Panasonic NN-DF386BBPQ 3-in-1 Combination Microwave Oven, 1000 W, 23 Litre, Black


  • Flatbed technology – This microwave does away with the traditional microwave turntable. Instead it features a flat cooking surface that offers up to 30% more cooking space, with enough room for a 350 x 230 mm casserole dish.
  • 3 in 1 combination microwave oven with grill – Do more with your NN-DF386BBPQ microwave. Dedicated oven and grill settings provide more versatile ways to cook your food from oven cooked roasts to grilled chicken.
  • A range of auto cook settings – To make cooking easier it provides a choice of six cooking settings for chilled or frozen meals, fresh or frozen vegetables and rice or pasta.
  • Space-saving drop down door – Designed with smaller kitchens in mind, the NN-DF386BBPQ features a drop down door that also allows you to rest and cool hot dishes on.
  • Dimensions (cm) -48.3D x 39.6W x 31H
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6 Reviews For This Product

  1. 06

    by Lisa

    So I buy top of the range Panasonic microwave and within the year it breaks down after reseting it via Panasonic walking me through, its gone again, went bang, flashed and blew house fuse! and that’s it £250 microwave in bin, called
    PANASONIC saying not fit for purpose, answer its out of 1 year guarantee, goodbye!!
    We go bye Panasonic ill never buy your pap again!!
    AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! You have been warned and I’m not the first to say this is a rubbish machine and not worth the box it comes in
    To finish the door opening from top down has had all my friends and family complaining how HORRIBLE it is to use went they have been round

    Mega loud
    Continues like its on After you take out your food, annoying!
    Wow more condensation on the whole from door than my local swimming pool

    It’s a horrible product from start to finish! Just bought a Sharp flatbed oh boy what a difference way way better

  2. 06

    by M R

    Very happy in general, easy cleaning due to the flat surface and no turntable. It’s very versatile with the different functions. My only complaint and something that would have earned it 5 stars is the lack of backlighting of the controls. It is very difficult to operate even in daylight. Because I do use it for multiple functions it isn’t easy to remember where every button for every function is. If it had even had light coloured font on the buttons it would help but dark lettering on a dark coloured oven just doesn’t work for me.

  3. 06

    by Amazon Customer

    A replacement for my old Sharp (which I hated). Works accurate, fast and quietly. The oven keeps the correct temperature, the microwave cooks in the blink of an eye and the combi produces food that is a pleasure to eat. More than happy

  4. 06

    by Lisa

    It’s slightly larger than my previous, basic, microwave but the simple lines mean it fits in to the kitchen neatly and it’s really wary to keep clean and dust free.

    Having no turntable is fantastic. So much easier to use and even easier for cleaning. No turntable to constantly come off runners either.

    The fold down door is really practical and I love that there is an immediate, safe surface to put hot things down on to if needed when lifting out of the oven.

    Microwave at 1000 watt is powerful but I haven’t had any issues with over heating things so far.

    I haven’t used the grill or grill oven combination so far but the oven is excellent. Added bonus for me that I hadn’t thought about is that the oven is always on timer so no more food burnt because of me forgetting about it! It heats up quickly and so much more economical than my previous full size gas oven.

    The oven tray is solid and fits very well, and grill frame also feels robust and should last well.

    Controls are very easy to use though confess to not having trued most of the fancy settings.

    The oven is virtually silent in use unlike my previous gas oven that always had a fan running. With this the fan only comes on when cooking time ends and doesn’t keep run for an age. Just til you take the food out.

    I followed suggestion a friend recently gave me and replaced my gas cooker with this oven microwave grill combo plus a separate, small induction hob. It is so much neater than a cooker would have been, the arrangement is great and I can lay things out to suit me. It’s so much more economical to run. Not only that but even with the price of this microwave oven it was way cheaper than very basic cookers. I am really enjoying cooking with this and feel much less guilty about wasting energy.

    Very happy customer.

  5. 06

    by Royzee

    Quiet in operation on any of the functions.
    No turntable
    Drop down door.
    Defrost function excellent .
    Microwave fast and even , I mainly use for heating up food
    Grill is not as powerful as a traditional grill, so takes a little longer.
    Oven cooking not fully used this as yet, but definitely needs the preheat as recommended in the instructions otherwise takes longer to cook the food.
    Easy to clean.
    Instruction manual very informative
    Settings easy to follow
    Best microwave I have ever purchased.
    Dislikes . … So far none

  6. 06

    by mr mac

    My experience with microwaves is they get a bit grotty over time. Steam condenses and collects under the turntable. Older grills can also be problematic as it is hard to clean behind the element. This thing is fantastic as there is no turntable and it is easy to clean behind the heating elements which are slick tubes rather than a standard grill element. The thing looks great and cooks fantastically to the point where I may stop using my main cooker. It is very quiet and I like the drop down door. The only surprise was that the cavity was a bit smaller than I expected. Not really a problem for me but if you are buying one consider going a size up.

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Panasonic NN-DF386BBPQ 3-in-1 Combination Microwave Oven, 1000 W, 23 Litre, Black


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