PHILIPS 498P9-49 Inch DQHD Curved ultrawide Monitor, 70 Hz, 5ms, VA, Height Adjust, Speakers, KVM, MultiView, USB HUB (5120 x 1440, 450 cd/m², HDMI/DP/USB 3.2)


  • 498p9/00
  • Display size: 48.8 inches
  • Display technology: LED
  • Made up of Quality Materials
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Product Dimensions

‎119.4 x 30.3 x 56.8 cm, 15.2 Kilograms

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‎32:9 SuperWide curved LCD display 498P9/00



Standing screen display size


Screen Resolution



‎5120 x 1440 Pixels

Processor Type


Number of USB 3.0 Ports


Number of HDMI Ports



‎240 Volts

Are Batteries Included


Item Weight

‎15.2 kg

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    I recently bought an LG CX OLED tv to use as a computer monitor. It was great, huge in fact and really fantastic image. There was just one major problem with it; it gave me eye strain or DES so I had to stop using it. I’m pleased to say i’m not suffering that issue with this monitor after using it for 8-10 hours a day. After swapping out the OLED TV, I figured the next best thing would be to buy an ultrawide and I’m really happy I managed to pick this one up on offer. The price seems to keep bouncing around but I managed to snag it once it was on offer.

    Really beautiful display. I love the gentle curve. I tried an Asus ROG curved display before but it had really bad backlight bleed when watching movies / when the display was dark. But I have none of those problems on this display. During the day time, I have this hooked up via USB-C to a 2019 macbook pro and with just one single USB-C cable, I can connect my ethernet, the webcam, the display itself and it keeps the MBP at 100% charge as well. At night, I have it hooked up to my gaming PC and it’s really great for watching movies, surfing the web, playing games etc.

    It’s really cool to be able to have a browser and my terminal window/other apps side by side and not have to switch between them. My macbook display just shows my outlook now, and all my productivity happens on this monitor.

    G-SYNC works fine, there’s no tearing in games, no flickering, and the 100Hz is nice. I’ve heard some people complaining about a whining noise from the display but I’m not having this issue. I am however having a slight networking issue in that if I power off the macbook that’s connected via USB-C my network dies completely. I haven’t figured that out now, but so far I just either sleep the macbook or unplug the ethernet cable. Would love to figure that one out.

    All that faf about IPS vs TN ? I can’t tell you the difference, and i’ve got 3 monitors, two of which are IPS and this TN monitor. Whatever angle I look at the display, it looks the same to me. Maybe not as bright if I look at it from a really far angle that I’m not ever gonna sit at.

    The curve is very nice too. I wasn’t a big fan of curved displays due to geometric distortion, but it’s such a gentle curve it’s not at all noticeable to me on this monitor. The webcam is pretty cool too. I like the fact I can pop it out and pop it back in when not using it and the resolution is nice too although I do feel the popping in / out thing might wear out eventually but time will tell I suppose.

    I like the stand too. I was thinking before I bought it about getting a desk arm for it, but honestly I don’t need it. It doesn’t take up that much space and I can raise it, lower it, tilt it .. no problem.

    Overall I’m very impressed. If I could fix the network problem i’d say 10/10 but I haven’t marked it down for this, I think i just need to figure out what’s causing this first.

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    by Peter Mcchesney

    The first thing I noticed about this monitor is how heavy the box was. A significant amount of the weight is in just the stand – it’s a piece of engineering in its own right – solidly built and attractively designed with a good adjustment range – a nice piece of design. The monitor itself is a joy to use – good colour range, low glare and easy on the eye. It’s used for business work, not gaming so I can’t comment about its gaming credentials. Whilst certainly not the cheapest, good value for money in our opinion. One thing – in common with nearly all other rmonitors there is no remote control, but fortunately the source buttons are easily accessible on the bottom bezel (much easier to access than the Samsung monitors, which have a joystick-style control *behind* the monitor).

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    For the price, this monitor is brilliant. Going from two smaller, flat monitors with two power cables and two HDMI cables, to one large, curved monitor with one power cable and one USB-C cable makes my desk a lot neater, and it’s far simpler when switching laptops.

    The curve of the screen is lovely, the height adjustment is very easy, and the quality of the picture for work is spot on. The first of only two flaws is that whatever software I’m using if the main background is white, there is a low buzzing sound coming from the monitor. Using things in dark mode removes this but I’ve not yet found a way to fix it completely. I have a portable monitor and the same thing happens, so I don’t think it’s uncommon.

    The second flaw is that it takes a little while to respond when waking up from sleep mode. This is a touch annoying but not the end of the world.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend this monitor. It’s good quality and not overpriced.

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    by Mrs K-C

    If your use to double or large monitors, then this could be an option for you.
    As a non graphics designer, or movie maker, I do the odd photo an odd family movie clip, this monitor has been good for me.
    The 34” curved screen was easy to get use too and the connections are ample.
    It has usb C, DisplayPort, and hdmi. It also has a usb B upstream connection and 4 usb A connections, one being a quick charge connection.
    Controlling all the settings have to be done via the screens buttons, pity I can’t control via an app on the Mac.
    Using the usb C to connect also delivers power to my device at 90w.
    If you want to use the network port on the monitor, you should install the driver from the Philips website.
    I use the ability to show two devices on the screen, both a PC & Mac.
    You can adjust your devices to split the screen, but unless your mouse & keyboard are connected to both devices, either via the kvm or you have a device that can switch between to pc’s then you will need separate accessories.
    I find it a good all round monitor, colours are fine, you can change those via the osd controls, which is to me the only down point.
    The OSD is easy to use and there is a user control button you can set to what you want.
    The speakers are a bit wimpy, but for video conferencing, it is okay.
    The only thing missing is a webcam, as I use my laptops with the lid closed.
    I use the monitor at 60hz, but it can go to 100hz in the vertical.
    Pleased with the monitor overall, can’t fault it so far apart from OSD controls.
    Graphics people might want more.
    The more I use this screen the more I’m impressed, the dual side by side view using my Mx ergo mouse allows me to transfer data between my pc and Mac. The reduction in cables has been great.
    I have a T3 (usb c) to MagSafe 2 connector so I can power my older MacBook Pro retina, therefore dispensing with the power supply.
    I have a webcam on top connected to one of the usb A sockets and also a backup disk.
    If you have a usb c T3 device then a monitor that can power your device is a bonus and I would miss it. Less power bricks needed here now.
    I have been using this monitor everyday since purchase on usb c MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro retina and a HP laptop.
    I can now get a choice on the newer MacBook of 60 or 100Hz refresh rate using the usb c connection.
    I use DisplayPort on the other two devices. I have a two to one DisplayPort box, allowing me to switch between the PC and older MacBook.
    The only downsides to this monitor are no built in webcam and the Mac not being able to control the sound or some of the other settings and having to use the monitors own controls.

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PHILIPS 498P9-49 Inch DQHD Curved ultrawide Monitor, 70 Hz, 5ms, VA, Height Adjust, Speakers, KVM, MultiView, USB HUB (5120 x 1440, 450 cd/m², HDMI/DP/USB 3.2)


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