Panasonic RB-HX220BDES Wireless Headphones, Over Ear Earphones With Ergonomic Fit, Extra Bass, Up to 23 Hours Playtime, Fast & Easy Connection and Folding Design, Silver

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  • OPTIMAL COMFORT: With padded headband and earcups, these ergonomic headphones are designed for long-lasting comfort. Easily adjustable for the perfect fit, so you can enjoy your music without the distraction of background noises.
  • POWERFUL SOUND: XBS bass playback technology and 40mm drivers deliver clear, high-quality sound, with powerful extra bass, perfect for giving you the best listening experience.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE:With up to 23 hours of playtime, you won’t have to worry about interrupting your music. Quick and easy recharging is possible via the supplied USB-C cable.
  • FOLDABLE STYLE: These over-ear headphones feature a special hinged design to allow them to fold neatly away into a pocket or bag for easy storage on the go or while travelling.
  • The built in virtual assistant for handsfree operation allows you to ask Alexa to make a call, set a reminder or check your schedule or the weather.
  • Headphones deliver 6.5 hours of playback on a single charge and up to 19.5 hours of playback with charging case. 15 min of Quick Charge can deliver 70 min of playback time.
  • 15 min of Quick Charge can deliver 70 min of playback time.
  • Size and Weight : H 21xW 20XD 31mm Weight : 7g (one side only: L and R are the same)
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1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

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60 x 60 x 80 cm, 322 Grams

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6 Aug. 2022



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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by Philip

    I have these to my husband to test as he is more into how sound tech sounds:

    A review by someone who likes music for music not just a certain artist and listens to a whole range from Jazz to hip-hop but does like a tune with a nice base line to it.

    Normal size 3 bed house UK, can leave my phone in living room and walk around the house in any room with no interruption to signal
    Comfortable and secure fitting on the head
    easy to pair and start using the quality of the unit as a whole is not what I expect from Panasonic that being said they are not what I would call bad when listening to music it seems to keep the outside sound at bay well so i can focus on my music, the bass option on the device is poor, its like the bass is switched to max and the treble is turned off and muffles the music a little the normal sound of this unit without the bass boost switched on is ok, nothing special.
    I have tested headphones from my current holyhigh in ear wirless (Around £20) to beats wireless £500 so have had a wide range of experience and could say I will not be moving to these, there are just better headphones on the market. These do a job in an ok fashion and if you are a casual listener of music, podcasts etc then im sure these will be fine for the money. But if you really like listening to your music and listen everyday I would personally not recommend these.

  2. 08

    by Philip

    I wasn’t expecting much from a set of wireless headphones under £40 but they are made by Panasonic. The sound is good enough, they’re a little bass’y but it’s clear. They are comfortable to wear, and were super easy to pair and use with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in controls.

    So far I’ve found the battery life to be very good. Overall, they’re a great budget option that looks pretty good on and they definitely look more expensive than £40. Perfect for anyone looking for wireless headphones at a great price with good sound and comfort.

    Thank you for reading my review, I hope you found it helpful.

  3. 08

    by Pete L

    Decent set of head phones. When sticking on bass mode a bit to Bassy ruined to song I was listening to but off the mode very clear sound. Maybe I will try messing around with sound settings on app.

  4. 08

    by Paulo Silva

    Battery life and sound was fine, but I had to keep re-connecting it to my laptop’s bluetooth as it would often only connect for the microphone. Then the headband broke when I put it on today. My head is a bit wide and I’m not the gentlest at handling things, but my previous headphones only needed replacing when something internal died after 3+ years, not the 4 months that I have had this. Very thin plastic, also USB micro connection is annoying.

  5. 08

    by I. Mcintosh

    Priced at £27.12 for these Panasonic headphones are super affordable & a good value for money! These are genuinely really good quality!! 🥰🎧I am very impressed with these! These were much better than I expected 👌🏻 Very comfortable on my ears too and didn’t feel too heavy or big. I use these to study and on my way to work and it’s perfect. Great noise cancellation and amazing bass!! Sound quality is excellent and very easy to connect and pair to Bluetooth. Battery life lasts for a good time too! I like the design too- nice and simple. Would definitely recommend 🙏🏻

  6. 08

    by Mummyof2

    Great gift. Good fit and connection to my phone. Good sound and easy to set up and connect. Look super quality and worked well when I used them at the gym and on bike rides.
    Would recommend these as a gift.

  7. 08

    by Pete L

    These earphones are fine for the price but they don’t stand out in any way to me from the vast range of headphones in this price range.

    The main upside is that I personally like the design and they feel quite good quality. They also connected very easily and I was up and running in seconds.

    The sound quality is very average in my opinion the base needs toning down. It’s not that I don’t like bassy headphones, I just don’t think it’s a good match and the drivers don’t handle it well. It’s very unsatisfying and in my opinion perform much better with it toned down.

    I also found the depth of the earcups quite shallow and uncomfortable. I don’t have big ears and have never had this issue before. It not too bad, but I felt rendered these less comfortable than they could have been, as they’re light and have good adjustment levels.

    Battery life has been similar to the advertised times so that’s good.

    I wasn’t too keen on the amount of instruction leaflets. They include 7 booklets than only differ from each other in the language. This just feels like a waste and somewhat lazy. Theybcan be digital these days so perhaps just include English and a link to online variants.

    These are for someone who wants a budget pair of earphones that look discreet but nice and wants higher bass levels even at the sacrifice of sound quality. They do their job in some ways better than others but it’s hard to complain for the price.

  8. 08

    by lacy claire

    We ordered these for our son, he’s not a fan of ear buds and these looked worth a try. I’m happy to say he finds them very comfortable and really likes the sound from it especially when playing his music. They sound when up full isn’t 100% but it is very good and the volume he needs it at it’s more than good enough. For the price of under £30 I find these well worth the money. They look and feel well made, connect easily to his phone and we are very happy with them.

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Panasonic RB-HX220BDES Wireless Headphones, Over Ear Earphones With Ergonomic Fit, Extra Bass, Up to 23 Hours Playtime, Fast & Easy Connection and Folding Design, Silver

£27.60£31.00 (-11%)

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