable in a way they weren’t with the 2020is. The build quality from Q Acoustics is ‘top notch’. The cabinets (I have the walnut finish) are solid and good to look at.

    An excellent buy in my view and would highly recommend the Q Acoustics 3030i speakers if you like to find a product that ‘punches well above its weight’ when compared to the cost.

  2. 06

    by Moumoune

    Don’t judge these speakers over the first few hours. Run them in gently for a few days and THEN, the result will be fantastic. Clear, precise, lively, and deep bass. I have coupled a pair of these (3030) to my Denon amplifier, in the context of a mid-range home cinema, along with some JBL speakers as front center and surrounds. In a room of 25 square meters. Works like a dream, no need for a subwoofer anymore. They are 15cm away from the wall, you probably need no less than that without foam, as they can deliver deep bass. And be aware of their unsual depth. If you can accomodate these constraints, for the dimensions and the price (which is quite reasonable), I suspect it will be difficult to find better if not match them…great product.

  3. 06

    by Lynn C

    Great sound for the home.
    Nice & Clear, with decent Bass

  4. 06

    by Jack

    So far, so good. They’re bigger than you’d imagine and I’d recommend the genuine stands if you need them. The size is limiting in terms of a plate to seat them on. I only found one other set that came close after a LOT of research. Sound wise they are still waking up after only 2 days break in but I can hear them straining at the leash to get going. I’m using digital content through a Dacmagic 200m via RCA inputs and the sound is clear as a bell. I’ve also hooked up my MNX10 via coaxial and the clarity is stunning. I’d probably stick to the coaxial if I hadn’t spent so much on the Dacmagic. It’s that well defined. I can’t wait for them to fully wake up. USB audio via a Shield Pro probably needs a subwoofer but I think that’s more a reflection of the Shield’s output than the speakers. Definitely worth the money. Great soundstage. Whopping bass. Great mids and highs. You’ll get out what you put in. Warts and all. Unforgiving is an understatement. Enjoy.

  5. 06

    by Nutter

    Great pair of speakers straight out of the box. Can’t wait to hear these improve as they run in and open up. I’ve been buying hifi for nearly 30 years and having reresurected my 90s amp earlier in the year I needed to pair with a decent set of bookshelf speakers that worked well with my Cyrus amp and rega turntable. Over the course of the year I have probably purchased in excess of 10 pairs of speakers in my quest to get the sound I wanted. I kept on purchasing the same kind of sized bookshelves from the likes of Cyrus, Dali, b and w, elac, mission to name but a few but of course apart from a few subtle nuances to me all sounded the same and lacked the overall soundstage and depth of sound so I paired all of these with a quality subwoofer which helped but the sound wasn’t cohesive. Back in the 90s I never used a sub for hifi and was always extremely happy with the sound and bass extension was always plentiful and never lacking. I decided to give it one more shot and decided to try the 3030s. Having already tried the smaller 3020 which were surprisingly good but again lacked the bottom end I thought maybe I just need to try a bigger more substantial bookshelf before I went all out and purchased some floorstanders. Now to give an idea back in the day I had a full Cyrus set up with psxrs and separate power amps powering a pair of linn kan mk 2 and to me the sound was sublime. The cost of trying to purchase a pair of kan mk1 or II these days is ridiculous and as much as I loved them I could not justify that kind of outlay on such an old pair of speakers hence the ordeal I have been through this year till now.

    Well the 3030s from the box have finally satisfies my quest for the sound I was looking for. Larger speakers with a huge bass driver taken from the bigger floor standing brother. They sound fantastic straight from the box and can’t wait until they run in and open up. Excellent bass extension which is tight and a wonderful open mid range and sweet top end without being shrill. Superb soundstage. Take time with placement and positioning. I don’t like using the foam bungs as for me this boxes in the sound and they sound restricted. I have a very heavy and solid unit they stand on but I think I will purchase the stands and this will make them sound even better. All in all a superb set of well Made and atttractive speakers made even more attractive by the deal I got on them. I will add that the delivery service from Sevenoaks has been superb and they arrived earlier than expected. Take the plunge. Don’t hang around like I did. They are a superb fine pair of speakers that belie their price tag and will flourish with decent amplification and would not be out of place with a modern amp even over the £1000 price bracket. Superb. I am one happy bunny !!

  6. 06

    by Kev the Greenman

    I bought these to replace a pair of bookshelf speakers which I found way too bright and more often than not, found myself turning the music off (they were just too small).

    The Q Acoustics are a world apart. They are large for bookshelf speakers and that’s what I wanted, delivering a sound with plenty of warmth and authority with a really good balance between bass, mid range and highs. I have them paired with an Arcam SA10 amplifier and I’m happy listening to music again.

    I’m no expert audiophile, just someone who loves music and enjoys a warm sound that has some “clout” (not an audiophile term!). If, like me, you find the analytical, bright sound of a lot of speakers wearing, you may well appreciate these. For the price, you would go a long way to better these speakers.

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Q ACOUSTICS 3030i Bookshelf Speakers Pair Graphite Grey - Featuring 2-way Reflex Enclosure Type, 165mm (6.5") Bass Driver, and 22mm (0.9") Tweeter - Stereo Speakers Hifi/Passive...

£249.90£301.00 (-17%)

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