PS VR Starter Pack (PS4) for Game Console, White


  • Live the game: take gaming to new heights, depths and levels of immersion to discover breathtaking new worlds every time you put on the headset
  • 360 vision: absorb every second of the action through a custom 5.7′ Oled screen with smooth visuals and Super low latency
  • 3D audio: hear approaching footsteps or distant screams with pinpoint accuracy through cutting-edge Surround Sound
  • intuitive controls: a complete tracking system follows every movement of the dualshock 4 Wireless Controller, PlayStation Move motion controllers) or PlayStation VR aim controller
  • built-in microphone: chat with friends to swap hints and tactics with the built-in microphone
  • one size fits all: the PS VR headset is designed to be very easy to put on and take off, with an adjustable headband and optical scope for the perfect fit
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Ages 12 and Over

Package Dimensions

35.6 x 27.3 x 21.4 cm, 2.87 Kilograms

Release date

1 Nov. 2020

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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Elisabete Ferreira

    VR in good condition. Could have been in a better package, but it appears to be in working condition. Delivery was done fast enough.

  2. 08

    by cc

    Loved the product, amazing when set up…only issue was no instructions in English…had do search you tube to set up.

  3. 08

    by Annmarie coady

    So happy with it was testing it so I could put it away for Christmas but ended up playing on it for most of the day with my son asking for ago with my answer being “no I’m still testing it😉 delivery was brilliant it came 1 day early, very happy with it I’m ordering another 1 today for my other son For Christmas 😊

  4. 08

    by Zeyad S.

    The VR system is absolutely phenomenal for any and all gamers, particularly in a pair of group. The item was sealed and packaged, arriving with tracked delivery to keep you up-to-date on arrival times. Fantastic seller and would highly recommend them to other buyers!

  5. 08

    by Zeyad S.

    I was so excited to try this before wrapping it up for my son’s birthday. It arrived in a brown box with items loose and packed with bubble wrap and brown paper, not the original packaging.
    All set up and the screen through the head set was flickering between black and what was meant to be seen. We followed a you tube tutorial but it didn’t help. I was expecting some wear on the band but there was also a crack on the black plastic part of the viewer and it didn’t sit flush. Absolutely gutted. I have requested an exchange and the company refused, I post it back to them and had to dispute the payment from my bank.
    I don’t recommend this company to anyone at all!!

  6. 08

    by paul mallinson

    Easy set up good quality and speedy delivery service

  7. 08

    by edward w hiorns

    Great item works really well came with everything stated

  8. 08

    by Ben Hoffman

    This is the later model with headphones
    supplied that plug in the back of the headset. They are specifically designed to fit the unit and are a massive improvement, although you can use your own. They have removed the control box on the main cable to the headset. All very tidy! I am using the Standard model PS4.
    Set Up:
    The booklet makes it very easy, with diagrams and dedicated cables with numbers attached which really helped. No problem, but watch out for the front USB. For some reason they wanted to plug this into the most outer USB on the front of the PS4 standard model. But it popped up USB cable with “X” in the headset (error). I placed the USB into the middle USB slot instead, it then fired up.

    Get you camera set up. I wanted this directly in front of my while sat down, I don’t really want to do the standing up stuff. So I raised the TV a bit on the wall and placed the camera on a little shelf for a good eyeline. If you have lots of room it can be placed anywhere generally as long as you are playing in front of it.

    Once the headset is switched on you can go to settings, on the PS4 and find the VR setting from there, follow all those, and do set your own eye distance! The PS4 fired up with an automatic update once it recognised the headset, which might add that extra menu under settings, devices. (scroll right down as there are two menus for devices)
    My notes are specific to me. If you are in your 50s like me and wear glasses, you will need your long distance glasses. Do not use your reading glasses, and my intermediate prescription was blurry too. After hours of playing around and nearly giving up and disappointingly unable to get a pin sharp focus, I took some glasses I don’t wear often, as they are made for far distance, (start focusing at about 1200mm) and Hey Presto absolute pixel perfect. You need long distance glasses for this as the actual projection inside the headset is set at a similar distance as in the real world and not the glass in front of your eyes.

    Resolution is acceptable once pin sharp, depending on game design & quality and after playing the X Wing Demo VR (Battlefield game Disc or cheaper on the network) I don’t want to play 2D games again. Once the content increases, I’ll be investing in the PSVR 2, late 2022 hopefully!

    All this for £250 worth every penny!

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PS VR Starter Pack (PS4) for Game Console, White


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