PICO Neo3 Link 2-in-1 Virtual Reality Headset


  • Cutting edge technology with state-of-the-art hardware – Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Platform, 4K level 72/90/120 Hz display and 6DoF tracking with dynamic guardian system, video pass-through, and hand tracking functionality
  • 2-in-1 free switching – Connect your VR-ready PC with the included custom DisplayPort cable to switch from All-in-One mode to high-performance SteamVR gameplay in native 4K resolution and ultra-low latency
  • User First – Designed with you in mind. You will find everything you need in the box. No need for additional head straps or cables. Pico headsets are designed for both single player and multi-user experiences and are easy to clean between sessions
  • Comes with UK power adapter
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4 Reviews For This Product

  1. 04

    by Neil Casey

    Four years ago I bought an Oculus Rift S. Although I have spent many hours enoying VR gaming with it, there have been 3 MAJOR PROBLEMS which have CONSTANTLY reared their ugly heads, and they are:

    1. The Oculus Software: Right from the start I have had gaming sessions failing and the headset going black, accompained by a “Your Displayport Cable Is Unplugged” message, even though no ther applications have EVER had any problem with my DisplayPort.

    2. Cables. Oculus deliberately created cables which only they could manufacture, which could not then be copied cheaply and made available to users. Naturally they were also ridiculously epensive. Oculus then ineplicably stopped selling them, leaving thousands of users with an unusable headset. They did it with the CV1 and then they did it AGAIN with the RIFT S.

    3. Sloppy customer serice. Actually ‘sloppy’ is an understatement. Try sending an email to Oculus ‘Support’ about ANYTHING and getting a reply. Just give it a try. I gave up 4 years ago.

    The final straw was last week when I installed a brand new RTX4070 in my PC. As soon as I opened the Oculus sofware it told me my computer no longer “meets minimum requirements.” I was planning to order the new Quest 3 and that was the final straw. Bye bye Oculus.

    So did a last-second swerve and ordered a Neo3 Link instead, and in the last two days I have been in a dizzying wonderland of delight and amazement:

    1. The headset: Incredible comfort, incredible visuals, incredible sound, incredible tracking. I have been playing Project Cars 2 at 90fps in glorious, screendoor effect-free VR with NO errors, NO dropouts, NO compression artefacts arising from an insane decision to shoehorn the graphics through a USB port (like the geniuses who designed the Quest 3.)

    2. The sofware: Easy to install, easy to use. There’s a simple option to run in PCVR mode, fully integrated with STEAM/VR. You just start a desktop program called PICO LINK and choose the STEAM option. When you put the headset on all your steam games are there.

    3. Wireless: With no external cable you can do everyting inside the headset. It has a simple, elegant VR lobby showing your games, applications, settings and so on. I purchased two “Epic Rollercoaster” games from thir store (again, it was easy, no problems) and it ran super smooth in glorious VR. No cables, no lag, just BRILLIANT.

    I know it sounds like I hate Oculus but I don’t. I have had some incredible experiences in my RIFT S which I will never forget.

    But it has been an endless struggle, with a lot of needless hassle, stress and occasionally even blind rage.

    Not anymore. I’m now a happy little PICO PIXIE.

    So thanks, Oculus. In the end you DID deliver the VR gaming experience I always wanted, by forcing me to buy a PICO NEO3 LINK instead of a Quest 3. Thanks, Guys.

  2. 04

    by fugazi

    This headset is amazing for the money (currently £205). No dead pixels, or any quality issues. Everything you need is in the box, with the exception of a power supply (I bought
    ‘ZOSI 12V 2A UK Power Supply Adapter’ separately) – which connects to the DP cable and allows unlimited playtime. Halo strap is great, and DP cable is included.

    The main difference of this headset in comparison a Quest 2 is that it is standalone AND supports wired (DisplayPort) for very clear graphics and ultra-low latency. I am exclusively using this device as a PCVR headset, so I’m unable to say how the mobile experience is.

    Video playback (with HereSphere) is also incredibly sharp – assuming you have a decently spec’d Gaming PC.

    If you want to experience wired PCVR and have been put off by the price (£600+) – this is your chance!

    Headset is fully compatible with Steam VR and all games I’ve tried run without issue (i.e Half-Life: Alyx).

    I cannot say how this headset is out of the box, as I immediately enabled DP mode and installed the custom drivers. Search on YouTube: pico neo 3 link custom drivers

  3. 04

    by kevin

    The headset itself is fine but what really puts this headset down a few stars is Pico’s horrible quality control. I have ordered multiple headsets, and all have had problems. Be prepared to return a few times when buying from pico.

    EDIT 18/08/23
    I got the headset again on sale and ended up receiving a nappy disposer. All I can say is that I can’t trust Pico ever again after this.

  4. 04

    by M. D. Norton

    I bought this after trying the PICO 4, I got that as a replacement for my reverb g2 as that’s been returned for repair. After 3 PICO 4’s all with various issues like bad battery life, incorrect IPD alignment, I couldn’t put up with the issues of glare in the newer headset, so that went back.

    I then decided to get the PICO 3 link as it has display port over usb-c which means an uncompressed image and better frame rates on your headset. Massive oversight on the new headsets.
    I can say after getting it running, the link even with the lower pixel count display, slightly narrower FOV (cured with a better facial interface) it’s almost as good as my G2 was and better for pcvr than the PICO 4 (unless you have a 4090) Clarity is there pretty much edge to edge, but you do get ugly chromatic aberration at the far edges of the lenses. Sweet spot is better than the g2 or quest 2. You get no glare either which is remarkable for fresnel lenses.

    So it’s my default pcvr headset now. The controllers are, adequate. They do feel a bit cheap and. I’m not sure they’d last an accidental impact. Audio is awful, get headphones or a diy off ear solution. Store is lacking but growing slowly for the stand-alone users. Long term use will see hopefully improvements, as there are still issues with distortion over display port as the screen panels are still reported incorrectly to steam vr.

    Quality control is still a massive issue I hear with these headsets so be warned it may take a few returns to get a good one.

    Good lenses (If you get a good headset)
    Display port for pcvr
    Wireless pcvr (get virtual desktop much better than the streaming assistant)

    Rubbish speakers
    Streaming assistant is not stable over wifi
    Non curated store
    No ability to add better strap later

    The PICO 3 link is still in beta, probably will be for a good while whilst the focus is on the 4. But if you get a good headset the PICO 3 link punches far above its price point.

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PICO Neo3 Link 2-in-1 Virtual Reality Headset


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