Panasonic DS59 Speed Convection Oven, Grill, Flatbed, 27 Litre, Two Level Cooking, Genius Sensor, 32 Auto Programmes, Easy Clean, 1000W Combination Microwave Oven


  • 2x HEALTHIER: Steam instead of boil High-density pure steam from our powerful 1100W boiler quickly and gently cooks foodto retain nutrients, vitamins, colour and taste
  • 2x EFFICIENT: Save wattage each time you cook whole chicken and save energy bill This combi oven is more energy efficient than big legacy oven thanks to Panasonic Inverter technology and compact design
  • 2x FASTER: Gratin in just 15minCombining convection oven/grill andmicrowave at the same time shortens cooking time by 60 percent compared to a standard oven(25min shorter!) Back home,simply place ingredients in the microwave,choose pre-set menuandready to go!
  • REMOVES EXCESS OIL:This microwave includes a non-stick, fluoride coated grill tray to efficiently trap excess oil in its grooves Resulting in tasty food that’s crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside
  • “SLEEK and CLEAN:Brand-new flat grill with a flatbed stainless steel cavity means keeping your microwave clean is super easy! “
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
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8 Reviews For This Product

  1. 08

    by jdg

    The product itself is pretty good. It’s when there is a fault or an issue with it that you really realise what you’ve bought: non existent customer service from Panasonic.

    I have had two of these units now. The steam function stopped working shortly after buying the first one. Amazon offered to refund my money because there were no units in stock to offer a replacement. I’d bought the unit on a deal price, so a refund would not have allowed me to repurchase the same unit elsewhere. I decided to contact Panasonic. It’s wasn’t the most consumer friendly warranty process. You have to take pictures and videos of the unit and these have to be uploaded to a 3rd party site and then links shared etc. It felt like Panasonic weren’t that interested. I did the necessary and waited for someone to get back to me, they didn’t. Time was ticking on and I was concerned that the refund window would be closing (in case that became my only viable option). I chased Panasonic and finally got some response. They said the unit would have to be taken away for assessment. There was no indication of when, or for how long, or if they would fix it. At the same time more stock arrived at Amazon, so I went for the replacement option.

    The replacement unit had one foot shorter than the other, so it wobbled on the counter top. I told myself I’d just live with it, as everything else seemed to work. Some months later I started noticing there was water underneath the unit, puddling on the counter top. I hadn’t been using the microwave that much, but it seemed to be whenever I used the steam function (I only used that for rice as it did a good job). I took the water tank out to check the lid was secure and checked the drip tray to make sure it wasn’t full and overflowing. Both were fine. I suspected that the valve that opens to draw in water from the tank could be leaking. I contacted Panasonic.

    I had an online chat with one of their customer service team, explained the leak and also that one of the feet was too short (they are non adjustable). She wanted to go through some trouble shooting steps [that’s fine, makes sense]. Except the kinds of questions I was being asked didn’t make any sense at all in relation to the issue I had just described (e.g. “What was the rice type?”). I was told this needed to be referred to a “Higher Team”.

    The next day, the same customer care person sent me an email. They addressed me as Ms Evans (this isn’t my name. I am also a Mr). The response the the short leg was this:

    “Firstly, for the issue with the unit’s leg, as there is a shorter leg than the others, I would like to explain that it’s mainly related to the seller of the unit, we recommended contacting Amazon for this situation, we can not handle this issue as the unit was sold and replaced afterwards by the same destination which is the seller”

    So, apparently if you sell one of their units and it has a manufacturing defect, it’s because of you.

    The response to the leak was this:

    “If steam accumulates inside or around the outside of the oven door, wipe with a soft cloth. This may occur when the microwave oven is operated under high humidity conditions, and in no way indicates a malfunction of the unit or microwave leakage”

    I didn’t mention anything about condensation on the outside of the unit (and I expect condensation on the inside when using steam). I had already told them that I had checked the lid on the tank was secure, but regardless, then went on to say…

    “Ensure the lid is closed tightly and securely positioned, otherwise leakage may occur”

    They then sent me a link to the manual and considered the issue resolved and signed off with:

    “We appreciate the feedback, however, if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us”

    I realise this is a long review, but I have also checked other sources online and there are so many cases of consumers not getting any support from Panasonic, so I am hoping this makes people aware what they are getting into.

