Panasonic NN-GD37HSBPQ Compact Microwave Oven with Grill and Turntable, 1000 W, 23 Litres, Inverter Power, Good for Bacon, x13 “One Touch” Programmes for easy cooking, Silver

£179.50£180.50 (-1%)

  • Inverter technology – produces constant cooking energy on all power setting and allows food to cook evenly for more consistent results
  • Integrated grill for versatility – 1000W Quartz Grill quickly browns and cooks all traditionally grilled food such as bacon, vegetables and toast
  • 13 Auto Programs – ensure flexible and easy cooking
  • No shelves
  • Dimensions (cm) – H27.9 x W39.5 x D48.8
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by PAUL

    Extremely powerful cooking temperatures and easy to manipulate.

  2. 08

    by Amazon Customer

    Excellent microwave and the new wave of very quiet devices. We had a Panasonic from 3-4 years ago and compared to that, this is so much quieter both when the microwave is on at 1000 watts and also when the grill is warming up.
    The design is very nice and sits well with modern kitchens and appliances.
    We would recommend this for anyone needing the capabilities of a large microwave but in a smaller form/size.

  3. 08

    by Be real

    Easy to use, cooks food evenly. Grill is a great addition. Looks great. Negative- it’s not very tall, even a packet of microwave rice will be hard pressed not to fall over. Top of microwave door always needs wiping as steam dribbles out. (Odd!) overall a decent enough machine for the price.

  4. 08

    by Ray M.

    My last few microwaves have all been the cheap ones you get in supermarkets – the ones that are low powered and always manage to spoil jacket potatoes.

    What a difference this one makes. Not one thing got spoiled so far ( with one exception, mentioned below). There are set programs for frozen foods, chilled meals and jacket potatoes. If you follow the instructions these are always extremely successful. I now realise what some of these frozen ready meals are supposed to taste like, even the really cheap ones costing 85p !

    I have to admit that I made a mistake in buying it, but I am pleased that I did. I thought it was a complete oven as well as microwave but it is actually a very powerful microwave with a built in grill. It is an absolutely excellent combination and presents food in a much more acceptable way than the soggy messes than the cheaper microwaves give.

    The instructions are complicated and it took me a couple of intense sessions, writing notes , to fathom out how to work it properly. I had an “Aha!” moment when the penny finally dropped. There are two parallel rows of buttons with a dial knob in between. The top row is timer based . The bottom row is weight based. The knob adjusts accordingly. Once I had twigged this the whole thing made sense. I am not quite sure why someone at Panasonic didn’t just write this on the front page of the instruction book in block capitals.

    The one mistake was trying to microwave/grill chicken nuggets , one of my early projects. Even the dog couldn’t crunch the resulting teeth breakers. I have decided that, “horses for courses” our hot air fryer is a much easier and effective machine for little frozen items.

    To finalise, this machine has *significantly* improved the quality of food I have been eating. I would highly recommend it without reservation.

  5. 08

    by MH

    Got this at a great deal price in amazon warehouse. Although I was initially worried at the way in which the delivery driver delivered it, I needn’t have worried as it was well packed in the box. It is light to lift. Wanted for a temporary flat whilst living away. Husband found it great and was very impressed by it. I have in the past gone for large, all singing all dancing microwaves that weighed a tonne and where I ended up not using all the functions. Although I have yet to use all functions on this one, the ones I have have been excellent. It is a very compact size. Having said that, It certainly is very powerful and cooks evenly and quickly. It’s very easy to use. Extremely pleased with it and would recommend as a small powerful microwave combination oven.

  6. 08

    by AnnieZ

    After 9 years it was time to say goodbye to my last microwave, that left me with a decision to make on which Brand, what functions I wanted, Price etc.

    The Panasonic NN – GD37HS seemed to fit the bill, it was in my price range at just under £130, 1000 Watts, ample 23 litre capacity and a grill that can be used in combination with the microwave.

    It arrived this morning a day earlier than expected, well packaged and in perfect condition. Setting the clock was so easy and that’s something I usually struggle with! A quick read of the instructions and I was ready to start using it.

    For practice I cooked minced beef for the dogs and although initially confusing it didn’t take me long to realise how to set the timer for two different cooking temperatures at the start of cooking, 5 minutes on 1000W and a further 10 minutes on 440W and just wait for the beeps – so clever, no more waiting for part cooking to change the power level!

    The reviews said it makes great cheese on toast and I have to say it’s much easier than using the grill in my oven, it’s a better working height for one thing. The wire rack was the right size to two slices of bread, I set the grill to power level 3 and although it did seem to take longer than the oven grill there is no heat up time as the grill only works with the door closed, the bread was evenly toasted and once topped with cheese it took no time to melt and bubble.

    So far I’m delighted I chose this microwave and I’m looking forward to trying cauliflower cheese next on the combination setting.

  7. 08

    by Thomas

    Never say disappointed about their products

  8. 08

    by john r

    I bought this microwave for the functions i required, its a very tidy little machine, very quiet and very easy to programme. The only downside for me, is the1000 watt grill is very slow to cook. For example, cheese on toast 7 minutes, it would have been better if the grill was central above the revolving turntable for even cooking. Other than that it works fine.

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Panasonic NN-GD37HSBPQ Compact Microwave Oven with Grill and Turntable, 1000 W, 23 Litres, Inverter Power, Good for Bacon, x13 “One Touch” Programmes for easy cooking, Silver

£179.50£180.50 (-1%)

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