Projector, YEZMEK Mini Projector 8500 Lumen Native 1080P Full HD, Portable Projector Compatible with TV-Stick Smartphone & Tablet Laptop PS4/5 HDMI USB AV, for Home Cinema &…


  • ⚽ 2023 Latest 8500 Lux Brightness ⚽ This YEZMEK HD projector is featured with a 30% increased brightness led light source, an upgraded 1080P Full HD Resolution (Screen Native Resolution 1920 * 1080P), thus ensuring you a brighter and clearer viewing experience at night.
  • ⚽ Vivid and Bright Colors ⚽ We also equipped this mini projector with the 2023 latest 3LCD color automatic calibrating and adjusting technology, which works to restore more intricate color details than other projectors. It will present you a real, dynamic and color vibrant 1080P HD projection image quality.
  • ⚽ Larger Home Cinema Experience ⚽ This portable projector provides a viewing size from 36 to 200 inch with aspect ratio 16:9 or 4:3. Now set up a portable home cinema at your will to watch movies, football matches, TV-shows and photos, slides and play video games, you will have a fantastic and beautiful cinema experience.
  • ⚽ Extensive Connection Opportunity ⚽ With the built-in HDMI, VGA, AV, Audio, USB & TF card slot, and included AV & HDMI cable, this YEZMEK AK-01 projector is the perfect solution for a wide variety of input source includes but not limited to TV-Stick & Box, Game Consoles, PCs, Smartphone & Tablet, Laptops, DVD player, TF card and USB Sticks. This home projector is easy to use and real value for money.
  • ⚽ Projector with 3 Years Warr-anty ⚽ YEZMEK brand team provides a 3 YEAR after-sale-service promise: 100%-money-back gua-rantee and professional technical support. If you have any problems while using our projector, please feel free to contact us at e-mail and will be replied within 12 working hours.
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Sandhya pratheesh

    Projector, YEZMEK Mini Projector

    If you are looking for a portable and affordable projector for your home entertainment, you might want to check out the Projector, YEZMEK Mini Projector. This device can project images up to 150 inches in size, with a native resolution of 720p and a brightness of 6000 lumens. It also supports multiple inputs, such as HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, and SD card, so you can connect it to your laptop, smartphone, gaming console, or media player. The Projector, YEZMEK Mini Projector has a built-in speaker and a cooling fan, as well as a remote control and a tripod for easy setup. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around and store. Whether you want to watch movies, play games, or give presentations, the Projector, YEZMEK Mini Projector can meet your needs.

  2. 06

    by Paul G

    In the description they says hd picture quality but unfortunately it comes out just the false claim

  3. 06

    by Sandhya pratheesh

    What can I say it’s actually surprisingly good for the price and I would definitely say your getting what you paid for. It projects largely and is actually again decent quality. I have yet to set it up properly and use it over a few days but so far it looks all good. The sound it actually pretty good from the projector alone, just had to fiddle with a few settings. I feel like it’s a great purchase if your looking for a cheaper alternative. In daylight you can see it however it’s not great but I wasn’t really expecting it to be, in a room mildly lit you can comfortably watch it however it’s definitely its best in a fully dark room. I would just say don’t expect it to look identical to and HD flat screen because it won’t but I definitely like it. I will update the review if anything goes wrong

  4. 06

    by Christopher Mowll

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     The Projector, YEZMEK Mini Projector is a budget entry model aimed more towards children, or people who just don’t want any complications or fuss when setting up and watching a film.

    It still offers all the expected connectivity option of HDMI, AV, TF, AUX and VGA, but the simple menu screen makes it very easy to set up for gaming, using a Firestick to stream Amazon Prime or Netflix, or my preference is to use a hard drive or USB stick containing mpeg4 movies.

    Like the QKK models and the software it is based on, the picture quality of the projector is very good, projecting a crystal-clear image onto my 100-inch screen, with crisp edges and no blur.

    Picture brightness, colour etc can be customised, which is useful when the ambient outside light may be brighter or darker, depending on your set up and the time of the day you are using the projector. There are also multiple picture and sound pre-sets to choose from. (Cinema, sport etc)

    The built-in speaker is good and worked perfectly well in a smaller indoor space. For a larger space you will most likely want to hook up a mini-PC sound bar via the headphone port like I did (AUX cable included) – using the projectors remote control for controlling the speaker volume, however if your child is using it for gaming, they will most likely have their headset plugged in any way.

    This projector can certainly be used outdoors, however for me, this is ideal for the children to use in their bedroom or a playroom for gaming and screening the occasional film.

    The display picture shows a mobile phone sitting on the projector – which I thought was a screen casing feature, however if you notice the phone actually has a micro usb to HDMI cable. This does not come included with the projector, but one can be picked up on Amazon for around £16. I bought one and it is a very handy feature to have – especially if you want to live stream with the likes of i-player etc direct from your phone.

    For Wi-Fi and screen casting, you would be paying double the price what this projector is – so I can’t grumble, given the base price of this unit.

    I would highly recommend this product. For the price it is an unbelievable stocking filler, and for the fun it will deliver, it is an absolute bargain.

    It is a must purchase for Christmas, but its versatility means it is ideal for spring, summer. autumn and winter! 5 stars

  5. 06

    by Jamal Yehia

    I mainly purchased this projector for broadcasting my sketches onto canvases to trace around for painting but I’ve found myself using it a lot as a portable monitor, it’s not perfect by any means, but for the price, I honestly can’t complain

    The projection is good 🙂 It’s bright, stable, and easy to use, you can happily use it for get-togethers and family film nights, but I would suggest a projection board to minimize the pixelation and to get a smoother and more contrasty image, but will work fine without as long as the wall is smooth.

    The internal speakers aren’t the best, they work but you don’t want them too loud, I would suggest purchasing external speakers or something to plug in, the internal speakers are very pitchy when loud and kinda vibrate/muffle, I was playing a video game and found myself needing to turn it down as it butchered the music, but again I can’t be mad because it’s so cheap and does more than I needed it to do

    Overall, Great product for a cheap, fun movie night in, or for traveling as it’s extremely compact 🙂

  6. 06

    by Christopher Mowll

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     The yezmek projector is quite cheap compared to other projectors but the picture quality is amazing. The sound not so much if your using the sound from the projector but it includes an aux output so you have an option of connecting to a speaker for better sound quality.

    It’s perfect to carry around places and have a movie night or watch shows with the family. It’s also very easy to set up, only needing the power cable and hdmi cable.

    The box included a hdmi to hdmi cable adapter, a remote control (no batteries),an auxiliary cable and power cable. If you want to connect the projector to you phone/tablet then you need to buy a seperate hdmi to type c/micro usb adapter as said on the product.

    I highly recommend buying the product, definetly worth the money.

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Projector, YEZMEK Mini Projector 8500 Lumen Native 1080P Full HD, Portable Projector Compatible with TV-Stick Smartphone & Tablet Laptop PS4/5 HDMI USB AV, for Home Cinema &...