Projector, ELEPHAS Mini Projector 4K Supported 5G WiFi with Bluetooth, 500 ANSI DLP Portable Projector, Rechargeable Phone Projector for Travel Compatible with iOS, Android, TV…

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  • 【Upgraded DLP & 500 ANSI】Mini projector adopts the latest DLP technology with advanced multi-color processing and brightness up to 500 ANSI. The uniformity reaches 90%, and the high-resolution optical lens accurately reproduces each color. The image can be up to 200 inches, bringing a better viewing experience than other LCD projectors. Recommended for use in darker environments.
  • 【Built-in Battery & Compatible Power Bank】 The portable projector’s built-in battery capacity is 3500MAH*2. It can be used for 2.5 hours on a single charge and is compatible with power bank charging for long battery life. For camping, for a meeting on the go, watching movies in the bedroom and backyard, cooking food in the kitchen, painting, and so on, an A1 projector is your good partner. The plug type of our projector is UK 3-pin Plug.
  • 【5G WIFi and Bluetooth】 This bluetooth projector supports 2.4G/5G WIFi to connect iOS and Android systems and can realize screen projection without any cables, 5G WIFi connection technology brings a smoother network experience, and 2.4G WIFi partition wall performance is better Well, the equipped Bluetooth can connect to external speakers for a more immersive experience.
  • 【40° Auto Correction & Fast Charging】 40° trapezoidal correction can be quickly sensed and automatically adjusted. The outdoor projector is equipped with a TYPE-C interface. Supports fast charging and is fully charged in 2 hours. Compatible with various devices (USB, HDMI, 3.5mm AUX port), can easily connect to iPhone, Android, PS4, and TV Stick.
  • 【3-Year Warranty Service】If you have any questions when using the A1 projector, please feel free to contact us and we will reply to you within 24 hours. We provide three-year after-sales service and lifetime technical support.
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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Ms. Lynda Wood

    What a fantastic little projector this is. Purchased as a Christmas present for our son for gaming in his room – it displays a 60 inch image across a really short throw with great colours and no image bleed. The ability to also beam a smaller image down on to his desktop for copying pictures is great. The speakers aren’t too bad either for the size but it’s easily compatible with our Bluetooth soundbar. Being so compact it can be taken anywhere, so great for holidays and camping trips. Well worth your investment.

  2. 04

    by luc

    Well first off i own the YG600 which i have had for about a year or so now, and i was blown away by it. it is a great little projector. i have watched many movies on it and it performs great, it does “bleed” the image every now and again, but for the most part its a good picture.

    Now compared to the Q9 (this product) there is just no comparison. The Q9s image is amazingly good! and it is also alot brighter than the YG600.

    you cant see the pixels unlike the YG600 either which is just great, it also supports 2K and i have played some UHD videos on the Q9 and they look awsome!

    the fan is also slightly quieter than the YG600 and it does not get as hot as the YG600 either. it also has a removable filter that is easily taken off the projector for cleaning (it just fits on the side of the machine and snaps on) this is a good design as it cleans the incoming air to prevent dust build up.

    one thing i will say with this projector is that it will take some fiddling about with both focus and keystone to get the image as good as possible. meaning that i found it harder to get a perfectly clear image compared to the YG600.

    in the end i had to try and get the projector almost “head on” to the wall and adjusted keystone and focus to get it perfect.

    there is no black corners on this thing and the image quality is really really good, i got lucky on this and got it on black Friday for only £110 down from £180. and in my opinion i would be happy to have paid the full price if i knew how good it was going be.

    Honestly a really great projector and easily worthy of integrating into a dedicated home cinema room, its also worthy of a decent screen as the image is that good on it. for £110 its stupidly good, i dont even want the free gift as i have had one from them before (amazon fire stick worth £40 at the time).

    time will tell if it holds up but even if it lasted only 2 years its worth the quality you get, i only use blu rays on my PlayStation 4 and so its not really worth getting a higher resolution projector yet, but i am guessing Elephas will be working on a 4K one in the future once we have newer resolutions come out and the parts are cheaper. i am always behind with tech and i always get a good price because of that.

    to me 1080p for a 100 – 150″ screen is good enough to be cinema quality, this will be a nice addition to my dedicated budget cinema room, that will be upgraded once Elephas bring out a new projector with even better resolution.

    i must also add that UHD youtube videos look stunning on this even just projected at a wall, as for daytime viewing its not going to do too well but i bought this item knowing that already, as i intended to use it in a dedicated cinema room anyway.

    great product and i will buy from Elephas again, they keep impressing me with great prices and great quality.

  3. 04

    by Jinyong Kim

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     This Projector has truly exceeded my expectations. The projector has an exceptional resolution, generous screen size, and captivating color ambience. The clarity and sharpness of the images and videos are outstanding. Whether watching movies, playing games, or giving presentations, the high resolution ensures a visually stunning experience. it transforms any space into a home theater. It’s perfect for movie nights providing a theater-like experience at home. The hues are rich and deep, and the colors enhance the mood and atmosphere. Setting up the projector was very easy and fast, and it offers a range of connectivity options like Airplay, HDMI, and Bluetooth which makes it versatile for various devices. The user-friendly interface and remote control make navigation simple. In conclusion, the Projector is a fantastic addition to my home entertainment setup. With its impressive resolution, expansive screen size, and captivating colors, it delivers a top-notch viewing experience. I highly recommend it 🔥

  4. 04

    by Fainche

    I got this to have an outdoor party for my son and his friends, it was cheaper to buy this and a screen then to hire one. I was honestly only expecting to use this now and again, but we have been so impressed we have been using it every day since November 2020. The quality is outstanding its hard to believe how good the picture quality is for such little money. We started projecting on a vanyko 100″ portable screen that we just put in front of our TV. I recently upgraded to a 120″ electric screen now as its changed how we watch movies and TV. We added a roku Now TV stick which essentially turns the projector into a smart projector for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney channel etc. We also connect to our surround sound amp using aux cable for full cinema experience. Highly recommend this.
    Cons. The drawbacks with this are, dust gets inside it very easily, you will have to clean it every 2 months, and that is not that simple as it’s difficult to get at the lenses inside. Also the keystone is essentially useless, this projector only works when viewed square on, it is not designed for ceiling mount set up, where you need to angle it down. The keystone works in so far as it will square the image when angled, but the lower section will blur when you are angled down, you can’t correct this with the focus wheel.
    Lastly it is not 6800 Lumens, it is bright and the picture is great, but that number is definitely exaggerated, maybe divide it by 2 and you will get somewhere closer.
    Overall a great introduction to projectors, but it is a budget projector so don’t expect this to compete overall with the more expensive ones.

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Projector, ELEPHAS Mini Projector 4K Supported 5G WiFi with Bluetooth, 500 ANSI DLP Portable Projector, Rechargeable Phone Projector for Travel Compatible with iOS, Android, TV...

£216.60£278.60 (-22%)

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