    I shared the feedback from Panasonic with Amazon, and pointed out that Panasonic believe they are responsible for manufacturing defects, just because they sold it. I completely disagree with this opinion, but I wanted to see what Amazon thought about.

    I was lucky I bought via Amazon. They have been extremely helpful with both units I have received and showed more customer care than I would have expected considering they are not responsible for the issue I have. Panasonic should be embarrassed that this is the case.

    The microwave itself is pretty good, but that’s irrelevant if the units keep developing faults and the manufacturer just doesn’t care about this, or you, they consumer. I wont buy a Panasonic product again simply because of this.

    If you do buy a Panasonic product then I would also advise not buying directly from Panasonic as you wouldn’t have the additional security of another organisation offering far better customer service.

  2. 08

    by gakotidig

    After moving the kitchen into a temporary space I needed an oven to fit. I wanted a proper oven and came across this range. I am impressed, it’s compact enough yet has a decent capacity and plenty of features. Of course all those features mean I have to look at the manual but the results are worth it. I have noticed the microwave cooks and defrosts food evenly. The oven heats up quickly and browns food really evenly too. And gyoza cook really well with a combi setting combining microwave and steam, benefitting from the special tray. And using the steam function to clean the cavity is a nice touch too.

  3. 08

    by chris

    I only have a small kitchen and wanted to replace the microwave and air fryer. This little oven does everything. Grill to perfection, oven which is far better than the air fryer and cakes turn out far better than the conventional oven. The microwave is perfect and the combination cooking a dream.
    I can’t praise this oven enough. To top it all it’s really easy to clean.

  4. 08

    by gakotidig

    Had the predecessor to this oven and loved it. So far I am really pleased with this oven and cleaning the grill is a dream compared to the older model with glass filaments. Important to wipe it out after each use and to ensure any condensation is removed, simple common sense.
    I do however have one issue with the design, extremely hard to see the cooking option buttons, why on earth are they not illuminated. For this reason I have dropped it a star but otherwise, so far, it is really good.

  5. 08

    by bomber

    Absolutely brilliant wish I bought one a lot sooner the steam function is easy to use did my fish to perfection then to top it off the cleaning function no fishy smells spotless combination oven works fine could not ask for more smart machine.

  6. 08

    by Kindle Customer

    This machine does everything to perfection. It steams, bakes, microwaves and grills, and does combinations of all.of the above. Don’t bother with an air fryer, this does everything and reduces your electricity bill to boot. I don’t use anything else but this amazing machine.
    It even cleans itself! No more hours of oven cleaning what is not to absolutely love. Can’t recommend enough.

  7. 08

    by jdg

    We had the previous version of this combi oven and have been really happy with it. This one is smaller and with lower watt usage so hopefully will save us some money on energy over time. Still, it is stronger on microwave than the predecessor, and steam function has more options. Combi oprions are good! The select menu and timer/start is also easier to use, with a handy chart added to stick to the wall next to the oven. The only downside we’ve noticed after the first weeks is that it takes more time to reach inside temperature on conventional cooker. Because our oven sits in a darkish corner of the kitchen I’v glued some coloured bits on to the panel (see photo) so we can find the options. Next time Panasonic ought to make this panel lit up!

  8. 08

    by Fwaffy

    The picture is of my microwave. That is the control panel, it does not light up. I have to keep a torch in the kitchen to read it when I need to use it in the evening. When grilling or using the oven smoke comes out of the front door (it is my second machine, the first one broke down on first use of the grill but smoked just the same). The presets are not good, neither is the manual provided. The person who set up the one for baked potatoes has clearly never had one in their life, unless they like a wet, slimy, uncooked potato. You can’t set your own combinations. The oven only heats to 220 degrees. I have had Panasonic combination ovens for years, but this one is a total disappointment.

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Panasonic DS59 Speed Convection Oven, Grill, Flatbed, 27 Litre, Two Level Cooking, Genius Sensor, 32 Auto Programmes, Easy Clean, 1000W Combination Microwave Oven


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