Panasonic SC-PM250BEBS Bluetooth Micro Hi-Fi System with Wireless Technology and DAB Tuner – Silver

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  • Stream Your Music Wirelessly
  • Rich Bass & Clear Sound
  • Low Power Consumption, This product has no headphone facility. Power AC 220-240V, 50Hz
  • DAB Radio ; Smart Networking: Has Panasonic Music Streaming App1 and Bluetooth Wireless Technology
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by martin andrews

    I bought this mini system to replace a worn out one in my kitchen.
    It has preformed well over all it’s functions except DAB radio, this isn’t a fault of the unit I am in an area of poor reception.
    I have two complaints.
    The instructions are lacking in any details about the different tone settings.
    The unit lacks an RCA / Aux input. Sony makes a Bluetooth turntable which is possibly the only way to play vinyl through this system. The instructions do not make it clear if the USB port will accept the output from a USB turntable.
    The remote is very easy to use.
    I hesitated over giving this unit only 4 stars for sound quality. Overall it sounds good but it is not ‘hi fi’ quality, you would need to spend a lot more for that. I mostly listen to classical music and I find that the bass can sound a bit un- defined, there can also be some harshness in the upper midrange mostly noticeable on vocals. This is not a complaint, the unit sounds better than one would expect at the price.
    There is plenty of volume for a kitchen or office.
    Overall I am very happy with this system.

  2. 08

    by mr m.a.brooke

    Everything is good.
    Excellent sound quality, easy to use functions

  3. 08

    by Stu

    Great sound, easy FM and dab setup, bluetooth good. CD playback is good, song title and/or artist would have been nice. Bought for bedroom, adequate. Bought old style car aerial to replace long antennae wires, which look unsightly, but reception was poor. Didn’t plan on plugging anything else into rear as I new connectivity was zero.
    I would recommend for said use.
    Looks pretty good too, no weight to it.

  4. 08

    by Matthew Becker

    I have been a fan of Panasonic products since my parents bought their first VCR back in the early 1980’s and have had several different Panansonic TV’s, stereo’s DVD players since then. This is the latest addition to a long line.

    The sound quality is perfectly acceptable for a product in the sub £100 mark. I have this stereo in my conservatory and it is absolutely fine for this environment. I have read comments that the aerial is inadequate, however I have no issues with reception with what was provided. Set up is relatively straight forward, simply a case of unboxing and plugging in. The speaker cable could be a bit longer – I needed to extend one of the cables to be able to reach a shelf around 10 ft away from the main unit.

    As for the functions the stereo has DAB+, FM, CD and Bluetooth. All work relatively easily and as you would expect although the remote control is small and this make station programming a little tricky. Therefore although you can use memory functions it is easier simply to skip through channels until you find the desired one. Bluetooth is receive only which is great for playing things off an iphone or ipad but a transmission funtion would be a nice addition to enable headphone reception

    One big drawback is the screen size and quality. The screen has 2 brightness settings but in my bright conservatory it is almost impossible to see what it’s displaying. In addition the size is small and the lettering is large whcih means when you are skipping through channels you cannot really see what you’re skipping by – especially on BBC Channels when you are presented with BBC Radio … with the actual channel name being hidden.

    Overall though this is a good system for the price and its failings do not detract from the functions that the product has, they would simply be better additions.

  5. 08

    by Linda woodburn

    Sounds brilliant. Don’t let the size put you off. Amazing sound. Quality is great. Can’t fault this little machine with some big power.

  6. 08

    by R. Keen

    I’ve given this 5 stars based on its performance/value for the price. It isn’t perfect, but its shortcomings can be forgiven in lieu of its features.

    First the negatives; as per a previous review, the rear cover IS plastic, not metal, and has obtrusive-looking screws on the side panels. It does give it a “cheap” feel, but once its on the shelf/wherever you may be putting it, its not really something you’ll notice or dwell on.

    The CD tray also feels a bit on the flimsy side, certainly not as sturdy as some of its (cheaper) contemporaries, but it functions OK.

    The remote may be the system’s biggest downfall. In an effort to keep it small (cost cutting?) many functions are grouped into one button, which you must then repeatedly press to cycle through to the option you require. Hardly intuitive. Main transport/volume/source controls have their own buttons however.

    Contrary to the experience of others, I found saving radio presets fairly straight forward, though again hardly intuitive.

    The speakers are adequate-to-good, but are closed-cabinet/infinite baffle design, and as I prefer a ported cabinet I changed these for Tibo Edge Mini’s.

    Now for the pro’s;

    Not only does this system have DAB+, FM with RDS, CD, and USB (with full folder/track display), it also has Bluetooth connectivity to allow streaming from a mobile device/PC with Bluetooth adapter. Aside from a AUX line in, which it lacks, its hard to imagine what else you need.

    Unlike at least two of its contemporaries, the Panasonic has an F connector to allow attachment of an external aerial.

    Sound is clean and clear, and as well as the to-be-expected pre-defined sound equalization’s, it also features “proper” bass and treble controls- something often lacking on micro and mini systems. Furthermore, it has a dynamic bass option and a pseudo-surround mode, which definitely adds a sense of space to the sound stage. Bear in mind this isn’t HIFI, but with my upgraded speakers the sound is certainly nothing to complain about, and I’m sure a cut-above many similar systems. If anyone feels the bass is lacking, change the speakers for a ported design and (in either case) put them on spikes.

    The system also offers sleep and wake timers and a display dimmer, perfect for use as a bedroom stereo which in reality is probably its target use.

    So, in summary; The overall build leans towards the cheap side and the remote is designed with compactness rather than ease-of-use in mind, but the actual functional spec of the system belies its price tag and not only blows away its own competition, it’s also a contender for the next price bracket up (circa £150-£180).

  7. 08

    by Graham Geall

    Big sound from a small piece of kit. Easy to use and on the eye.

  8. 08

    by F. J. Dukes

    Surprisingly acceptable audio quality. Radio using either controls on front panel, or the simple remote control, makes channel selection slow and ponderous. CD player acceptable. Overall reasonable for the low price.

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Panasonic SC-PM250BEBS Bluetooth Micro Hi-Fi System with Wireless Technology and DAB Tuner - Silver

£94.20£94.30 (-0%)

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